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What's your Gaia starsign?

Epistola. 0.083137545855488 8.3% [ 6051 ]
Vulpus. 0.11602984213347 11.6% [ 8445 ]
Penna. 0.097976175755327 9.8% [ 7131 ]
Spurca. 0.08361842738002 8.4% [ 6086 ]
Falcis Piscibus. 0.081461330255692 8.1% [ 5929 ]
Arca. 0.1059313301183 10.6% [ 7710 ]
Lepus Crudus. 0.094664962972123 9.5% [ 6890 ]
Donum. 0.078424906915076 7.8% [ 5708 ]
Halos. 0.15455532198453 15.5% [ 11249 ]
Cauda Diaboli. 0.10420015662998 10.4% [ 7584 ]
Total Votes:[ 72783 ]
Teh Mei
Prinz Foxhound
Hello there!

I'm ARCA, as you can see in my signature 3nodding It realy, realy fits me! It's as if it's not made up. wink
And thats because of how humans are, all of this can be found in the scientific world of SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. This is also like this is real life, astrology in common.

It is called the BARNUM-EFFECT after P. T. Barnum's observation that "we've got something for everyone".

the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people

The Forer/Barnum effect can, assuming their actual falsity, provide a partial explanation for the widespread acceptance of some pseudosciences such as astrology and fortune telling, as well as many types of personality tests.

Later studies have found that subjects give higher accuracy ratings if the following are true:

* the subject believes that the analysis applies only to them
* the subject believes in the authority of the evaluator
* the analysis lists mainly positive traits

So when you also BELIEVE in it, it becomes more and more your own reality, created by yourself, thats after all the world you and me live in.

I think this is quite an argument in the discussion of this matter! 3nodding

A post with some discussion. I adore you!

I'm afraid I don't have time to give you a very elaborate comeback at the moment, but I do agree. We designed this horoscope in good fun too and in no way are pretending to have special psychic star-reading powers. xD

We just hope people enjoy it, and they seem too. ^w^

In addition to the theory, we only get negative reactions about the halos, cauda diaboli and lepus crudus, because those three are less vague and also less positive than the other seven. It's a very noticable phenomenon, people don't like to hear bad things about themselves. xD

mrgreen Ah very nice material you have there! It is true, people do not like to hear anything about them if it's not positive, bad things are just ignored or rappidly forgotten.
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Cauda Diaboli here, and the devil's tail fits me for the most part, I'm straight forward, and even if I don't act on it, pretty full of evil intentions, and I'm very intelligent. At least I know I'm evil so that I can prevent myself from doing evil... for the most part. Which leaves me usually pretty cheerful but not very trusting.
halos for me
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makes me a fox?
wth rofl
Epistola i think june 8, 07 so 6+8+7= 21

ok cool i am a letter
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Epistola Constellation = Letter
heart *squee* So interesting~
I'm an Arca~ >3
Cauda Diaboli, wow. it's so true. lol twisted
im a halo yay so matches me biggrin smile 3nodding 4laugh heart
I was wondering when this will get to the spotlight.
But at last it did. Very wonderful. n_n
Cauda Diaboli
It Fits.
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Pixelized but I'm to lazy
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its mee, DURRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(lol)
My original join date, when I first joined gaia, shows me to be a Donum. Surprisingly enough, it is almost dead on. :]
Excellent work with this thread.

December(12) +Third(3) +Two thousand-three(2003)=2018
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this is cool.

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