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What format shall the magazine be in?

Pictures; like a comic strip. 0.37313432835821 37.3% [ 50 ]
Pictures; individual pages. 0.082089552238806 8.2% [ 11 ]
Text; in BB code. 0.044776119402985 4.5% [ 6 ]
Text; in BB with pictures. 0.26865671641791 26.9% [ 36 ]
HTML site with links. 0.059701492537313 6.0% [ 8 ]
Other (please state) 0.17164179104478 17.2% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 134 ]
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Hello all! Welcome to the official page of Gaias greatest magazine! The Gaian Gazette
I hope you join in our poll, even if you're not interested! Just so we know whats best for everyone ^_^ .
Thank you!



1. What is the 'Gaian Gazette'?
2. Poll
3. The Creators
4. Updates
5. Content lists
6. Staffing
What is the Gaian Gazette?

The Gaian Gazette is going to be a great gaian magazine!
With your help of course; we couldn't do it without you!!
Me and a crew of editors will compile a monthly issue of the magazine, and we need you to help us with the contents!

That's what this whole thread is about; you helping us.

We need all kinds of gaians to tell us the types of things they want to see, how they want to see them, and when.
The whole magazine will be revolving around you guys! So make some good decisions!

We also need you to help write the content!
We're looking for staff to write a column a mont on a certain topic/topics.
Just check the staff list/content list to see what's still there!
If there isn't anything you like there, just post me an idea of your own, and I will see what I can do ^.^


Here are some topics we would like you to discuss:
1. What goes in the magazine.
2. How it looks.
3. What format it is in (see above poll)

The format is the main issue we have to tackle, otherwise no-one can see it!

Feel free to discuss any other magazine-related subject too ^_^
The Creators

The co-founders of this magazine are me (5 card trick) and Elythaele.

Please feel free to ask us anything from jobs you can do, to what we're trying to achieve!

I'm very dedicated to any project I start, and I'm here to make your Gaian life a good one ^.^

I'm changing the layout of the thread, including colours and theme.
Also, I'm working on a sample page to show you what it will be like when I'm done.
Plus, we have a new editor of Events and Donation Items!


Italics - Column Taken

Approved Content
- Monthly Donation Item Review
- Event Writer

- Agony Aunt/uncle
- Music Review
- Film Review
- Game Review

Awaiting Approval
- Glitch Spot
- Competition for good looking avatars

Disapproved Content


Co Founders - Elythaele and 5 Card Trick
Layout Design - 5 Card Trick
Editor of Events -
Editor of Donation Items -

5 Card Trick
The Gaian what?!!
The Gaian Gazette is going to be the first gaian magazine!

Hold it right there, mister.


We did six issues of that tabloid/magazine, spread out of a number of pages. It was started up directly after the offical newspaper fell from grace as a bit of a parody.

You're not the first. You won't be the last, either.

Hold it right there, mister.

...yada yada yada....

Ours is going to be NOTHING like that. At all.

I will change the posts though.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
I've done that biggrin . And added a little 'appeal to audience' too xd (thank you media course!!).
I'm editing a few images now, so they'll be ready in rough soon.
I finally finished editing the gaia logo sweatdrop , so I'll create a banner now.
I made a little banner! *points to top of page*
I know it sucks, but it's the best I can do at short notice.


Why am i shouting??!
I've changed the colours and sizes of everything to large and 'gaia pink' so it all matches O_o

But I guess no-one comes in the GCD these days....

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