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Lanzer was out of town last week. Hopefully he'll be here this week. 3nodding
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September 10th
"Hello everyone! I'm back after the labor week holiday. If anyone has questions, now's the time to ask!" And ask we did, but partway through Lanzer pulled a Lanzer and left to have dinner, saying he'd be back to answer our questions later. Some time after that, developers fulltimefailure and crazy spork i am jumped in to fill the gap. Don't miss Lanzer's return near the end; he finally reveals how he decides which questions to answer!

Zweizi Galon
Zweizi Galon
Hello Lanzer! I have a few questions for you tonight.

1. Although we know that items for our avatar aren't going to have any effect on the Battle System, are there still plans to release a Weapons Shop?
I personally would love to see such a shop in existence. Weapons for avatars would be a great way to roleplay! biggrin

User Image

2. Could you tell me what this character's name is? And is she truly dead?

User Image

3. The current towns in existence on the World Map of Gaia are Barton, Durem, Isle de Gambino & Aekea.
Are there any plans to release a new town soon? I'd really love to see some new shops and [NPC]s in a new town drool over. X3

((I would love to see an Asian Fantasy themed town or a Circus themed town!))

4. One of the quotes stated by Ruby at the Von Helson Ball was this:

User Image

Is this hinting that the Von Helsons are going to turn good in the future plot? :O
Yes! We wanted to release the weapon store as soon as possible. Don't want people saying they're battling empty handed. wink

Saka: "Her name is Rosalie!"

Yeah it's been planned to have more towns. The current Gaia Towns is under the Barton district.
Thank you for answering my questions Lanzer! But as far as a new Town goes, I meant an actual new "town" added to the World Map, not a new Towns program (although that'd be cool too).

[Stick To Your Guns]
When are the G ranger items coming out?
I'll remind the team. We still need to debug the items I think.

Several Gaians
I just won a brown box from replying to this thread! blaugh
various forms of "What's in it?"
Okay, I'm going to open the item later tonight. Whoever guessed it right will get the item!

The only rule is that everyone can only guess once. eek

I'm heading out to dinner, I'll be back in a little bit to answer people's questions.

For those of you who don't know me, I am on the Battle art team. I also worked on Gaia Rally, which was my first project for Gaia.


So, answer at least one of these questions, please?:

What's your favorite book?

What's the funniest/craziest thing you've ever encountered (anywhere)?

Will Josie ever play a bigger role on the site; I mean, will she ever be part of the plot?

Teh DCB: The Skillful Huntsman, has some great art work, a very inspiration book. Had it for a while, and I don't think I will ever stop looking at it.

Purple Hair Spray
Are you here to babysit us while Lanzer is munching? xd


Okay.. dev questions.. >D
Fave forum?
Where do you hide your nerf gun?

Purple Hair Spray: hahha I don't think so <_<. Umm I kinda just hang in my guild forum, although I was semi active in the whole Summerfest Durem forum, DUREM FTW! My nerf gun used to be hidden in a stash with a heap of ammo, but now lies out in the open on my desk.

Kuei Keiji
@ Fulltime Failure: Whats going on man? What happened to Lanzer? Did he drive all the way across town to eat? How's work? Foiling anymore Cubes? When I get hired, can I foil your cube/keyboard/monitor/everything?

Kuei Keiji: I took no part in the foiling, I actually only saw pictures, I guess I missed the whole process. Yea, Lanzer is getting dinner now. Foil away!

Cube B

Oooh, I lost my question sheet. XD

Um... and I don't know what Dev team you're on. sweatdrop

How are you?

Cube B: I am good smile

Tidus Guado
Yer one of dem Interns arn't ya. confused

Tidus Guado: Nope, Gaia Battle Artist domokun

Lady Zelda Dragoness
Developer person! Answer my question pretty please?
-Kitten eyes- I dare not requote myself, unless you ask.

Lady Zelda Dragoness: Can you requote please? @_@

Zweizi Galon
Hey fulltimefailure! biggrin

How's work on the Gaia Battle System coming? Do you think we might have another update sometime soon? :O

Zweizi Galon: Battle is going good. I am not too sure when the next release will come out. Thanks for your eagerness biggrin

Lady Zelda Dragoness
Lady Zelda Dragoness: Can you requote please? @_@
Copy and paste time!

