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Hmm, I wonder if they're doing one tonight. Usually they start at 6 or 7 don't they? Have there been ones that have started later?
There was one time when Lanzer was about an hour late, but at this point I think we can say it ain't happening.
Hmm, I wonder if they're doing one tonight. Usually they start at 6 or 7 don't they? Have there been ones that have started later?
There was one time when Lanzer was about an hour late, but at this point I think we can say it ain't happening.

Ya, but I'll still be too paranoid to leave my computer for another hour probably. -_-
Ah! Two weeks without Ask the Admin, whatever will we do XD
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They could have taken the day off. They have every right to.

And it looks like they exercised that right.

Happy New Year.


And welcome back to next week's Monday.

Boy, that was fast.

And they have no excuse this time.
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So there I was in the GCD, waiting with bated breath for Lanzer to appear...and I realized "hey, I completely forgot to bump the compilation topic. Better fix that."
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Anticipation.... Anticipaaaaattttiiooon is making me wait. XP

I miss Ask the Admins. I'VE GOT BURNING QUESTIONS! *holds up burning list of questions* crying
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You might want to put that down before your hands catch on fire.

Anyway, it looks like everybody is furiously busy fixing the issues.

It seems like with all the work being done,........none of the work is being done.

How the heck do they keep things running if a staff of hundreds of people can barely keep things hanging together, much less release new things and not have to break or unrelease them within a week?

But enough of the social commentary. Let the transcripts be recorded.
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January 7th

Lanzer's first post is enlightening enough, so I'll just post it rather than coming up with stuff to say about today.

Happy New Year! After two weeks the Ask the admins thread is finally back! I was away in Japan actually, had my new year happen in the city surrounded by thousands of people in downtown, having champaign rain on me after the countdown was fun. biggrin What did you guys do during the holidays?

Kid Jak
Hey Lanzer,

I have two questions tonight for you, I hope you do not mind.

First question...

Users are still reporting problems with marketplace not delivering gold or items. Is this issue going to be resolved any time soon? I know darkenergy(sp) is trying to resolve this issue, but I have a friend that lost a demonic pendant at 329k this way. She was selling it, and it sold, but she never received the gold for it. Will more people be working on resolving this?

Second question...

Many users as well as myself can no longer use any function that requires the game servers including VJ, Cinema, Towns, Games, or BEBO...I use to be able to use them no problem, but all of a sudden recently they stopped functioning for me...As well as many others. Is anyone currently working on to resolve this issue and will it be resolved soon? Personally I enjoy the cinemas and fishing...So I am eager to find out.

Again thank you for your time Lanzer...
Hi Kid Jak,

Both issues are really important bugs on Gaia right now. We're scrambling on getting the flash exploits fixed and introduced some problems along the way, but be sure that the problem will be fixed real soon. We will also figure out a way to restore lost items and gold after the bug is fixed.

hi lanzer! i was wondering
1. if there are 2 or 3 monthly collectibles this month.

2. and i was in towns and this blue writing that said it was coming from me kept popping up, and they weren't nice things. am i going to get in trouble for this because this was not me at all and will it get fixed?

thank you so much!
Just two items this month.

There are some serious bugs with Towns right now. They will be fixed soon and once we upgraded our servers, all these problems will go away for good.

Cid High-Wind
Lanzer, will you document your trip? surprised
I used to... did that for about 8 trips. Though recently I haven't got time to do so. I might have something small in my journal.

Yay! You're back! I hope you all had a good holiday!

Did any of you watch Sweeny Todd? >w< I get spooked easily, but I thought it was beautiful. :0

When will MTV Hills be applied to Gaia-themed quests? Because it's obvious that that's what the general system is for.

How many of you have a signifigant other, be it dating, marriage, ect.? I hope I'm not prying too much.

:3 By the way, my kitty forgave me for stuffing her in a water meat costume. Now she's pissed 'cause we have two new kittens. Do you guys like cats? And do you have pets of your own, of any sort?

Oh! And what was your favorite Christmas present? OxO Or other holiday gift, this season, just in case...

