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Oi Alurna! Let's try and post a preview this week. The Von Helson sisters in fantasy-style costumes will be interesting to draw wink heart
Yaay! *does happy dance*

I like the Von helsons better than Johnny, since johnny did the evil thingy and took Gino's body or something... Tho both johnny and the von helsons were evil ^^
(The whole carakter dyscription thing)
Support: Depends of what is the best in the situation for himself. (Can varry verry often)
A litle side note: With ""Depends of what is the best in the situation for himself"" I meen that he swiches sides to make profit, not to be safe or watever. He is more the type that would do this (nr. 1 could be the caracter):

1: Sister, do you also want a cookie? *Gives a cookie*
Sis: Thanks. *Eats it*
1: *Hides his cookie* If you give me E1,- I wont tell mom and dad you grabed a cookie. I have put my cookie back, so you cant tell them I ate one.
Sis: *Pays* stressed $(&%&%#%$@
1: Mommie, Sis grabed 2 cookies and gave me monny to keep my mouth.
Mom: Not a figt again. gonk
1: Can I have a cookie?
Mom: Only if you promise not to figt with your sister about this.
1: Thanks. 3nodding
1: Daddy, Mom said I should ask you if I can get a cookie, she said se was buisy with giving my sis a speach over not to grab cookies without asking.
Dad: You can have one.

1: 3 cookies and E1,-
Sis: Angry parrants and E -1,-

I was bored. xd

It's been a rather busy week (with another busy week next week), so there may not actually be a new preview this weekend, but the next. However, that doesn't mean there will be no chance of a new sneak preview soon. sweatdrop 3nodding
Err..., we're trying to get a new sneak preview up... sweatdrop wink heart
Whee~!!! whee

It appears like we'll be able to post a preview pic of ONE of the Von Helson sisters today! heart

Rejoice! whee 3nodding heart
The Preview Sketch for Marie Von Helson (only one sister sketch for this week, cuz we're busy with schoolwork) is progressing very nicely so far 3nodding

I doubt we'll be drawing them with the amount of detail put into the upcoming sketch (since it would take at least 2 hours to draw them each frame), but this type of sketch will probably appear on the Title Page of a chapter every now and then 3nodding

We hope you look forward to the sketch today... in about an hour or so 3nodding heart wink
Let the countdown begin. 60......59......58.......
Let the countdown begin. 60......59......58.......

Despite some mistakes on the hair, we hope everyone will be satisfied with the result! sweatdrop heart
My parrants want to see a movie on tv, so I need to wach it with them stare (I just know its a boring one). So I cant see it until tomorow. 20:47 Here.
kk, I understand that situation (happens to me every now and then lol)

Guess you'll have to view it tmr then wink heart
Hmm... we aren't sure which staff Marie should hold...
Sun Staff?
Staff of the Angels?
Demonic Pitchfork?
Something else?

We may have to create our own original one just for Marie exclusively, depending on what looks "right" for her during our comic...
30 minutes left until the sneak preview sketch is posted cool
10 minutes left... heart
DONE! Whee~!!!

We're going to scan the sketch now and post it! heart

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