Ever heard of Drakengard?If so, is there the possability of vaugly Drakengard-like items in the future? You've gotten away with that sort of thing before, keep in mind. (G-Blade, Doll Ears ringing a bell?)

And if not, can we at least get more dragon- like items? Pretty please?

I am sorry I am not familiar with Drakengard. I would recommend dropping some item suggestions in the item suggestion forum. We try to accommodate for everyone as best as we can with the resources we have. So if an item gets enough demand it will be bought up at appropriate times smile

Shiori Miko
Where's Crazyspork? She is my favorite!

Shiori Miko: She went home already :/

Angels Vermillion
I intend to work for you guys too in the future,
and I currently study 3d animation and modeling.
I know Photoshop REALLY well for I've used it since i was 3, and
I am going to learn how to do C++.
What are my chances of hiring?
I am learning Cheetah 3d, Bryce 3D, and a pocketful of others.

Angels Vermillion: I couldn't give you a proper answer to that. I can suggest to send in a portfolio perhaps, or find us at a con, and show your work at a portfolio review. Sounds like you on the right track.

Purple Hair Spray
fulltimefailure, fave battle system monster that has been released so far?

I personally find the clouds to be cute. xd ;

Purple Hair Spray: I really like the OMG design, Kokeshi Doll is another good one. Wait till you see this things in action O.O

Does the item design extend to MC's?
For instance, can you say "I want this to be a Monthly Collectible if it is chosen"?

When we brainstorm for the MC's we try to make sure the item will be worth it. Juno and team does a great job creating these to meet the standards of the Gaia population, and puts in a great deal of work. So I would have to say the MC's are more developed items. However rest assured some good fun ideas are thrown around during the brainstorm sessions.

crazy spork i am
Sweet Symphony
crazy spork i am
Sweet Symphony
crazy spork i am

i miss eating it because i don't go to fast food places anymore. crying

Why? Fast food can be good for you...just not all the time. 3nodding

i'm afraid i don't have the willpower to stop myself, hehehe. i find it easier if i just stop it altogether than string myself along every few days. i start losing track and then it all goes downhill from there...

Ahh, I understand ^^
Do you treat youself randomly though?
Everyone deserves a treat once in awhile.

yeppers, just not with the fast food...they're too addicting for me, hehehe.

crazy spork i am
Angels Vermillion

What is your current standpoint on the Economic situation due to
Iraq? Was it a poor choice to fight such a war on 'terror',
as the Bush administration has dubbed it.
What is your personal opinion on the baboon running the world US?
He passed an act stating if anything were to happen to the US, he can
assume total control. Do you think this may be foreshadowing?
Do you think he'll delay the election
due to a possible attempt of
'rigging', or 'terrorist' activities?
What's your current standpoint on the Phil specter trial?

Do you believe in ghosts?
Will we even attain Cthulhu skins?
( http://www.bloopwatch.org/abe-cthulhu.jpg is a picture of one)

Are you a fan of horror?
Ever read any of the Lord Of The Rings Books? If so,
which was your favorite? Favorite part?
What do you think of this video I have made?

And finally, if a gigantic tsunami was headed to your home
while your mom called and clearly stated she was now a man
and her operation was a success, when at the same time your
dog was wearing a bikini walking on two feet and asking to pass the
ham, can I have a French fry?

politics i rather not delve in...it can be a messy business confused

i don't believe in ghosts, kirby has been reading the book 'spook' and telling me the highlights in it. very interesting read. skins, hmm...

i love horror movies. my favorite is to watch them in theatres. i like them mostly for effects :3 i read a few of the lord of the rings books, but i don't really have a favorite. i like the movies because i can have them play in the background while i work.

crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
crazy spork i am

'lo there! just got home from work. eatin' some dinner and reading through this thread :3

It's an epic. ;D

It's so strange reading that people are eating dinner since it's 11pm here.

Speaking of food, favorite thing to munch on?

i will almost always choose rice over anything else. it's been a staple in my diet and also my favorite. if i'm feeling kinda snacky kirby will usually make me an open faced prosciutto sandwich and a salad. trying to keep with the more healthy stuff since i know i can go crazy over junky stuff.