Why are the "Ask the Admin" threads in the GCD? Aren't they better placed in Site Feedback? Would you be willing to move them over there at least a few times? I'm sure users would appreciate it. ^_^'

What t-shirt size do you wear? In case someone was going to surpise attack you with clothing gifts... >.> <.< Not me, unless you come to MTAC, but someone else maybe?

When will the new batch of moderators be done with training? Goodness knows we need 'em.

Could you have fun designing an item based off of an Aurora Borealis?

Who figures out all the legal mumbo jumbo for the website, like contest rules, and stuff... @_@ Our legal system always confuses me. ^_^-

What would you do if smoking was deemed non-PG-13; would you get rid of those items, redo them slightly and call them "oversized toothpicks", or up our rating to "R"?

And one final question: Would Gaia ever consider hiring an interior designer? If not, then I suppose I'll never get to work with you guys. XD
Not yet, we opted to watch Walk Hard instead. smile Still need to watch that and I Am Legend.

There aren't any specific quests planned right now actually.

There are almost a hundred people here at Gaia, and more than half of the people here are either married or have a significant other. We had a new year party last week and I was introduced to a lot of new faces because of that.

Heh, I like cats but I'm really a dog person.

The thread was placed here because I actually wanted to start a place in the forum for general admin to user chatter.

I'm a size M :O

New mods are coming soon

Gaia is not particularly a "PG-13" site. Users need to be at least 13 to join, but there are always certain parts of the site or material that require user discretion. Though smoking and drinking has nothing to do with rating, on the other hand.

Interior designer? Maybe for my cubicle. biggrin

Undead Lolita
Hey Lanzer!

I was just wondering;
are all generations of evolving items going to reach the final stage?
Yup. If not, I'm sure we'll mention it somewhere. :O

Essence De La Vie
Hi Lanzer!
I was wondering, why the new color scheme for the letters? Also, they seem pretty fancy this year. Are you guys running out of ideas for how to design new ones? Not that they look bad or anything. xD Also, anything you can hint about that might be coming this week(like those new eyes or something?)? surprised
Someone else did the design for the letters this time, I believe it might be Juno. Fancy isn't it?

Hello Lanzer,

Happy 2008!

I was wondering, are we going to get a plot update soon?

Are the evolving items final evolutions really different for each generation?

EDIT: Do you like mazipan?

Thank you ^_^
Not anytime soon, the next one is planned for the next event, either in Feb or April.

They should be very similar with little noticeable changes.

I still like the classic Mazinger over Mazipan. biggrin

Le Muffin Man
I had a really good question I thought of yesterday but I forgot it! D:
So instead...
Whats your favorite kind of muffin? >w>
And who designed the Orindae? I don't know why but I love it! heart
Chocolate! (that's an easy one)

I hope your trip in Japan was fun. ^^;; There are of course several things I'd like to ask.

1. I noticed on the convention schedule that the midwest hardly get's any attention except for Gen Con which is in Indiana. Do the staff plan to eventually attend Anime Central?

2. Many people were suprised when the Hermes Moon was released how expensive it was in the cash shop. Do you know at this time if any more cash shop items will be above $10 in the cash shop?
There might be a Kiki tour for Anime Central, but check with DJ Helsing

One of us in the meeting room said "There's got to be a luxury item!" so we ended up with the Hermes Moon. I doubt that we need more than one unless people ask for it. confused

Lanzer should revamp his profile to catch with the new GAIA design, correct? cool
Yes! Along with new outfit for myself... redface

Lanzer,is the Bebo gray bar thing a glitch?
Or is there a time limit in which you can get the Go Player and the Go Phones?
I'm sorry if this question has already been answered.>.<
The Bebo widget is going through some major changes since it's kind of in beta right now. There are currently no time limit.

I have another question...

Are you gunna do anything ((gaia staff people)) about the inflation problems? Because apperantly the NEW AND NOT very well approved market is making questing harder for most and extreamly difficult unless you are a rich user.

Do you think that there maybe also a way you can have like an event were you can get some of the old ones back WITHOUT~ robbing from older, banned, or unused accounts?

I mean with the exception of the first halo the re-release of some old donation items might help resolved the problem more for atleast a temporary time. Like dont make it easy to acheive, put it in a contest that ALL users can particapate in or maybe in the "battle system".

