Yes, I'm aware that there are probably quite a few threads supporting this sort of thing, but I'd like everyone to come together to actually establish an event that is *going* to happen.


About: Something like...

Welcome to the [insert name here]! We are centered around a Spring Theme. Springtime holds a number of experiences for several people--it is a time of love, of sorrow, of anticipation of the coming summer, the time where gardens are planted in anticipation, where trees begin to sprout their leaves and flowers! For students, spring is one step closer to summer break, but still a time for fun and joyous escapades. This Festival is to commemorate all of that and more in a way that can bring Gaians together through the sharing of spring experiences, hopes and dreams. The goal of the festival is to encourage unity between people and to try to give participants a feeling of individuality by sharing a bit of themselves with the world around them.

Other random planned activities:

- I've been stuck on this idea, but I am fond of the idea of having mascots! (for example, an image that lasts weekly or daily that represents a character enjoying the festival/event/whatever) There could be a prize, perhaps, for someone that draws the mascot with themselves/others, etc. Usually, the mascot image is posted above the announcements so everyone can see it.

- Subject of the day discussions? (I don't know how popular this would be) This wouldn't bar other types of conversation, but it could work as an interaction starter?

- Day/Night Themes? I'm not quite sure how I would fit that in there, but I was wondering...

- Of course, contests. What sort, though? Random dice roll prizes? A writing activity with a prize? Art, etc...? Should we allow for guests to come in and conduct their own contests?

- A Community Activity, where everyone participates: Considering that it's spring, I think that it would be appropriate for there to be something that directly represents spring in the thread. I was thinking, perhaps, a barren tree that Gaians can paste leaves and flowers to to eventually fill? I like the idea of that. To take the work away from the Gaians themselves, I could totally have designs for leaves and such posted every day so that they can choose from them and I simply add them to the image? I think that would work.

- How long should it last? A week? A month? What do you guys think would be the best length of time?

If anyone has any ideas of how it should go or things that you want to add to this, please, let me know and give me your ideas and opinions!