I've been trying to stay away from the junky stuff. My face tends to look like pizza if I eat too much of the unhealthy stuff. x.x

That's nice of kirby to do that. XD Where is he by the way?

eating dinner :3

crazy spork i am
What's your favorite food/cuisine? :3

What do you enjoy cooking the most? If you cook at all. xD

japanese food. i was never blessed with culinary skills, so kirby does all the cooking for the two of us. the last time we made dinner together, i got pizza sauce all over the walls :/ but on occasion i like to help in baking cookies :3

crazy spork i am
Crazy spork i am.....I know you've probably answered this already.
but what is it that you work on?

Oh and can you tell Juno I said Hiiiii?! xd

if anti-juno and juno meet in the same room, would you cancel and negate each others presence and would it mean the end of the universe? hehehe. if i remember and see her tomorrow i'll tell her you said hi :3

i get to work on a variety of different things. my main area would be effects for the battle rings, but i also get to help work on the events.

crazy spork i am
I killed Bob Ross
If this hasn't been asked before, which one of the new hairstyles you prefer (because i love the punk streak one)

i like the punk one too. i had bright pink streaks in my hair a couple of months ago and i loved them. having the punk hairstyle reminds me of that :3

crazy spork i am
Oh, and do you prefer sandals or tennis shoes?

tennis shoes. if i wear sandals i have this irrational fear of people stepping on my toes or i stub them.

The Kitsune Hanyou
Hey Lanzer, many GCDers are worried about the constant unfair bannings that are happening due to botted gold, so I have a few questions for you:

Is the MP still safe? I am beginning to doubt this.
Is even 1g of botted gold enough for an unfair ban? If not, then what is?

Is there any foolproof way to protect yourself from botted gold and still participate in the economy?


Is there a way to appeal a ban if it is truly unfair, in a LEGIT TIME PERIOD?

Please answer these, Lanzer. A lot of us want to know.

Yes botted gold continue to be a problem on Gaia. We need to enforce the rules and make sure that botters will be discouraged, meanwhile, the member services team use their best judgment to tell if trades are legit or not. We only act upon trades that are rather obvious.

The easy way to avoid botted gold is to avoid receiving gifts that are in excessive amount, basically deals that are too good to be true. In all cases where deals or trades are normal, we will not do any banning when having to clear out any botting related issues.

Did you really give away a Halo in the marketplace or was it photoshopped?
I never owned a halo... crying

Purple Hair Spray
Did you ever ask about the Golden Compass movie? Link

Because it would be awesome to have that as an event. ;o;

No promises yet, but there is a chance. I think that we have quite a few Golden Compass readers on Gaia!

Hi Lanzer!

Are we going to get Halloween-themed items in the shops this year? (There's a thread here in the GCD with some amazing ideas.)

Sorry for quoting so soon, but here's the link to that thread: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32546743

We're still creating items that we will be giving away, after that we'll start to make the ones in stores. More affordable costumes is our goal!

Omigosh Hi Lanzer!

Okay question time...
Question 1: Are we going to have email addresses @gaiaonline.com?

Question 2: When is L0cke coming back?

Not in the near future, we're thinking more about messaging services with games/activities than email services. After that we might tackle email. A lot of users said they don't use email anymore so I'm hesitant.

L0cke is here everyday! He's just super busy, working on the storyline update.

Okay, I'm going to open the item later tonight. Whoever guessed it right will get the item!
The only rule is that everyone can only guess once. surprised
I'm heading out to dinner, I'll be back in a little bit to answer people's questions.

I am going to guess a dried grass skirt.

Congrats! You've won ... my skirt. ^^;

Tryna Lia
I know this question isn't of super importance, but my curiosity demands that I answer it!

If you had a day off just to spend on Gaia and do whatever you wished, what would you do? Post? RP? Hang in Towns? What, what, what? =O


When you look through questions what do you look for in a question when you answer? Something that can be answered? Something you want to be answered?

What, what, whaaaaat?

If I can do whatever I want, I would shop for new clothes and furniture, then hang out in Towns. Hopefully the pools are still around. smile

I browse through pages real quick, usually picking things I can answer on top of my head. eek

Hello Lanzer

I have just one simple question.

