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Gaia Spirit Week Remix

You guys remember I R spirit week's notorious anual events yeah? They tanked a couple years back and i miss them dearly. So i've taken some initiative to bring back that classic spirit week, with my own stylized remix to it.For those of you who are too new to remember these events keep reading for an explanation.

You remember high school right? If so you probably remember spirit days that encourage you to dress up in themes to show pride for your school. This is very much the same. For the span of seven days there will be seven themes; to support Gaia spirit week you dress your avatar (and maybe yourself as well) to correspond with the theme for that day. But why have a spirit week? Just for fun? well sure it is fun, but Gaia spirit week is about showing your love for gaia, the more people that participate, the more the mods and admins will see that we love them.
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Sept 4th: Birth of thread
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o1. Please respect the Gaia ToS.
o2. No stretching the page, mmkay? It kinda annoying. =/
o3. Please be literate/semi-literate. Just not too much chatspeak. =)
o4. No advertising in this thread please. We'd be happy to add you to our affiliates list, just send a PM to this account and we'll add you.
o5. Don't spam or beg in this thread please. This thread is not about giving you money.
o6. No drama please and thank you; this event is about unity and love for the site, so take your drama elsewhere.
o7. If you don't like this thread, or what we're doing, or you think we're just kissing a** or something, keep it to yourself. No one here is going to come into your thread and bash it, please don't do it to ours. =)
o8. I reserve the right to add and change these rules.
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Days & Themes

Monday :: Pajama day -
Self explanatory; dress your avatar to be ready for bed.

Tuesday:: cliche Day -
You know those over used themes that pop up in the arena's all the time, or even just completely expected to see at some point? Like Dark Angel, Pink fairy sprite, or even those really common cosplays that flood the place. Make a cliche.

Wednesday:: Slutty Whore day -
I know they say gaia is a thirteen and up site but this day's theme is not rated E for everyone. And niether are items like Alruna's rose or the box of totally innocent objects. So lets use these sorts of items to their fullest and make our avatars look as skanky as possible.

Thursday:: Cosplay Day -
cosplay a character from a show, movie, or even a real person.

Friday:: Unknown-
Send me pm's of ideas for what you think friday's spirit day should be. After i get five good suggestions there will be a pole to decide the day's fate.

Saturday:: Summer throw back-

Summer may be over but that doesn't mean we can't keep the bikini's on our avatars. Make your avatar look like (S)he's on the way to the beach, or embracing the summer's attributes.

Sunday:: Class color day

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