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What's your Gaia starsign?

Epistola. 0.083136468519943 8.3% [ 6053 ]
Vulpus. 0.11607240962532 11.6% [ 8451 ]
Penna. 0.097970003296341 9.8% [ 7133 ]
Spurca. 0.083617184924734 8.4% [ 6088 ]
Falcis Piscibus. 0.081447093725964 8.1% [ 5930 ]
Arca. 0.10592242610702 10.6% [ 7712 ]
Lepus Crudus. 0.094673662234919 9.5% [ 6893 ]
Donum. 0.078425447752994 7.8% [ 5710 ]
Halos. 0.15457092627184 15.5% [ 11254 ]
Cauda Diaboli. 0.10416437754093 10.4% [ 7584 ]
Total Votes:[ 72808 ]
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Unbeatable Survivor

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Im surprised at how accurate my horoscope is on here. Of course its not 100% but its so close its scary! O.o
Go Epistola!
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Ruthless Bloodsucker

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I'm a Vulpus. Very fitting surprised
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Timid Fairy

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Those gaiaborn under Penna, the wing constellation, are usually among the kindest people you'd ever hope to meet, but are often easily distracted and spacey. They tend to be quiet and self reflective in private, sensitive you might say, but open, pleasant and brimming with energy when they're among friends. They are often extroverted people, and they tend to enjoy nice weather, parties and playing games outside, but due to their airheaddedness can often forget in the heat of the moment that there are limits and can often end up embarrassing themselves and causing a scene. In hostile situations, they can become very turbulent, either screaming and thrashing around, or curling up and weeping.

oh shoot eek
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April 23, 2007

I am the Spork! xD
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Lonely Glitch

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  • Invisibility 100
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February 12 , 2009


hmmm ...
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Magical Streaker

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User Image

heart We all need to Stay Strong. heart

Uh.. devil tail?

I.. I don't think that's quite right...
I'm not like that at ALL gonk

emotion_kirakira All we need is A Little Love. emotion_kirakira
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Lonely Lunatic

ooooo Latin. emotion_kirakira

Trolo Spork.
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Invisible Pants


devils tail...


While i dont enjoy being considered a part of a demons posterior no matter how toned and well shaped it may be


This discription is accurate

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Invisible Giver

I've had this in my sig for a while.
I like keeping up, because nothing is farther from the truth. Don't believe me? Check out my charity wink
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Original Gaian

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Wow, I've stumbled upon this thread again. xd
Vulpus for the win! wink
Seriously- what are the odds that my mule is also the same star sign..
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Just found out about this now, and I don't see how the description could possibly be more accurate.

Proud to be a Lepus~
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Wild Bunny

    Oh wow.. nostalgia~ I forgot about this thread.
    Forever a Penna. redface

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