When taking a bath do you prefer a rubber ducky or Soap on a rope?

I really liked how the whole summer event turned out also. 3nodding

Always wanted a duckie but I never had one...

Zweizi Galon
New Questions! (then I'll stop for tonight)

1. Can you show us any pictures of any upcoming [NPC]s?

2. Is it true that Damian and Ian are the same person? Or is it going to get more complicated than that?

3. Is there any chance you might use the Town Fountain for anything ever again? Like, maybe it could be one giant swimming pool program! 4laugh

User Image

4. Who do you think is more evil, Sephiroth or Kefka?

Nothing at hand, sorry...

Hmm, Gaia stories are never that deep...

Town fountain? Most likely it'll be a big giant chat room.

Definitely Kefka, he's freaky!

Kuei Keiji
Lanzer, I think you're going to get a Bompin' Blue Headgear.

Also, why didn't you guys tell us you were in Milpitas, CA?! Why are you forced to use a P.O. Box instead of your actual office address?

I guess it's un-convincing to say that we all work inside a little mail box?

The Creepin
The Creepin
Laaaanzerrrr!!! @-@
What brand of shoes do you like?
What's the yuckiest food you ever tasted?
Are you guys making more capes (Like bluuuue~ n___n or SWOOSHY! X3) and fantasy items soon? ninja heart
How many PMs do you probably get in a day?
I like Rockport, very comfy shoes though not the most stylish

Worst food was black licorice, argh....

Yeah, there will be more capes probably, but not anytime soon. More fantasy items are on their way

PM? I remember seeing the notification telling me I have 800...

Do you think it'd ever be possible to have a World Map Towns? It'd be just like Towns, except with the World Map. The different shops would be "houses," and you could walk in and buy stuff or just talk to an NPC. I think it'd be a lot of fun. However, would it be possible?

Ultimately, the whole Gaia world would be accessible in the towns interface. And yes, you will be able to walk right into stores and buy stuff. It might not be too far away! We already made the whole Barton town in 3D, Gambino is next.

Will Louie become a reoccuring character after the event?

and will there be a Garlic plushie item?

He will if you guys ask for him. wink

J i b r i l
Are you done with separate Demonic/Angelic MCs? Do you plan on combining them like the summoning tome?

Because I really love them separated. ninja

And what about our nitemare sash we've been wanting? heart
We're not done with the theme, infact, we did an MC with both themes in it, as you've expected. eek Don't know when we're releasing it.

Nightmare sash... not anytime soon. We talked about making one but it fell through.

Are there plans to make a WAP version of Gaia? I work for a cell phone company so I'm around these things all day, and the sites that have made WAP versions are so much easier to navigate than normal web sites. I know that they cut out a lot of content doing this, but even a slimmed down version that looked great on my mobile would be really appreciated!
First goal is to at least have notifications, then next goal would be to read and write comments/messages, after that we'll work on a small (WEP) version. I'd like to wait till more phones support

I'm getting really, really tired now... sweatdrop Need sleep! I'll talk to you guys next time!
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Ha! Lanzer answered my post. And so did fulltime failure. I r popularz. Seriously. I think I have a good chance of getting hired after my bachelors! Oi at the 3 years from now thing though.. maybe by then, I'll be an entirely better artist than I am now...I suck now.
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BUMP's cousin. biggrin It's another Monday, so the next Ask The Admin session should be soon!

BUMP's cousin. biggrin It's another Monday, so the next Ask The Admin session should be soon!

I hope so.

He wasn't here two weeks ago and I missed last week.
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September 17th

Today saw a lot of developers in the thread, and an answer to a question people have been asking about the Halloween plot for quite some time.

Magical Spork
Hey there Lanzer.
I got eye strain while eating dinner (eating cucumbers, oh, so strenuous...), and now it's giving me a horrible headache... And I'm back to school, where the principal goes out of his way to verbally harass people mad ... so I can't think much right now.

But uh... Ok, I know why you changed the forums, but why did you have to change it like this? I thought you said there'd be less white space? Now it's like a mass of white with some words scattered on it. It's kind of off-putting... and annoying to read.

