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What? We can actually put something like this in the GCD?

OHHH SNAPS. Now I can post my Gaia-related manga. XD

(I was too confused where to put mine until I saw this thread.<3)
By the way, you don't have to excessively bump this. Only when it isn't in the first page of the forum anymore. :3
Whee~ Just bought Mocchi the puppy for 6099! xp
bump~ heart
bump~ heart

Did you hear him you dunce STOP BUMPING!
bump~ heart

Did you hear him you dunce STOP BUMPING!

confused 3nodding sweatdrop

He never actually said to STOP BUMPING completely. rolleyes

Just when it's not on the first page. If you're going to insult me, then please be specific at least! stare
gotta love the April Fool's event!
what a shocking end to the April 1st event... as well as the world of Gaia lol xd
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This all seem very interesting 3nodding Can't wait
update with new concept art coming soon (likely by friday!) 3nodding

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