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What was your favorite day from GSW 2013?

Back in Time Day 0.054054054054054 5.4% [ 8 ]
This Mission is Top Secret Day 0.033783783783784 3.4% [ 5 ]
Gaian Town Day 0.074324324324324 7.4% [ 11 ]
Cross-Dressing Day 0.16891891891892 16.9% [ 25 ]
Sins & Virtues Day 0.13513513513514 13.5% [ 20 ]
Video Game Day 0.33108108108108 33.1% [ 49 ]
Class Color Day 0.2027027027027 20.3% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 148 ]
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gaia_nitemareleft MsGrimm Says:
-- gaia_nitemareright

Thanks guys for organizing another fantastic Spirit Week. It's something I always look forward to each year and a major reason why I still visit Gaia. I've made soooo many friends both here and in the After Party. Just letting you know how much I really appreciate the annual festivities. Looking forward to next year! Til then, let's rock the AP!

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Tell me if there is an after party!
there always is

Thanks! I guess I know where to go when I get bored for the rest of my vacation (score!) whee
I'm so sad that it's the end, but god, did I have a good time.
Thank you guys so much for making GSW the number one reason I come on Gaia.
You guys are all incredibly awesome and I hope we get to keep talking until the next GSW.
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Another (late) thank you from me! I always enjoy Spirit Week, and I really appreciate all the time and effort the mods put into doing something fun for everyone. And thanks to everyone else for participating, especially this year's first timers. Hope to see you all next year! emotion_bigheart
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I can't believe I'm so late with this, but you'll have to forgive me.

I feel so bad that I missed out on so much, with the exception of midnight screenies every night.
When I first participated in GSW a few years ago, I was ALL over the place and I did as much as I could.
Honestly? I feel like I could've done so much more this year! Granted, being asked to be a mod wasn't something I had been expecting, and I didn't even think I'd be around for GSW anyway, so it all happened very quickly for me.
That being said, I still enjoyed what little time I got to spend with you all around midnight each night for screenies. There were days when cramming into that friend chat with you all was the highlight of my day, and I'm so sad that it's all over.

Despite real life taking priority and the fact that I'm dedicating less time to this site from here on out, I plan to always make time for Gaia Spirit Week every year, as long as this site is still around.

Here's hoping for bigger and better things next year!

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Wow, so next year I'll try to log on earlier so I don't miss screenies...
Despite my chronic lateness, I have still experienced the greatness of this event:
Many conversations about kid shows we used to watch, learning new acronyms, and sharing dirty jokes.
It seems the people I meet here are all similar in our reason for joining in and even though this whole place is pixels, I consider you guys all as close friends. Thanks for another great year ^^
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Mr P-19
Amazing Q
.-. I won't even tell you which day I dressed up for...
Because you wouldn't believe me.

I want to know!!

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Mr P-19
Amazing Q
.-. I won't even tell you which day I dressed up for...
Because you wouldn't believe me.

I want to know!!

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───• ● •────────────────────────────────

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omg its you!..........Paul is it? razz
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Hello, Spirit Weekers!

We've got a bit of news for you all and we'd like to hear some feedback, so you would be helping us out a bunch if you could take a look at this thread that we have going. (Hint, it's about the possibility of another winter event ;D )

Just vote in the poll [and if you answer a few questions we have set-up, that would be super awesome] and then we can get another Winter Break in the works.

Hopefully we'll hear from you soon

(if you haven't joined the guild just send a request)
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Necro. e.e My break is gonna be over soon. T.T It went by too fast.
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Friendly Gaian

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Aw, I missed it emo
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          xxx x

                          you didn't miss it!
                          GSW 2014 is still currently happening. go to the link in the post above yours! c:

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