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The main thread is now open! Go there!

Welcome to The Daffodil Movement pre-game show! This thread is where all of the organizing and other pre-event stuff goes on.

If you're new to the event, TDM is a cancer awareness/support movement that takes place during April every year (since 2006!) This is my fourth year organizing the event.

TDM started off small, with the aim of it being to get as many Gaians as possible to equip a daffodil bouquet all April. Now in addition to that, we get together into teams (think of like at a cancer relay) and have fun events while showing some love to anyone that has been hurt by this disease, whether directly or indirectly.

This thread was recently used to find Captains for teams, and now it will be used to have a little interest while we're waiting for the event to begin. There is also a fundraiser in the latter half of the front page.

So, check out what's going on, and have fun!^^ If you're thinking about joining a team this year, there will be plenty of Team Captains hanging out in the thread that you can chat with and see what team they're managing and what kind of things they're going to be doing with it. Undoubtedly, they will be delighted if you want to join their team.
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Shy Borg

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Pre-Game Contests

Win a Nartian!
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Here's your chance to win the most groovetastic, daffodilly item, in time to wear for TDM!

To put your name into the hat, just post in this thread saying you want to enter the drawing. I'll put your name on here. When the time comes, I'll do a random number draw and if your number is picked, you get the Nartian.

You may only enter once, but it doesn't cost anything to enter. However, winners will be announced in the thread and no one is going to go hunt you down if you win. So it is in your better interest to stick around. Drawing will be held at the end of March or when we get a good number of entries.


1. Faebella
2. Keynir
3. Arashi
4. Euphorya
5. Shakespearean Squirrel
6. Kayi Eto
7. Cat Angel Is Me
8. Neena Kireime
9. Xx_KuKuMaLu_xX
10. dovemck
12. Halohampster
13. Hikari_Namikaze111
14. khiiatsu
15. Mrs Manatee
16. Symbolon
17. Katelynn_marie21
18. surrealisticXpillow
19. hinata_hyuga1314
20. eleanne
21. Winged Timberwolf
22. peekchu
23. DaynaDanish
24. purplegnomes
25. Xevra
26. shoiryuken
27. Jaekayy
26. Ziggyboggydoo
27. Allrose
28. cherrie14gold
29. Angel Nuria
30. Byakhees In Your Bed
31. DaisukeSiempre
32. Cheesecake of Doom
33. _BonBon so sweet_
34. Meia15
35. Rannchan
36. brflute
37. Diemend
38. x_Escaping-Fate_x
39. SkullxGoldxCoin
40. Vigoureux
41. hinata_hyuga1314
42. crescent-moon956

Page Contest!

The person to post on every 10th page will win 5k. Also, guys, you don't have to ask to be in this one. xD And, bumping to get the the page is, I don't know, sort of unfair. If it becomes a rule, and not the exception, the contest will be extended to every 20 pages. Bumps in the thread are appreciated, but if you come in right at the page, bump until it gets there, and them promptly leave- well, it's pretty obvious you were not bumping out of your love for TDM.
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Shy Borg

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Guild Recruiting Contest!

Whoever can get the most people to join the TDM guild saying "I was sent by (name)" will win 50k^^

This contest ends April 3 since having a bunch of people join at the beginning of TDM is good too^^

Symbolon - 2

Crystasia- 1

Ember Mist- 1

razprincess- 3

sexy_wolf_vampyress- 2

Hinata_hyuga1314- 1
Event Fundraiser~~ heart

We're doing an item exchange as one of the fundraisers for the event. The idea is that you start with a small item, and trade up bit by bit until you end up with something pretty big.

We'll be starting with a daffodil. wink

User Image
One Yellow Daffodil

User Image >> User Image
Yellow Daffodil for Deluxe Yellow Daffodil- Bouquet With Green Ribbon by Keynir

If you'd like to trade, send a trade labeled "Exchange" with the item you want to trade to The Daffodil Movement, the mule.
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Shy Borg

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TDM's Fundraising Minishoppe

Several nice Gaians have offered up their services to raise funds for TDM. Check out some of it, see if it strikes your fancy^^ Be sure to follow each person's guidelines.

And if you want to be an artist for supporting the Movement, but you don't have your own minishop thread, you can join the collab art shop.

Ð α ƒ ƒ σ ∂ į ℓ ℓ y: TDM's official collab artshop; owned by Hikari_Namikaze. If you'd like to sell art to help the Movement, but you don't have your own shop, post in this thread to see about joining the ranks

Other Shops Helping Us:

(If you'd like to throw your hat in to the mix, post in here and I'll link to your shop. biggrin )

Coloring Lineart For Cheap: Owned by Arashi Erina. She will color lineart for you with beautiful detail. heart
User Image
People who have made donations.
If you would like to make a direct donation, send a trade to the TDM mule.
Donators have no say in how the event is run and they don't earn special advertising spots. Please don't donate if this is your intention.

Meia15: lots of daffodil bouquets
IrisHouse513: lots of bouquets
Rath111: 120k
Rika the Kunoichi: 15k heart
Mysterious_Eyes: 2.5 mil, Elemental Wings eek heart Thanks girlie! We will miss you, and I hope you come back to Gaia soon.
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Shy Borg

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Meet The Staff

TDM has team captains, but there are a couple of other staff members you may be interested in knowing about.

MoonDwarf: TDM's second-in-command. There are a lot of people that hold the VC position in the guild, but she is the true VC in terms of what she does for the Movement. Moonie can make any decision for the guild she feels necessary, and she also has access to the mule.

Keynir: Aside from being Captain of Team Lymphoma, Key is also someone who has access to the mule, sort of as a back-up. He is also the only current member of our Advertising Staff. He also handles various miscellanies like beta reading threads before they go live. He's sort of like the do-everything guy. xD

Arashi Erina: Moderator of the Events forum of the guild. Arashi makes sure everything on the events board is running smoothly. It's her job to add/remove events and make sure people are filling out the app properly. She also answers any questions about the forum. She has my number so she can text me if I'm offline and she isn't sure of the answer to something.
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Shy Borg

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Captain positions filled; will not be re-opened unless someone drops out. There are still some Ad Staff positions.

During the event, 11 cancer teams will compete with one another to win a real-life donation to support the specific type of cancer they're representing, courtesy of yours truly. (Not as grand as it sounds- I'm in college and very poor.) The Team Captains are the leaders of those teams. Their job is to manage the team's HQ, which is a thread just for them in the guild.

The tentative decision for now is that all Team Captains will have Vice Captain status in the guild. (not to be confusing. xD) That is so that they can send out their own guild announcements, which doesn't seem to be a feature yet available to places lower than VC.

Team Cervical
Captain: Kichigo Suri

Team Breast
Captain: Aquatic Pisces

Team Kidney
Captain: Symbolon

Team Lung
Captain: Eggfish

Team Pancreatic
Captain: Shakespearean Squirrel

Team Brain
Captain: Evil A

Team Leukemia
Captain: Faebella

Team Colon
Captain: Mary Williame Taranee

Team Melanoma
Captain: Mrs_S_Snape

Team Lymphoma
Captain: Keynir

Team Childhood
Captain: Hikari_Namikaze111

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