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✞ Gaia Community Church ✞ A place to share, love, life and blessing.

My name is luvsugar10 or you may call me Mika, my nickname. I am the leader of this community church and myself and priests of this church help to conduct marriages, help to solve life issues, help to bless you and your life and MANY other services we can provide. If you wish to become a permanent member of this church, please subscribe to this topic and come to our church whenever you would like to share a certain problem or issue you have had in your life. (Marriages are to be PMed to our Leader Priest or Church Leader.) Although, if you don't wish to let your problems out to public, you may e-mail our Leader Priest, Bree and her username - girlthatnobodyknows. If you have any questions or suggestions of this church, please PM luvsugar10. If you wish to conduct a marriage, please answer the questions below by message to the Church Leader or Leader Priest, whichever you prefer razz :

✞ Gaia Community Church ✞
:: Marriage Application Form ::

1 ) Please state your name and you're partner's name (Full Name)
2 ) Please state your ages (Gaia ages)
3 ) Please state your birthdates i.e DD/MM/YYYY*
* Year is optional
4 ) Please tell your love story i.e How you met, When you met, Was it love at first sight, etc. ( MAX 900 words )
5 ) Are you a permanent member of this church?*
*Subscribed to this post
6 ) Have you made any discussion to this church?
7 ) What type of wedding ceremony would you like?
8 ) Please link the items for your wedding i.e Wedding Dress, Tuxedo etc.
9) Please state the date, place and menu for your wedding.
10 ) Please do as requested from Church Leader's/Leader Priest's reply message*
*This reply message may take up to 2 or more days.

Please be aware of your marriage spendings as it may take up A LOT of your bill.
If you and your partner quit the arrangements, PLEASE email me, as i get concerned to what will be happening. Remember, YOU are to do the invatations, although, if you wish to do formal invatations from our church, depending on how many invites, this may take up to 100,000 or more, so please be aware.

If i have forgotten to list something, please don't hesitate to ask our church staff 3nodding IF you wish to become a staff or priest for this community church, please PM luvsugar10 and we will list you down our Staff Members List smile If you wish to serve this church you may choose to be a:
:: Leader ::
A Leader is someone that leads and hosts events tht will be posted up by Church Leader. A Leader may also suggest some things for the church and organise events but MUST be permitted by Church Leader.

:: Priest ::
A Priest is someone that helps solves problems privately for people and hosts marriages.

:: Church Staff ::
Church Staff help to organise things for the church i.e Clubs, Events, etc. BUT MUST be permitted by Church Leader first.

:: Advertisers ::
Adevertisers help to advertise and spread the word about our church. Advertiser are sometimes paid at occasions where they introduce our church to THOUSANDS of peole i.e 100 people influenced = 1,000g. Advertiser MUST tell their nicknames to the people as well when introducing our church.

:: Other ::
If you wish to suggest another service type, PM luvsugar10. THANKSS !! ^^

Note: If you wish to be staff, please PM luvsugar10 about what you'de like to be and how you are going to help this church. If you are a staff member, we also accept offerings i.e gold, items, clothing etc. to be given to charities of Gaia. We assure you, we promise to stick to our word and donate to charities, since we are
charity supporters. If you wish to donate to the church or charities, please PM luvsugar10 how much you will donate and who will you donate to. If reply message comes, please follow the steps and then TADAA~ you have succesfully donated!! blaugh

Thank you for your time and we hope to serve you soon in the future! blaugh
Note: This church is NOT a religious church of any type, we just serve people with life issues and bless them ^^ Plus, Marriages are for ANY religion, aren't they?

✞ Gaia Community Church ✞

✞ Gaia Community Church ✞
:: Staff Members List ::

- luvsugar10, Mika
Church Leader
-girlthatnobodyknows, Bree
Leader Priest
-dannysadie, Dan
Leader Advertiser
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Good Luck. c:
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I <3 going 2 church I'm bout 2 go there right now ^.^
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