One more thing, do you think it can be possible you fellow mods, and other higher class users can ease up on banning. I mean there is so much false banning everywhere. Us as users try to explain our story, but it basically just gets thrown back at us like we are liars.

It's an unfair trail between high ranks, and low ranks of users. Dont have to say anything but my girlfriend makes a good point and suggestion in her thread, please look at it http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/petitions/why-the-bann-petition/t.35513989_1/

Thank you for reading, your patients and your time.

Inflation is really hard to tackle since we're still face with the very basic problem where Gaia give gold out for free, and gold do not go back into the NPC stores, or back to "the bank". We're thinking of what would be good ways for people to obtain older items without ruining the value of old MC's. It's a very touchy subject so it's still being discussed.

And as for banning, we definitely are putting a lot of focus towards the rules to make sure that people get their chances, and there is an expiry date for past offenses. The changes are in the making as I speak.

Yen Quest
Even though this isn't really a major holiday in the US, will Gaia do something special on Asian New Year? Adding asian culture clothing would be enough to make me happy. :3

Happy belate holidays to you too!
Happy holidays! Sorry but there are no plans for Chinese New Year as of today. We are still struggling with resources to make a fun valentine and easter event.

Ogihci Ikasoruk
Ogihci Ikasoruk
I've been waiting SOOOOOOOO long for you to make another ask the admin.

Any chance of Gaia getting a hold of Bleach items? (hollow masks, shinigami robes, etc.)
most of gaia is DYING to have them. And hey if we can have narutoish items why not bleachish items?
We don't have any sponsorship with Viz recently, so most likely no Bleach stuff for the time being. Who's your favorite character? (I assume Ichigo?)
Aww darnit D:
Ichigo/Ogihci (mostly ogihci he is so evil and awsome <3)

Is the fousto's bottle going to turn in a shield in the end? gonk

What is your favorite season?
No I think it's something else. But I don't think I'm supposed to say. biggrin

I like the summer. I need the heat :O

Hi Lanzer!!

You guys need to come to Colossalcon or Ohayocon next year!! (or Tekkoshocon =3)

And why aren't the mods allowed to ban users under the age of 13? It's clearly against the rules, yet a lot of reports have come back with replies like "We're not allowed to ban them." It's so very confusing.
Oh wow, you have a lot of pets!

It's not a matter of allowing the banning of users or not, it's more of a reasonable proof of age that's being discussed right now.

generic superhero name
Hey Lanzer, hope you get around to answering this question. It's been bugging me for months. I know gaia isn't going to be a pay site, but with all this recent nice stuff being pay only, kinda has me worried about the MMO. So I wanna know, will the MMO be pay only or have pay bennifits?
Not really, if only paying will make the game fun, then there's no point in making the game. Though I'm sure that there are items that will be for sale. We need to incorporate payment options to keep the site up and running.

Oh, hang on, I have a better question.

Is this your sweater? Because I'm pretty sure it's a girls sweater.
And did you realize it was inside-out at the time? rofl

User Image

Ignore the caption.
Or don't wink
It's "bad sweater day"! Which means it's my job to find the worst looking sweater and wear it the worst way possible. smile

Sorry, I'm being pulled off again. Have a great week everyone. See you next Monday!
Ah, damn! I lost my chance to ask what's with the 3rd gen of the Pora Ice emo
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Nite Lewis
Ah, damn! I lost my chance to ask what's with the 3rd gen of the Pora Ice emo
Someone else actually asked that very question. Lanzer never got around to answering it, though, which is why it doesn't appear here; most times Ask the Admin is very hit-or-miss.
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Don't look now, but it's almost a certain time...of a certain day...when a certain someone...posts in a certain place...yeah, you know exactly when, when, who and where (in that order) I'm talkin'bout!
Dammit, no Ask an Admin this week? scream
I actually remembered to look today. gonk
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I'm late in the ATA yesterday. So I'm just gonna rely on your "ATA Digest"...

Quick Platonix, quick! xd

I don't want to swamp in the 400-replies thread. I want to read yours.
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Transcripts coming in a day or so?

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