OH, and, yeah, you guys should totally make a garlic plushie. And a spork.

And, uh, lol, maybe you should have Chris Hanson and the Perverted Justice people hang out on Gaia. I like the way he puts a zillion dramatic pauses into a simple statement. surprised

EDIT: 1st post. ninja
The changes are half way to what we want to do. There will definitely be less white space, but first we want to get rid of the border and stuff. The new changes will be coming soon.

Garlic plushie? We should make one with garlic breath...

Have you ever owned a giant plushie, one that was bigger than you? 4laugh
We have a giant Kiki plushie and a giant Grunny plushie in the lobby of HQ. They are both HUGE - they're way bigger than Lanzer.

Hi there! I was just wondering if you guys have a timeline set up for when Word Bump will finally get fixed?
I'm sure everyone would love to be able to gain gold and items from it again. smile
Have some pressing issues to fix, but the botting problem is going to take time. It's really hard to make it work.

Zweizi Galon
Heya Lanzer! biggrin I have some new questions for you! But here's the first one to start off with.

1) There has been talk that perhaps Agatha and Edmund have been an item in the past. However, in Christmas 2004/5 a panel of Gambino's journal showed Agatha and Logan having a cozy Christmas on the lake.

Any comment as to whether the Agatha-Edmund-Logan love triangle will be worked on at all in the future plot? Who is Agatha with at the moment?
Not at the moment, we have a pretty specific plot for Halloween and Christmas. Though there might be side stories later

Kentucky Fried Pixels
Lanzer, will the Gaian storyline ever involve a made-up religion?
Aren't we a religion already? biggrin

Cube B later pointed out that the primary fictional religion of Gaia is Vesetism; "There's a thread about it in the GCP."

crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
crazy spork i am
'lo theres :3
Spork! <3

How goes it?

Anymore aluminum foil?
pretty good, no aluminum foil over these here parts tho.

Dear Lanzer.

Describe your convention experiences over the past year or so in one word.

Same here. xD

Purple Hair Spray
Hi all domokun

Just how did you come up with your name? o.O;
When I was graduating school I was expecting to fail. So I took on an appropriate title. :O How did you get yours?



Anyway, here's a few burning questions...

1. Are you disappointed by the initial hate-related reaction from the userbase for the new forum-layout?

2. Will we be getting a guild overhaul soon?? (you know we need it bad!! especially with the new layout!)

3. Are you upset or pleased by MMVII and the userbase's reaction?

4. Are you psyched to get all these item-design entries??


Actually, I forgot a question too...

5. Who the heck is Peyo's dad??? (is he his own father? Like, he went back in time... it's a crazy theory, but it's so awesome, (not counting the crazy consequences...)
I was disappointed because we didn't setup for feedback, I should have thought of it earlier but I slipped up.

Guild overhaul is after Marketplace re-write, but some other projects might happen before that, like arena re-write.

The item design entries are really cool, some are really funny. biggrin We can't read faster than they arrive!

crazy spork i am
Essence De La Vie
What weird item would you like to see made?
I want a giant cyberpunk plasma flamethrower with the little blue glowing ignition tip XD
i want a spork :3
I want a failure....monkey.

Java Robot
Hey Lanzer,
Just wondering:
1) Will we be able to interact with the npc's ever again?
2) How big is the Gaia online office(Square feet)?
3) Since the release of the Cars (Fake towns), will you be expanding this aspect of the community, like towns having different interactable things (Love the recent bee hives idea)?
4) Will we be seeing the beehives or something of the sort in the Battle system (Yes, I brought up the dreaded Battle System)?
5) Will we see Labtech X this year or ever again?
6) If he does come back, can we get his scarf?
An NPC quest is coming out soon! We're getting close. We're starting out with a simple system, then we'll expand it more.

crazy spork i am
Angel Aiko
crazy spork i am
Angel Aiko
I've got a couple questions, if you wouldn't mind answering them smile First, what is your favorite M&M variety? Second, what, precisely, is in Snacktopia? Is it just candy or are there healthy snacks as well?
personally i like the plain m&ms :3 snacktopia is heaven, so many snacks! but there are healthy stuff too like fruits and veggies :3
Have you tried the new limited razzberry yet? they're pretty good. I'm glad! I know I'm terrible about choosing healthier foods to snack on lol
i too need to find healthier foods to snack on. so hard to resist when candy and chips are staring at you right in the face.

hullo lanzer o:

one question

will Gaia ever release a comic book in reel life with all the comics online? o:

i would totally buy one and show my friends and recommend them to join biggrin
Yeah we're definitely working on having more comics, and there's a good chance we will have something printed, but might not be with the current storyline since it's really dis-jointed.

