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User Image Let's talk about what makes Mulette tic. We've taken some questions from our guild members, so let's start with this one. What made you first get into hosting events such as these?

Well actually, I've never hosted an event before, but this just seems like it suits me to a tee.User Image

User Image After all this time being a "side kick" for the PBSC events do you feel you're ready to be "the star"? Do you think you're ready to fill Shanra's shoes?

User Image

Well, I've been watching Shanra do it for a few events now, and I think I understand what's involved, so yes, I feel I'm ready to do this,but I don't know about being a star.

User ImageWhat do you hope to accomplish with this event?

User Image

As with all of our events, we strive to bring people together in an atmosphere of joy and happiness, if that doesn't sound to corny. We also want to give Gaians who don't know the joys of wearing these cute little slippers, a chance to do so.

User ImageHow do you prepare yourself for hosting such a Gaian-wide event?

User Image

It's a time consuming project. We start planning an event months in advance. Looking for guild members who are willing to host our games and contests, moderate the event, and just show up to help answer questions people might have about our charity.

User Image What is your favourite part of the event?

User Image

Strange as it might sound, my favorite part is the actual setup of the thread. But I also like meeting new people too.

User Image Is Easter the only time you host events? And why?

User Image

Oh no! We hosted our first event during Easter in 2009, when the slippers came out, but Shanra soon decided that once a year was not nearly enough. So we had our second event that Christmas. Then she couldn't wait for Easter, so she had one for Valentine's Day too. We just love hosting these events.

User ImageSince people who participated in the 2009 Easter event worked so hard to get the Pink Bunny Slippers, why did you decide to host events to give them out for free?

User Image

Seriously? I see you have a pair of them on your own feet. How could you not want to share that feeling with those who didn't have a chance, or weren't here in 2009?

User ImageHow do you earn money for events such as this one?

User Image

We have a number of very generous guild members, and benefactors who either donate their own gold, or they donate slippers to us. We also started charging an entry fee for the events, which is used to buy slippers and prizes.

User ImageCan someone get a pair of slippers for free?

User Image

It has been known to happen, but not from one of our events. Quite a few of our members received their slippers for free from a guild member. Shanra has been known to gift people with the slippers, if they've shown dedication to our cause, but just haven't been lucky enough in the events to win themselves a pair.

User ImageWhat first attracted you to Pink Bunny Slippers, and what is your favorite thing about them?

User Image

Oh, their cute little faces of course! Aren't they just adorable? My favorite thing? I would have to say it's their softness on my toes. whee

User ImageWhat made you want to share your love of them with others?

User Image

I don't really know how to answer that question. I just think we should all share our love of them with others. Of course, there are people out there who don't appreciate bunny slippers, but I think there are more that do, than don't.

User ImageWhat do you think about guys who wear pink bunny slippers?

User Image

I think they are sexy! 3nodding

User ImageIf the pink bunny slippers had been purple, would you still be called PBSC Mulette?

User Image

Of course silly! Both pink and purple start with the same letter, so it wouldn't need to change! wink

User ImageAre you aware that your name sounds like a TV Channel? If you had a TV channel, what kind of things would you broadcast on it?

User Image

Really? I hadn't heard that before. Well, if I did have a television channel, I guess I would show lots of Bugs Bunny cartoons, and any Peter Rabbit shows there might be out there. I might have a bunny inspired game show too.

User ImageIf you had the chance, would you leave the PBSC to join say, the Blue Bunny Slipper Club, if there was one of course?

User Image

Oh! I could never do that! The PBSC means everything to me! Though, I might be able to find a relative who would be willing to fill that spot.

User ImageSo what will you do after hosting this year's Easter event? You must take some time off for yourself, right?

User Image

I haven't really given it any thought. Maybe I'll take a trip. Most of my time is time off. razz

User ImageLast question mulette. You've been the mascot for several PBSC events so far. How are you feeling about the arrival of newcomer baabaasheepy?

User Image

Who? lol Just kidding! Baabaa is a great mascot, and I am more than happy to have her here helping out. I hope everyone comes to love her as much as I do.

User ImageWell mulette, it's been loving chatting with you today. I wish you luck in this, your first hosting position.

