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What is your GSW class color?

red 0.14064697609001 14.1% [ 100 ]
orange 0.13220815752461 13.2% [ 94 ]
yellow 0.17299578059072 17.3% [ 123 ]
green 0.15611814345992 15.6% [ 111 ]
blue 0.15049226441632 15.0% [ 107 ]
purple 0.078762306610408 7.9% [ 56 ]
pink 0.066104078762307 6.6% [ 47 ]
white 0.033755274261603 3.4% [ 24 ]
black 0.049226441631505 4.9% [ 35 ]
brown 0.019690576652602 2.0% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 711 ]
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Enduring Elder

I really liked Young Justice!
But I didn't realized it was canceled because I don't actually watch TV ever.

I typically love superhero movies though. Um. Usually.
> >;
Looking forward to all upcoming Marvel and the Superman one.
I've heard they're talking about making a Justice League movie?
To kinda rival Avengers, probably. And likely fail. I dunno.
I also heard the next Avengers might feature some mutants.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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/randomly chimes in

I was looking forward to seeing Iron Man 3, but plans didn't work out, so I'll most liekly end up waiting until it's on DVD [Boyfriend was going to come up and see in opening night in IMAX, just so I could get the promotional poster certain theaters are handing out]

Love DC, but not a fan of Superman. DC movies have been going down the drain, which is kind of a shame. All the revamps they keep getting is frustrating. Though, I would LOVE to see Superman; Red Son turned into a movie. Haven't picked up the comic on it yet, but based on the story line, it would be nifty.

Not sure how I feel about the Teen Titans GO! series. Looks cute, but I am kind of bummed that the stories are a little sillier than hoped. /shrugs. I guess it's understandable with the art style it's in. I liked Young Justice, though I barely caught a season of it. I was a bit sad to hear it was getting cancelled back in February or so.

Disney owning Star Wars, Marvel, AND DC? I think a time paradox would open up, or the Earth would implode. As must as I love Disney, I'd be afraid of handing them so many of the things I hold dear.
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Rainbow Shoujo

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User Image

There's also another movie coming out all called... I forget.
Something with the word "guardians" in it, and it'll tie in with the second Avengers movie, if I'm correct.

A Justice League movie will never happen.
Or at least it doesn't make sense to happen.
If it did, it would definitely fail.

Teen Titans GO! isn't something I'm going out of my way to watch, it just happened to be on while I was at home over the weekend.
It was cute, silly, funny and cheesy, but not a waste of time to watch.

Also, I sort of want a new Hulk movie because I really like the actor that played Bruce Banner in The Avengers.

The whole thing about Disney owning everything makes me think of Patton Oswalt's rant in Parks & Recreation. Did anyone else see it? I'm not sure if I'm the only one here who watches that show or not.
Apparently there was an 8 minute outtake that was put on Youtube and it is absolutely glorious. The short version was kept in the episode, but the 8 minute one is golden. If you guys can find it, you should definitely watch. I'm too lazy to look for a link. Basically he finds a way to tie in ALL the awesome things into one movie, a new Star Wars movie, to be exact.

Hi Ingou! xD

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User Image
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i'm not huge into superhero stuff, i haven't even seen avengers.. lol

i'll watch the movies or whatever but meh

also there's a superhero/villain fighting game that came out recently called injustice
i have a fairy by my side's avatar

Friendly Fairy

heya Ingou! <3

I saw the long version of his rant on Tumblr! I love that he basically just read aloud crossover fanfiction. xD

According to google it's "Guardians of the Galaxy", evidently Zoe Saldana is going to be an alien assassin named Gamora and, speaking of Parks and Rec, Chris Patt is going to be the leader of the Guardians, Star Lord. Yeah, I've never heard of any of these characters, but it sounds like its gonna be interesting.

Though I wish they'd stop adding to their already tall pile of Marvel movies with white male leads and do literally anything else.

On the topic of Justice League movies, there are actually quite a few really great ones! It's just that they're animated, so most people don't take them seriously. DC has always had really good animated shows and movies, the characters are just so much better that way.

Bruce Timm's Batman with Kevin Conroy as the voice actor will forever be my favorite Batman. ;u ;
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Malevolent Kitten

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I agree with the animated DC movies! I love the wonder woman one and super girl (I believe it's appocalups?) one. The supergirl one is almost 100% on with the comics. (Maybe like 90%).
-ProcrastinatingSpazz-'s avatar

Enduring Elder

I think the reason Justice League will happen is because they see the success of other superhero movies and want in on it. That and Hollywood's out of ideas so they pull from wherever they can, hence all the reboots. Someone will go see it, so that alone is reason for them to keep trying. They have the money and hope to hit it big, eventually...

Also wtf@this dragon event. xD;;User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Malevolent Kitten

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DC has said multiple times that they will NOT do a Justice League movie. But I am positive they will. XD Or at least I feel, they BETTER. lol.
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Fluffy Reindeer

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For the record I hate this dragon event. I was out shopping for Hope's b-day and missed over half of it -_-
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Beloved Beau

On another note-

Ragnarok Online II...

That is all.
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Dragon event? Did I miss something?

I want a Black Widow origin movie SO BAD. I heard rumors that they were thinking about it, but Idk.

I agree with the "Mike Ruffalo should get his own Hulk movie sentiment", but at the same time, haven't there been like 3 Hulk movies with 3 different actors or something?
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think I look better with the fox ears and tail than GL does
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Still on constant verge of tears because of Doctor Who.
Meet with CEO and HR about a raise.
Nearly cry in meeting.
/waiting on results

Also I'm The Evil Devil. Soon to be The Evil Creature
AAHHH marriage!
These things entertain me more than they should.

the evil master
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Izzy Said Rawr
Who already has a neighborhood started?
Let me be your neighbor~! emotion_kirakira
Or I'm on the page to start my own neighborhood.
Tell me what to do. xDhttp://tinyurl.com/a54pddy

User Image

User Image
──────────────────────────────── • ● • ───

im in the same situation....
I dont know what to do!!
I think dolphin and izzy already had...

───• ● •────────────────────────────────

User Image

Yes I do one in ever area. And just so I am sure Pual you wanted to live in my Duerm one right?
If any one wants to live in one of the others let me know I'll request it from that account.

barton please
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