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Gaian Theatre Company

Official Thread biggrin

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The Gaian Theatre Company is a project started by Arqueete, Patta, ShelliAngel, n00dl3s, and Goodtoady to put on free skits in Towns for the enjoyment of other Gaians. Skits and shows so far have included Rent and Avenue Q.

We use avatars as actors, using movement, emoticons, and text techniques to expression emotion and action. These avatars are mules shared among our actors and dressed like the character they portray. Costume and set costs are covered by the founding members and now, donations from the public.

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We currently rehearse and perform at The Sphere Theatre located at 58 Barton 001221.

We hope to use this thread to get the word out about this project and make audition and performance information more accessible.

Read about the GTC's history and Theatre Etiquette

Got a suggestion for a future show to tackle? Tell us here!

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Link to us!

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Currently: On Break. Work week for Wicked will begin the first full week of December. Audition information will be avaliable in the near future.

Audition Tips

  • Arrange your script so you can see it. (See an example from a performance)
  • Think of how you might read the line if you were acting on stage. Where you would emphasize words, use CAPITALS, and where you feel there should be a pause, break up the line between two speech bubbles. In the script, a marker, usually User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., suggests how lines should be divided.
  • Use the chat box to keep track of where you are (and you can also highlight and copy things from that box, which is useful when we link you to something). In the lower left-hand corner of Towns, there is a little square with a line in it. Clicking that allows you to open and close the chat box.
  • Emote! In the lower left-hand corner there is a square with a laughing face in it. Clicking this opens and closes the emote box. When an emote fits your line or your character's reaction to someone else's line, throw one in.
  • When you're speaking to the people running the auditions, and most definately when you're saying your lines, please use proper English to the best of your ability. This isn't text messaging on your cell phone; we consider "chat speak" to be rather rude.
  • Relax. We won't eat you. Promise. wink


Also check out some of our affiliates and interesting places in Towns and theatre:

Gaian Musical Theatre Company (Musical theatre discussion)
Bored in Towns? (Directory)
Gaia Productions presents The Little Mermaid (Theatre production)
PM me if I wasn't supposed to post. That's such a cute idea. <3
This is amazing. I'm going to stalk you guys. >.>
Where about it towns do you perform?
I'd love to come one day and see! 3nodding
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sounds fun, good idea 3nodding
Hmm...I've had this idea before, but it's nice to know there's others who are interested in it...can I join the troupe, perhaps?
Nice idea...
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Business Cat

Great idea! 3nodding You should let us know where we can watch you guys.
Its Brilliant! smile
Great idea. I'm all for it. mrgreen
I'm glad you guys like the idea! We really appreciate the support. heart

We're always happy to add more people to our troupe. We'll be holding "auditions" again... soon. xd I'll let you know.

We have a tentative script, so we should be starting rehearsal veeerry soon, and anyone interested is welcome to watch (though, being rehearsal, things are frequently crazy, off-topic, disorganzied, and incomplete...). That's another "I'll let you know". sweatdrop

Once we figure out our principal cast (which we're in the middle of), things should move quickly and smoothly from then on. 3nodding
Thanks for not mentioning me in your little credits.
That's the last time i ever play a cross half for you guys. I QUIT!
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I will be waiting for the next auditions. I'm really into this.

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