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i reaaly wanna change my name crying

redface can u tell me how? redface

gonk gonk gonk
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mk bird
i reaaly wanna change my name crying

redface can u tell me how? redface

gonk gonk gonk

In the "My Gaia" menu, click "Account" (the bottom option.) Look for Rina's text saying this:
Change options related to your account. Other options which haven't been migrated to the new profile system are also available. These include changing your username and birthday.

On the page, the word "available" will be a real link; clicking it lets you change your username.
Just be careful; Gaia doesn't want you feeling free to change your name at the drop of a hat! To discourage frequent name changes, it'll start costing you gold if you change your name more than once or twice, and the more you change it the higher the price will get.
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Ask The Admin isn't too far off! Are you ready?
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Ask The Admin isn't too far off! Are you ready?

I need to tie my shoes first? rofl
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April 28th

Hello everyone! Did everyone get a chance to vote on the flash games yet? We are working on our more games after pinball, but we also want to have more ways for users to earn gold through other flash games would be fun too.
Hey guys,

For anyone here from Gaia HQ: How many PM's greeted you when you logged on today? What was the most you've ever gotten? And, did you quickly log out and run away from the craziness?

Here's one for Lanzer: What do your parents/family/overly emotional ficus think about your work? What were their thoughts on the site back in 03 and 04?

And for any Developers lurking about:
I'm subscribed to a few journals, but when they're updated, I don't get a notification. Am I not using it right, or is there no feature like this? If not, I want one! biggrin It would be nice, that each time a journal is updated, Leon would show up by your avatar to alert you. (Like when you get PM's, and announcements - the little word bubble.)

If that's not feasible, I would like to have a regular notification. When clicked on, it takes you to your journals, and there would show the one that was updated. (Like private messages.)

And (sorry, not done yet), what are your thoughts on a coloured post tracking system? (thread, with images here)

On the report system – is it possible to implement two different report buttons? One for trolls, and one for misplaced threads? And, you can program it so that if a thread is “troll reported”, let’s say, ten times, it automatically gets removed and put into a queue. The queue then would be moderated and any wrongfully “troll reported” posts would be put back in their proper place. Also, with the report button – is the same thread able to be reported on multiple times? Does that create multiple reports on the moderators side?

....And, one more. A lot of users like to add images and different font colours and styles to their posts. I have a very hard time reading these posts. It must also be time consuming for the user to always add these features. Would it be possible to add a feature that would allow users to add their desired features to the top and bottom of their posts? This is something that could be changed under the account preferences (like signatures). I would also like to have an option of being able to turn this off (from seeing other users formatting - all posts would revert to default black text), like you can turn off seeing signatures. That way, my eyes don't hurt, and it's less tedious for the people who like having them.

Are these a possible addition to the forums/site?

Thank you for reading! 3nodding I had many a thing on my mind this week. Here's something for your time - one my favourite dinner recipes - it's no curry (sorry Lanzer!), but it can be a bit spicy. :3

Hot darn! I didn't think I would get the first post. No sorry Lanzer, I haven't voted on the games. I'm here for the forums, not the games, so I haven't checked them out. I will tonight when I'm at home and put a few votes in.
Today I only had a hand full. The most I've gotten was closer to 800 during an event. :O The only thing I can do is to read as much as I can before my mailbox overflow.

My parents knows that I'm working on a "website" but the only website that they know about are shopping sites and blogs. smile They just know that I'm having fun and they're happy for me.

An RSS update system for subscribed journals will be made in the near future, I too want a good way for checking on friend's journals.

Forum enhancements should have that feature in mind, and we're working on it next.

Lastly, yes there will be the ability to report different types of problems. We're working towards it.

Hallo again Lanzer, tis me once more I’m afraid xD.

I was just wondering how much longer non-Photobucket images are going to be posted as links? I seem to remember the announcement saying that it was for just that one weekend and I've noticed that non-Photobucket images switch between images and links a fair bit
I'm waiting for the word from the development team, meanwhile, it might be helpful to put a few images on Photobucket just to make lives easier...

