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What color is your GSW class? ツ

red 0.045871559633028 4.6% [ 10 ]
orange 0.045871559633028 4.6% [ 10 ]
yellow 0.14220183486239 14.2% [ 31 ]
green 0.18807339449541 18.8% [ 41 ]
blue 0.22477064220183 22.5% [ 49 ]
purple/violet 0.1605504587156 16.1% [ 35 ]
pink 0.11009174311927 11.0% [ 24 ]
white 0.08256880733945 8.3% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]

Bondage Day Screenie.

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I apologize if this stretches the page. D;

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Ruthless Hunter

User Image ..I'm in the after party pic forever immortalized... cool
I see meeeeeee! That was before I laid on the tattoos and got Anteros for my sub. >:]
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Eloquent Conversationalist

I wonder how many of you will still be here in
lets say...

2 months? >.<
I'll be here to count~
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I barely did anything for Spirit Week, and now Im sad I didnt! gonk
To make up for it, Im staying for the after party! 8D

So glad you're here!
im down to be a part of the after party and i might just be the only 09er crying
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shrimpee says:
                        I have about 30-50 screenies.
                        Some are from Rastawn and other people that I just saved to my own photobucket account.
                        They are located here.

User Image

@ Mishro:
Yes, it was.
Although I digged the Tats and Anteros.

Ugh. I'm changing.
I miss having a tail.

<3. Monk, the sparkling zombie!
I will be changing soon too ^_^

but if anyone has any event ideas for this monday feel free to let me know for I am running a contest on it. *read contest and event section*
Long live the Spirit!(ness)

BTW how many event ideas are we allowed to enter? twisted I might just go crazy with them!
as many as you like for the contest dear.

just pm them to me and whatever ones I pick by tomorrow if I get enough will be the theme for the week and than I can start the avi contest
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Dapper Prophet

Man, I'm sad I missed most of spirit week. D=
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Eternal Envy
Man, I'm sad I missed most of spirit week. D=

That's alright. I missed gray scale day and I was rarely seen at daytime (AUS).
You can chill with us here ^^
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Hey Magigal... Thank you for pointing me to this thread in the first place. ^_~

I like my regular avi, so I went back to it, but I LOVED my formal avi for this week. I spent nearly 700K this week, it was insane. razz

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I was here...
Yay an After Party thread XD
And you were, too...

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