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What's your Gaia starsign?

Epistola. 0.08314788867826 8.3% [ 6053 ]
Vulpus. 0.11604714415231 11.6% [ 8448 ]
Penna. 0.097983461084096 9.8% [ 7133 ]
Spurca. 0.083628671117338 8.4% [ 6088 ]
Falcis Piscibus. 0.081444545179813 8.1% [ 5929 ]
Arca. 0.10593697629056 10.6% [ 7712 ]
Lepus Crudus. 0.094659193933899 9.5% [ 6891 ]
Donum. 0.078408747493063 7.8% [ 5708 ]
Halos. 0.15456468584302 15.5% [ 11252 ]
Cauda Diaboli. 0.10417868622764 10.4% [ 7584 ]
Total Votes:[ 72798 ]
I'm a Penna! Wow, that description fits me very well. Where did you come up with the descriptions for all the constalations?

Also, I must run and tell all my friends about this.

Puns, I guess. Well, not really puns, but... Take the trunk one for example. Mentioned how they're strong on the outside, but often empty inside, and how they're good at locking away secrets and hop around... xd Just stretching a metaphor as far as it will go. 3nodding
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Apparently i'm a Grunny. And that concerns me. =o_o=
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4 + 7 + 2004 = 2015 so...5, so...Falcis Piscibus. Which like actually described me.
Zutakami Taski

O.o? I guess... >>

This is a really cool idea though. 3nodding

Why isn't domo a sign?! crying

Because he didn't fit the stars well, and we could only allow 10 constellations with the adding up method. xd It would have been nice to have domo though...
I'm a spork! Wha...?

Incidentally, mine was easy to figure out. Today is my gaiaversary.
I'm a Donum, and that actually sort of fits my personality. xd
join us razz
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O.G. Gaian

Heh. I'm a 'Devil's Tailer.'
Mine is the Penna one.
And luckily enough, the description is exactly like me. XD;
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Freaky, the description is somewhat true about me heart
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I'm a Halo! Woah, that description..I'm not really a "goodie-two-shoes" sweatdrop but I do usually have a smile on my face.
WOAH! That's creepy! I'm the Grunny one I guess, and it's describes me to a fricken T!

Seriously though. I'm LOVING this.
User Image Falcis Piscibus for me. The description is exactly me. Hmm. o.O;;
This whole thing is cool, heh. Yay for too much free time?
Woah! This is awsome! 3nodding

Lessee... *calculates* I'm the.. Vulpus Constellation.. cool! whee

I wonder, how long did it take to come up with all of that info?? confused
I am "arca," or the enchanted trunk. x3

What's weird is that the description is very much like me. owo;;
Oh, how fun! And eerily accurate.. eek

I think it would be a fun feature for Gaia to have horoscopes like this. Even if it didn't relate to anything else, it would be a lot of fun just on its' own.

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