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Bump~ domokun
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This isn't manga.
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Bump! mrgreen
The ace marksman.
This isn't manga.

Well, it will be 3nodding

Manga... comic... they both mean the same thing, just different ways of saying it. Besides, the art will be inspired by those from Japan's mangas, not America's comics.
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Yay! My friend's scanner is finally reinstalled! Hopefully we can upload some more concept art this week ^_^v
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Me: Aww, why are the Gambino's always in the spotlight? Why not Josie, to shake things up. xp
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eek Sweet...Noo no likes sasha xd
wow, Moira and Labtech Elves/Robots are tied for the lead! I didn't expect the elves to do so well in the polls. Hm... I wonder what would happen if the Von Helson Sisters were added, as well as Johnny Gambino...
Sasha is so cute. biggrin
lol, seems like some people are anti-Gino (don't worry, other Gaia NPCs will appear as well) xp

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