Kiriani, originally, but then tons of other Gaians quoted her

Those of us who follow the plots on Gaia, and especially those who are interested in this new plot that you and your team have brought us for Halloween, we want to know just one thing in particular.

Will there be user to NPC interactions like there were in the most loved Zurg plot last year?
No plot would be fun without interaction would it? wink

Lanzer, I have a question.

++ A few threads back you said we should be getting a new shop by the end of the year. Any clues as to what this shop will be for? For example, a clothing store? A store for a mini-game? Or something entirely different, like the Bank & Flower Shoppe? ++
Uh oh, we're kind of slipping on that. I wonder if we should open the weapon store instead.

crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
We want Gaia to be a lot more than just what we have, and that goes beyond having more places to explore. We want places for people who like anime, places for people who like sports, etc. Building new features always get in the way. biggrin
Place for Gaians in their pets? XD

Because I know a certain developer that has many journal entries about her cat..

And like, it would be awesome to show off our animals?
ooh, that'd give me a reason to go and take pictures of my hamsters :3 i <3 them, they're so cute.
I would post more pictures of my cat and some of the lizard. >.>

Now I have a new question. XD To developers, anyone else have pets?
we've got a pair of roborovski hammies named ebichu and ebi-chiki. i've been bugging kirby for us to get a chinchilla but i'm afraid our living space right now isn't big enough. :/

Would you ever make a 'Gaia Gundam' wink
You don't consider the Monthly Collectible "Mecha Form" to be a Gaia Gundam?

I'm talking about Lanzer and his Gundam hobbies. Check his journal.
Maybe one day Bandai will ask us to make Gundam items! biggrin Otherwise, we'll probably get ourselves sued! biggrin Just kidding. We might have more mecha items in the near future.

Ryan the Bounty Hunter
Hey Lanzer! Are there plans for more facial hair? There's just not enough! Could they possibly be put in the Salon?

Edit: And Fedoras.

Yeah, more eyes, mouths, and facial hair are planned. Everyone's pretty well shaven right now, kind of like me. biggrin

What do you think of users who logged into several mules at once for the 100K event?
Were they loyal Gaians who proved their devotion in pursuit of our goal?
Or did they miss the point of reaching a users-online milestone?

Are there any plans to continue the Gaia Framed Artworks beyond #31? And on that topic, why was Framed Artwork #07 never released?

Will the Guild rewrite allow for subscribing to topics in Guilds?

Now that the Marketplace is gaining many new item-tracking features, have you given thought to offering your own Gaia Questbars? You have an advantage over tektek, GEM and others, in that Questbars you make could auto-update not just the item's market value but also the user's progress. (me=lazy)
Well our system showed that mules didn't affect things by much, since we can track by IP also. Which is good news.

I don't know what happened to the pic. We are however drawing more pics for Halloween!

Guild thread subscriptions will be in the new re-write for sure.

As for questbars, we don't have that feature planned, but that's a great feature that we should have. Maybe like a favorites option.

Hey there. I'd like to ask you about housing. You see, housing seems to be an extremely unused feature. Most people don't care about this customizable aspect of gaia, despite it being quite a bit better than the avatar system, in my opinion. In fact, a few months ago I posted an idea for a housing event during the summer, which was shot down because certain users find housing to be... useless, I suppose.

So, I was wondering, do you have any plans to make housing a more popular feature? It seems like you have plans for towns, given all the testing you've been doing with it (the pools and now the beehives) and I think it would be fitting to give housing an upgrade as well.
Yeah I'm underwhelmed by our release of Gaia homes as in how it ties in with the rest of the site. I have a lot of ideas in letting houses be used as chat rooms, for viewing movies/TV, and so forth. Though first we need to have a direct way to load up Towns inside houses, and have real way of inviting people. Those are being worked on right now.

