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Which of these recent Tony-winning plays and musicals would you love to see Gaia-style?

Book of Mormon 0.336 33.6% [ 42 ]
Memphis 0.024 2.4% [ 3 ]
Billy Elliot 0.112 11.2% [ 14 ]
In the Heights 0.056 5.6% [ 7 ]
Spring Awakening 0.248 24.8% [ 31 ]
War Horse 0.12 12.0% [ 15 ]
Red 0.048 4.8% [ 6 ]
God of Carnage 0.032 3.2% [ 4 ]
August: Osage County 0.016 1.6% [ 2 ]
The Coast of Utopia 0.008 0.8% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 125 ]
This is what happens in school due to boredom.
Chess closes tonight! heart crying
You know, I'm gonna miss Chess. And by the last performance of a show I'm usually sort of wanting it to be over.
Sadly, I regret not making it to any performances throughout the run. It seems I have failed the GTC on my first try.

So much has happened in the past two weeks, and every night I was due and you went on, I was caring about other things.

The main reason of this may be not having much practice time. I get to tense when rehearsals are not enough. I only attended one, as you remember.

Something always found a way to keep me from showing up on time, or not at all. Today I twisted my leg and it's hard to walk straight, more or less use my computer. (Which is on the end of my bed, while I lay flat down.)

I'm making this an apology to everyone in the GTC. Chess may be over tonight, but I hope next month may have more good fortune for me. Unless I file for a straight jacket.

If you don't want me back next month, I understand. emo
I'm so sorry!!! My internet stopped working then I couldn't get back in towns!!!
Lovely closing performance! heart I love the GTC so much, and Arq is just... wow. WORDS CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE. xd

Eee~! Looking forward to next month show(s)! surprised
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I'm sorry I can't feed the Chess sponge that is Arq, as the Chess performance I was supposed to attend sold out, and I ended up going to see 300 with my mom instead.
Sorry I didn't stay for the performance, but I had a family meal to go to. rolleyes
-Missed last performance-
I got to see Rocky Horror with my friend.
Now that was fun.
Darkness in Zero
I'm sorry I can't feed the Chess sponge that is Arq, as the Chess performance I was supposed to attend sold out, and I ended up going to see 300 with my mom instead.

Aww sad

I already got fed today, anyway. Because there's 2003 Chess Benefit Concert videos on YouTube! The Deal, Svetlana and Anatoly's You and I, and Anatoly and Molokov/Where I Want To Be/US vs USSR.

I'll announce next month's plans in a bit.
On the subject of the GTC's plans for April:

There are many shows the veteran actors of the GTC are in love with but we choose not to put on for various reasons. One of those reasons is number of roles. Generally it is not shows with too many roles that are a problem for us so much as it is shows with too few roles. With the number of people trying to get into GTC shows every month, we were already sort of pushing things with Chess and it's 5 roles. But, we think we're ready to combat this limitation with something we haven't tried before:

Two shows in one month.

For the month of April, we're going to put together what we fondly call [title...of...BOOM!]. That is, performances of two of our favorite off-broadway musicals on alternating nights. To avoid defeating the point, crossovers in the cast lists won't be allowed except in the case of subbing.

The two shows we intend to put together are: tick...tick...BOOM! and [title of show].

[title...of...BOOM!] is going to rock SO HARD.

Seriously, ya'll, kiss, [tos] and ttB are AMAZING shows and you should definitely check them out. [tos] is a comedic show and ttB is a serious, heartfelt, beautiful show.

I love them both so much and I love the GTC, so together, it can only be a gigantic lovefest of incredible proportions.

Title of boom? Interesting.
Le Fantome



I got fed more Chess today. I lurve you YouTube heart

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