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Hey Hannah, I understand you're quite busy at the moment, but I still haven't receive a reply about the shorts. sweatdrop

According to the rules, it states that shorts are acceptable as long as it's below the knees and/or three inches above the knees (although, I dunno how can you measure on an avi. >>; )

I understand that the avi I showed you was showing legs, but I also stated earlier that the avi was wearing shorts too. So I really don't know is it okay to wear the Lucky Tiger Trousers or I should change the bottom parts. I've already fix the top parts, but it's the bottoms I'm unsure about.
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Hello there! I wanted to say I support this thread, and will try to do my best to promote and attend. I personally have been lucky to not lose anyone close to me in my lifetime. But I understand the pain of not having someone around, and that, I'm sure, is enough.

I will do what I can to get the gold and buy an outfit from the shops listed (But since I just got back today from a year Hiatus, it might take a day or so razz ).

I subscribed, and I am thoroughly moved by this event. Thank you for caring so much about a tradition that should never die, and should always be honored. *hugs everyone*
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would coming with the skeleton equiped be respectfull or disrespectfulf?
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Thank you for linking to the NSTG in this thread; Evelyn Moonmeadow is so sweet for helping you guys out. You guys are featured in our Affiliates section. emotion_hug
I wanted to know if this was a proper outfit, is a bit late and all but...
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I ready for Bon!
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I'm so looking forward to this. emotion_bigheart
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I am ready! Lets go to the festival~! smile
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Oh snap. That's today! heart
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Indeed oh snap. I had almost forgotten! Changing into my outfit right now.
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May this year be the best Obon ever~
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I am very sorry about not keeping up. I was in the guild setting the festival up when I noticed people entering and going for the vendors. I'm going to open the Memorial Area soon, but the festival won't tech. start until 5:00 PM EST.

Until then, here are the links to the festival.

Main Festival Thread

Guild Main Page

Bon Festival Shopping

Bon Chatterbox
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Is this outfit semi-appropriate?
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Is this outfit semi-appropriate?

Yep, it's fine. Go on in. Grab a ticket so you can enter the festival. xp

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