Time for dinner, see you all next week!
This is awesome <333
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oh , yay! i've been looking for a thread with the questions! thank you! heart mrgreen
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September 24th

Today the topic was graced with the presence of developer pepper-tea! ...but she didn't answer any questions sweatdrop Meanwhile, Lanzer answers questions about recent glitches that might cause bannings...and a question about the infamous Towns glitch preventing anyone with a period in their username from speaking! ...wait, he didn't know about it before this!? confused

crazy spork i am
Lightning Eclipse
Hi Lanzer. =3 Yay, first page.

Anyways, nope, never played any if the Halo games. ^^; That does bring up a question though, although I'm sure you've been asked this before, but what's your favorite video game? =o

EDIT: You too, Spork. XP
right now i'm all about playing team fortress 2 along with kirbyufo, fulltimefailure, and your father's belt. although my all-time favorite video game(s) would be yoshi's island (because of all the sprite art, i love them!) and smash bros. (+melee) and rockin' with the pikachu :3 in fact, i think that was like the first video game kirby and i played when we first started out as friends heart

crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
Question open to admin and devs, most comfortable and fave outfit to wear?

And are we ever going to get framed artwork for the new puzzles? DX
my most comfortable would be pj's. my fav outfits would be ones in where i can be eclectic and fun. i'm into gothic lolita stuff and when i go out for a fancy dinner i like to dress up in those. things that are fun and quirky would be my main outfits...although i also like fancy frilly things too :3

Monsieur Phantom
Hello, Lanzer.

I would like to know why you haven't made an announcement explaining the automatic anti-botting countermeasures. Many members have posted in the 'Questions and Answers' and 'Site Feedback' forums wondering why they were banned for "botting" when in fact they had been on multiple accounts simultaneously, and the system mistakenly took them for a bot. We know that being on multiple accounts is not against the rules, but apparently "acting like a bot" while you're manually on your accounts can trip the countermeasures. I understand this may be your only alternative right now to combat the bot problem, but I think the users deserve to know they are at risk for being banned.

Not making an announcement explaining this new system while allowing people to be automatically banned for something that is not against the rules sends a very negative message of how much the admins care for the site members.

The anti-botting program is still being worked on and we're doing a lot in resolving any issues related to bans. We're working as fast as we can and will keep everyone informed.

crazy spork i am
Essence De La Vie
Here's a question inspired by someone's post. >>
Despite Grunny's popularity, do any of you find the little bugger creepy? xp
i find it creepy in a cuddly way :3 it's like a bunny with attitude

crazy spork i am
Cube B
crazy spork i am
Also any chance of more kitty items coming soon?
oho! :3
Oooh! Kitty as in Cat themed or Kitty as in CoKi Kitty Plushie? XD
it's a mystery >:3 but i can tell you that i got to work on it. pretty fun stuff, although not an area that i'm very familiar with. hope everything turns out alright :3

crazy spork i am
Essence De La Vie
crazy spork i am
Essence De La Vie
How do any of you feel about hospitals? ninja
recently had to go to one. quite scary :/ in general, the last time i had to go to one was when i got hit by a car back in high school. ouch.
gonk Good to see you're still with us. I used to fear them because of elevators, but now it's germs. xP
elevators are kinda scary too. last week i was with kirby and fulltimefailure and we were in the elevator heading back up to work...and it started acting all weird. it certainly gave us quite a scare to go and change elevators.

i don't like heights crying

Nowhere in the globe
Hello there lanzer I kinda have a few chain of questions that revolve around the same basic idea but its kind of dark...well here goes.

Lanzer what will happen to gaia if you have a sudden and untimely death? who will become the new Lanzer type person of gaia and what will happen to your account? Will your avi be givin'a halo as a sign of respect?

Please I must know for gaia's sake. gonk
If I get rolled over by a truck, there's still 90 people in the Gaia office to make sure that we keep making stuff for everyone. They'll probably hook me up to the Gaia computers and make sure that my spirit live on. biggrin

My account has some cool items, though I don't have a halo. :O Those are for people who donated to Gaia, and I wasn't one of them. XD

crazy spork i am
Hey Lanzer, Spork, and devs!

