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Thank you for your very helpful compilation as always!
Will you still be posting here weekly to tell people your guild has been updated with the newest answers, or are you not planning to?

Hrm...I'm not really planning to, but I should probably do something...the options I can think of offhand are posting in this thread, which I'm not sure I want to do...posting near the end of the AtS threads the way I used to post at the beginning of AtA (I can't post at the beginning of AtS because of the time it's held), but I'm worried it'd just get buried among the "please be last post" spam...and sending out a Guild Announcement, which would work for those who decided to Join the AskED The Staff Guild and haven't turned off Guild Announcements, but not for anyone else.

Okay. Well, I guess I'll just join the guild so I can easily look for updates.
I can't be there for AtA and I don't have the time to skim through 50 pages of posts looking for answers xp, so I'm glad you're still around to make it easier for everyone!