Hello Lanzer!! I was wondering if we can have a fantasy shop with more fairy items (wings) unicorns items and so on?Also, I really enjoy Oculus Magica I always wanted cat contacts. In the future may we have more contacts ?
I'm pushing for more weapons first, but otherwise for fantasy items, it would be best to rally up more support through petitions. :O

Hey Lanzer!
Hope you had a nice week. My week was ok, I was basically bored in all of my classes.

I want to thank everyone on the Panda Quest. This was one of the best quests that Gaia has
made since I joined and the items are pretty sweet too!

The Gaiaholics Anonymous Guild Members were wondering if you could come by and say hello if you were not busy after
todays ask the admin. Here is our guild banner and link :]
User Image

May MC hints? Any upcoming fun things?

Have a great week :]
(This is my 5th consecutive week bothering you..sorry D: )
Pencil drawing animation!

I haven't got a clue towards this month's MC. I still see a lot of ideas on a white board with no decisions made yet...

Y halo thar Lanzer!

You've said previously that G Corp might return. Any chance that the "Labtechs" that were causing the GCD to go insane a few months ago might be given a chance to play a small role if G Corp does return?

Edit: First page! 8D
Heh, not quite, the involvement we're thinking of might have something to do with our new MMO game. But I don't know how much of that we've done.

Kunai Jones
Hello Lanzer, good evening to you. And good evening to any other staff that may wander in as well. I've got a few questions that I've been wondering about, and if any of you could answer them it would be greatly appreciated:

1: Inventories) You and others have mentioned that an update to the inventory system is on its way. There's been talk of separate savable outfits, and new features for organization. As the number of items introduced on a weekly basis continues to climb, are these features going to be here before Battle? With all of the new Loot, Recipes, and Craftables, I'm very concerned that I will eventually no longer be able to load the Arranger as well as my Equip screen, which sways in and out of usability with the number of items I have.
(a second question that got snipped because Sagger couldn't address it)
3: Gaia HQ) Does anyone at HQ get in trouble for playing Rock Band for too long? Or having too many sprawling Nerf battles?
1: The inventory and item system is still being worked on. It's a very large back end project (read all about it in DARKNRGY's Journal ) that's rolling out in the coming weeks. It will enable rewriting the inventory arranger as well, but (as fa as I know) rewriting it is a project that is still at the very early stages, and I don't think there is a due date on that. I guess we all will still be using our mules/ zebras/ (enter here equestrian to your liking) in the near future...

3: As long as the neighbors don't complain (and why would they when I sing ROAM with my high pitched voice?), it's all good!
Hey Sagger! How are you today? I was wondering, how is it like working at gaia hq and does gaia hire information technology people or network administrators? -is going to go to college for that in two years and thinks it is cool if he could apply to gaia-
Working at Gaia is a great experience. I'm here part of the time, since I'm still in school (yes, even at my ooooooold age), but it's by far the best place I've worked at. Gaia has IT people, network administrators, but it's such an important part of Gaia's operations that they are called ... Dun Dun Dun... Operations! We even have a chief of operations, who commands them with an iron fist /jk

voodoo people
hay lanzer how are you this fine morning?
I'm loving the flash games I cant wait to see the winner!
That was an awesome sponsored quest today! (the best so far) I set up a thread about it in the gcd and most loved it. 4laugh
the only 1 question I want to ask you. When the battle system comes out will there be any sponsored quests on it or will they always be separate because if you were to do a quest on the bs I would think the gcd would have a metaphorical heart attack and torches might be lighten. gonk
Thanks in advance if you answer my question its 2:07 over the pond. sweatdrop
The MMO will have its own quests. So there'll be guys like Fleep working on quests within Gaia, and Qixter working on the MMO quests.

Hey Lanzer-san, is Pepper-Chan coming on today? Could you go to towns?
So more interesting questions:

Will you make Louie a better avi?! he's a complete pepsqueak! Here's something more of what it should be:
http://www.tektek.org/avatar/13514486 (With custom hair and eye based of of those eye's then a European sword(I think it's a sabre))

Will you give these NPC's an avatar anytime soon?
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/150074/ (Agatha)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/3228212/ (Bloudeau)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/237475/ (Bildeau)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/7021184/ (Josie)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/3228199/ (DamIan)(Also will you update his character appearance?)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/17802/ (Peyo)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/7021200/ (Lex)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/1585966/ (Ribateau)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/3078/ (Ruby)

And are you going to MAKE one for Becky? What about Russel and jinx?!
I think we're fitting as many of them into the upcoming storyline as possible. As for avatars and profiles, they'll come afterwards. We definitely want to spend time on it.