User Image

Thank you for interviewing me nvus. Tell your lovely wife Gelus that I said hello.
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If you would like the chance to own a cute bunny like one of mine, click the carrot.
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~ Scavenger Hunt Items ~

To be added one every day or two during the event. While equipping the item yourself or on a mule isn't against the rules, it's more fun to see if you can find it elsewhere (which means also not on another person posting in this thread). It's ok to use any of those shortcuts if you can't find it elsewhere, though. The object is to have fun!
  • 1. User Image Strawberry Shortcake Hat
  • 2. User Image Doves
  • 3. User Image Skittles Crazy Cores Tuxedo (jacket or pants)
  • 4. User Image Inverse Yellow Shoes
  • 5. User Image Green Saloon Girl Chandelle Boa
  • 6. User Image Angelic Mood Bubble
  • 7. User Image Mokono Hat (any pose)
  • 8. User Image Single Blue Carnation - Bouquet (any color of paper is fine)
  • 9. User Image Rose and Pink Reversible Bracelets
  • 10 (A). User Image Mimzy
  • 11 (B). User Image Heroes Eclipse
  • 12 (C). User Image L Blox

~ Hunters Who Paid the Entry Fee ~

aryanayushi = # 3
Dinosaur Shape Cookie = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
glassssscandy = # 123456789
ILOVENickels = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
KatsumiKoomiGogo = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
purplecraze4u = # 123456A
ryofu20 = # 1235
TheCarpetLady = # 1
VirtualTranSEXual = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!

~ Hunters Who Are Guild Members ~

blue_emo_panda_girl = # 12345679ABC
ChibiWitch = # 123456
edokitty = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
kishanna5467 = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
Shanra the Dragon Bard = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
Sunfire85 = # 123456789ABC = ALL FOUND!
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Thank you all for playing and congratulations to all the winners.

Winners of Saber's Mini-Game:

April 8th: edokitty
9th: Kirae Tsuki Uchiha
10th: ChibiWitch
11th: kishanna5467
12th: ILOVENickels
13th: blue_emo_panda_girl
14th: xXx_mtsgirl_xXx
15th: Shanra the Dragon Bard
16th: aryanayushi
17th: Kirae Tsuki Uchiha
18th: Alaean
19th: TheCarpetLady
20th: KatsumiKoomiGogo
21st: Alaean
22nd: KatsumiKoomiGogo
23rd: leviathan1
25th: Kirae Tsuki Uchiha and Sunfire85
26th: glassssscandy
27th: kishanna5467

And if anyone is curious, here is where I did all my random number generators to determine the winners. You can also see the art from the Quick Draw Games there.
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Easter Peeps!

it will be something like this:User Image

except by event time, i'll have one to look like a pink bunny slipper... and... i'll make a few with an easter theme and some that are just colored like their original traditional easter peeps! These will all be free, and depending on the time I have; i may open a few slots to allow people to have their names put on and/or also add a tag if they'd like to send a few to friends. but.. this will largely depend on my free time and hours at work.
for now, you can help yourself to:
User Image and User ImageUser Image
User Image
This is also free if anyone wants to observe autism awareness. I, of course, observe it 24/7 since my ten year old is autistic. :3 heart
Please save the ones you take to your own server since i don't have the bandwith to support them in everyone's sigs!

if i do the tagged ones for friends, it'll probably look like this:
User Image

These will all be freebies, but tips are welcome if you feel happy with my work. :3
or you can just sponsor me in the upcoming charity 14 day famine for hte PBSC.
We are officially open for posting now. Welcome to Gaia Community Projects.
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User Image

And I am going to be the first POSTER! AHAHAHAHA This looks great, you guys have done a lovely job!
I will be linking you for sure!

Open and Recruiting
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Thanks Gil! I've put the coding for my random sig in the chat thread, if you would like to use it. I know your sig is pretty full, but it's there if you want it.
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hai! aww I wanted to be first D= well at least i seem to be third!
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btw Nice sig you got there Shanra!
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Thanks Angel. Like I said, if anyone wants to use it, they are welcome to it.
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Hi Shanra, Demented & Gilla

The games look like a lot of fun. I'll put up a link from my topics
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Hello Edo. The games do like a lot of fun. I just got done making the survey for the 2nd week of the event.

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