Can we expect more technological type items and things in letters and in stores? Not all of us are fantasy nuts. mad d
that would be pretty cool, and something to keep in mind.

-Dee Racoon-
Here's a question me and the rest of the grunny loving community are itching to find out:
When are you releasing the grunny plushie? You said it's going to be here, but when? D:

edit: First post on the 3rd page x3~!
Here's a hint: When was Grunny introduced?

Liquid Muffin
(LANZER'S PRIVATE INFO) Yeah, Coyotecom censored it later
Is that true? O:
You shouldn't post people's personal info, even if it may be false.

A whole group of us GDers got in deep crap when it was done there and someone actually called... Apparently his mother answered.
I actually have a personal page that was setup a long time ago. It's actually pretty easy to find through Google. wink

Kobaiashi Hikari-hime
Lanzer! I thought the admins wouldn't come ¬¬

Oh well, what kind of music do you like to hear? Do you like classic music? o_O

And, does any of you play an instrument and/or annoys you by playing in the HQs?
I like alternative rock. Nickelback, Snow Patrol, and even older bans like Foo Fighters I like them all. biggrin Not really a big fan of classical music. I like it, but it's too powerful for casual listening.

what do you guys think of having Curse of the Gods/Goddess items?

a lot of Gaians from what i've seen like the mythology theme, so continuing with it would be nice. (Loki items? ninja )
Heh, that's a great idea! More like Halloween items than MC though biggrin

crazy spork i am
Kobaiashi Hikari-hime
Lanzer! I thought the admins wouldn't come ¬¬

Oh well, what kind of music do you like to hear? Do you like classic music? o_O

And, does any of you play an instrument and/or annoys you by playing in the HQs?
i like all sorts of genres, even if it's a genre i don't particularly find interest in, i know there's always an exception to that. classical music is awesome, and it's great to listen to when i wanna chill and relax.

i used to play the piano, although i'm not very great at it. kirby does a way better job than me and has always been musically inclined. we've gotten into this tradition of making a 74 minute mix of songs that we both like, since we come from such different backgrounds. it's a great way for us to listen and appreciate the kind of music the other likes.

when i'm working here at HQ i like to stick to movies or audio books. listening to music while i'm working makes me really impatient because the constant rhythm and timing makes me too aware on how much time is passing. but movies and audio books focuses more on dialogue so it feels like someone is there to keep me company :3

crazy spork i am
Purple Hair Spray
Just a little question! domokun

Why do letters open around noon PST instead of like 12:01am?
Because the devs like to get some sleep every now and then?
sleep is gooood...
OH! Developers have to be online when it happens? I didn't know ^_^;

Purple Hair Spray
Lanzer, if we created an outfit and sent the stuff for it, would you wear it for Halloween?

And will the site ever be 100% ad free for those users that donate? Like, ads will be removed from the cinemas and such?
Feel free to, I'll definitely dress up for Halloween. biggrin

Ads for cinema space actually runs under a different system, as we move forward, we can get some really good features, but we'll only get the material if they're ad-driven, and the money goes to the provider of the free movie/TV content. Sorry we can't make things clean cut and simple on this one.

T y l e n o l.
Hey Lanzer, how're you? n3n
My question is; Users with a period in their username don't have speech bubbles appear in Towns or any other games like Rally and such. Which is annoying. xD; Is there any chance that it'll be fixed?

Sorry if this has been asked before~
Yikes, I'll check on that right away. Thanks for letting me know

Ryan the Bounty Hunter
Lanzer, are you aware that the forum pulse has been auto refreshing and giving users more gold? I made a thread about it the other day and we figured out it was the pulse. Would this be considered botting, even though we didn't know until later, and would a roll back be involved?

My thread: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-community-discussion/go ld-spikes-over-time/t.32878981_151/

Site feedback thread: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/site-feedback/psssh-houston- we-have-a-problem-psssh/t.32961425_31/#35
Yeah the gold granting is a bug that will be fixed. Kind of a scary one. ^^; There will be no banning and no rollback,thank god.
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Thank you. heart

It is already a b***h to go through all the post. (Especially with the post history not being reliable for the last week or two.)

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