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Thank you both sooo much for what you've brought to us. I honestly don't know how booring my gaia life would be if I didn't have GSW to look forward to every year. I've been participating for three of the five years GSW's been around, and i gotta say, it's a blast each and every time C:

It's not just the day's that are fun, but lord knows those are a whoot blaugh . It's the people we meet, and the experiences we share. We all are confined to our little hole in the forums, and GSW gives us the perfect opportunity to break out of that hole and meet amazing people we wouldn't otherwise have the pleasure of meeting, and getting to know those we've met before but don't really know.
And i just want to say thank you for that!

~~~~~~~~~ and now a poem (this doesn't happen often lol)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

thank you for the fun times
thank you for the friends
thank you for the late nights, not spent in our beds.

thank you for the experiences, they've been a humongous blast!
thank you for the memories, lets hope the next year goes by really, really fast!

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I want to show my gratitude to you guys by writing this note. Thanks SO MUCH for your innitiative in making GSW a reality and bringing together a bunch of people who, realistically, have next to nothing in common and creating a great atmosphere for a new community. It takes a lot of effort to keep up with Gaia as it changes on its own, and you guys rock it even further. If we ever met I'm sure you'd smell like Nutella. If I could bake you a cake filled with rainbows and smiles I would, but I don't think it would keep very well to send it to where you live.

In the three [I think three?] years I've come to Gaia Spirit Week I've gotten to meet so many kinds of people and made all sorts of friends that otherwise I would pass by. You've made it all possible for me to care about people I would have ignored, and I'm proud to call myself a Spirit Weeker. Or whatever our nickname is at the moment.

So thanks again for all of your hard work over the years and sacrificing your personal resources for the benefit of others! You guys rock awesomesauce [which is Nutella]!!!
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Thank you so much for creating this wonderful event, Varlot and Shieran. Thanks to GSW, I've made so many friends on Gaia, who are the only reasons I'm still on this site. It's a great week where creative Gaians can come together to unite and just be awesome. I found GSW in its first year, just six months after I had become a Gaian myself, and I love being able to say I am a GSW veteran. I hope the next Spirit Week will be just as awesome as the past five, and, again, it will all be thanks to you two. <3

~ Koneko; 2008
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I remember when I randomly stumbled upon the first Spirit Week before it even started. I got so excited to have something to do that summer, I just really couldn't wait. It was the best thing ever! Then I looked forward to it every single year. It's amazing.

You know how you guys have Admin love where you guys thank the Gaia staff for what they do? Well, I thank you instead. We get to see a lot of the bad that lurks in Gaia while handling reports and all that, but things like this event reminds me that Gaia has a good side, the one that I used to see before being a mod. And that that good side still exists in you amazing people. Taking the time to create this wonderful event year after year, it's truly amazing what you guys do for the community.

Seriously, keep up the amazing work! I definitely want to be a part of this with you guys next year! heart
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Hello Shieran. Hello Varlot.

I would just like to say, a huge thank you for making such an event. This event helped me find friends here in Gaia and even rekindled my love for it. Words cannot fully express how much it filled me with happiness whenever GSW comes around. The improvs, the screenies, the hilarious towns raids; they all make me smile. So thank you, once again, for making all this possible.
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Class of 06!

User Image I remember joining Gaia in 2006..and then getting bored of it quickly...I remember I came back in 2008 and heard about the GSW after the fact. I loved doing Spirit Week in Middle/High School and couldn't imagine what it would be like through an online community. I just have to say, that it is one of the things that keeps me coming back every year. I always start looking around for the new thread early in the month hoping to spot it. I must say one of the things I love most is the midnight screenies (seeing as I am a shamelessly anti-social lurker). This year was the first time I'd participated (I think) and it was so much fun. Did your school ever take one of those panoramic pictures of the entire year/school, and you spotted yourself in one of the corners goofing off with your friends? That's kinda how I feel when I look at the screenies and can spot my avi.

I just have to say thank you to Varlot and Shieran for starting and continuing this event and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year!!!
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Class of 06!
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I have never participated in an event on Gaia that has given me such lasting friendships. That's saying something major, especially for an online group. Gaia Spirit Week is a tiny blessing. It's so fun, and the environment is always open and friendly. Thank you for putting effort into making this event possible. I hope to be around for another five Gaia Spirit Weeks!
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The first time I read about GSW was in the Memorable Threads forum. I had NO idea that it was still an annual thing. I heard about it from a friend (I think) and we decided to participate in 2011. Afraid I might accidentally step on some toes or annoy the wrong person… I WENT AHEAD AND DID IT ANYWAYS! I never regretted that decision. I've meet some wonderful and patient people all thanks to GSW. GSW really brings users together and I've never really thought I'd feel a part of the Gaia community, but thanks to GSW I've not only felt like part of the community I've establish an almost sibling type of relationship. Sometimes you just want to scream and yell, but at the end of the day we're all there for fun, laughs, and most importantly... me! Just kidding! Anyways, thank you to not only Varlot and Shieran, but to all of the others that are able to make GSW such a magnificent user-run event to get away from the spammers, trolls, and all of the rest. May next year be just as good, if not greater!
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I first discovered Spirit Week as a newbie and it was a wonderful experience and welcome to the Gaia community; no other Gaia event has drawn me in a much and made me feel as close to my fellow Gaians. Thank you so much! heart

-Catspook '09
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Thank you both so much for creating Gaia Spirit Week! I've been participating since 2010 and will continue to as long as we're celebrating this wonderful community. 3nodding

Class of 2006!
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I have a blast every year when GSW rolls around. I wanna thank you for creating such a wonderful event that I do look forward to every year. It's a wonderful thing you have done for the community.

So thank you.
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I'm relatively new to GSW and still very lurky, but the event has always been a blast. It is, hands-down, the best user-run thing around, all thanks to the hard work put in by the people behind it. So thank you so much, Shieran and Varlot, and here's to another five years (or more)!
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I know this is late but I have been with out net for a few days.
I'd just like to say thank guys for doing this every year and giving me an excuse to stay up late (not that I don't already) and to stay on gaia. And a reason to stock up on pointless items xD
I havbe had a blast the past five years thank you smile
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thank y'all for startin' a tradition of goofy nights and a friendly way for people from every year to get together and know each other.

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