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What's your Gaia starsign?

Epistola. 0.083138688137177 8.3% [ 6051 ]
Vulpus. 0.11603143634415 11.6% [ 8445 ]
Penna. 0.097977521914759 9.8% [ 7131 ]
Spurca. 0.083619576268858 8.4% [ 6086 ]
Falcis Piscibus. 0.081462449506746 8.1% [ 5929 ]
Arca. 0.10591904591795 10.6% [ 7709 ]
Lepus Crudus. 0.094666263636613 9.5% [ 6890 ]
Donum. 0.078425984446704 7.8% [ 5708 ]
Halos. 0.15455744552224 15.5% [ 11249 ]
Cauda Diaboli. 0.1042015883048 10.4% [ 7584 ]
Total Votes:[ 72782 ]
Apparently, the fuzzie is a penna. o.o

I am the grunnie, though. :3
winterraven89's avatar

Greedy Bloodsucker

Ohh, Penna~
It fits. 3nodding
Austin are born under the Arca Constellation.
Mind that this is for his original account, lil_reaper.
28 + 8 + 2004 = 2040.

I'm a Cauda Diaboli. Reading through the personalities, I would have to say that this is one the that fits me the least. The nicers aspects of the sign fit like a gloves but the rest is my opposite.

Though, if I went with the sign of my mule, Epistola, that sums me up pretty damn perfectly.

Adorable thread, by the way.~
Cauda Diaboli Constellation.

But for my MAIN account;

Epistola Constellation.

Fits me perfectly. <3
Woah User Image I'm an Arca, and it's... just like me!
I'm an Arcan and I am bouncy like a trunk sometimes.
XD Excellent job D and Mei! <333
That's really good and everything! great job!
Year of the grunny! Yeah!
This thread is awesome :3. Great job with the thread. Lets see my sign is...Vulpus xP;; Well I'm happy :3. I love astrology myself, and tarot as well. So this is just what I need <3;;.....
Khatnip's avatar

Precious Cleric

I'm a Falcis Piscibus and its somewhat accurate... which is scary...
Awesome job, this whole thing is pretty spiffy. x)

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I am SUCH the Vulpus.
thats such a great idea and alot of fun too

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