Will we have a MC with hair ever again like the Elemental Hair and Mythic Hair?
Not anytime soon, I thought that the responses had not been that great. We will keep up with salon updates through and come up with some nicer styles.

Angela Green
Hey Lanzer!

I hope that all is well and that you still have fun with (as well as on) Gaia. In any case, I've got two questions this week:

1.) Will we ever be able to engrave our gold and silver jewelry at Barton Jewelers again?
2.) Can you tell me when the "Prom"-like event will happen or even if it will happen?

Hopefully these three will be easy to answer. Take care! wink

P.S. I have not yet had a chance to vote in the Flash games. I'll do that, though.
Yes, but only after we re-vamped the item system. We're getting close to finishing the backend.

Yes the event is in the works, and we're trying to get a storyline update ready too. I will spend more time confirming that for everyone next week.

-Ikatsui Ganshiki-
Hey Lanzer! <3

I loved the Kung Fu Panda quest that was released today! It was fun, and feeding Po was a good challenge. :3 Do you plan on seeing the movie when it comes out?

Also, I've only played a few of the games, but the ones I did get around to trying out were pretty fun!
I think we'll be going just because CP's most favorite animal in the world is the panda. smile

Kariki Neroli
Hello, Lanzer. biggrin Hope you had a nice weekend.

1. Fleep mentioned a ‘Soon to be Announced’ event with a plot update. When can we has?! biggrin
2. Will we ever see the Battle NPCs (Nicolae, Blaze, Ike, etc) in a plot update?
3. What kind of Item Updates are you planning? Scifi/SteamPunk/Horror/Other?
4. Any chance of the Gaia Tour stopping by for Anime Weekend Atlanta (That’s in September)? Would like to know so that I can start saving up now and try to go...
5. Hmm... I like to ask 5 questions so... Have you ever seen Doctor Who? sweatdrop

And why’d you have to do these right when the new episode of House is on?! D:
1. It should be in May

2. That'll need to wait till after battle comes out

3. Dunno, need to bug Juno

4. Bug Dj Helsing!

5. Nope, it's one of those shows I missed...

Elijah Frost

Are we ever getting new glasses?
Whoops, not really. Got any suggestions?

1) Does the new quest design (like Liam's) mean a future Logan quest can finally involve releasing the Angelic Rod?

2) Are there any quest planned for the near future?

3) I voted for the Mermaid mock-up, but recommend a more varied picture. Maybe something similar to this week's jigsaw?

4) Kung Fu Panda Quest was AMAZING! 1) Does the new quest design (like Liam's) mean a future Logan quest can finally involve releasing the Angelic Rod?
Angelic rod was supposed to be a forging item, though the server/botting issues kind of ruined the game. We'll need to fix them first.

Yeah we're planning for a longer term quest

The mermaid one is a little too fantasy like, though it's just a test, and we'll try different takes in the future.

Now that you've asked twice...

Kunai Jones
Tai Naito
Holy Crap it's Sagger! ^o^ -waves-

I have a question for anyone:

What do you think about updating the paper and flower towns items? My friend has a great petition for a flower field like the clover field and smashing cities (only it'd take a large number of flowers), and would actually give worth back to the flowers. I think a similar idea can be made with the paper. Just some fresh items you can make from them would be nice, as well. It could also help inflation for a day or so xp

I love the new quests, btw. Great improvement!
Hey Tai biggrin

I would also like to see paper and flower item update... I'll poke around to see if that's being planned xd
That's great to hear! And even though Fishing has become Botville from top to bottom, could new Fish items be on their way as well? The last grouping was great.

Oh, and since I've been seeing Captcha seemingly everywhere on the site (and kudos to you all for using it) I've got a couple of questions about it.

1) Do you use Recaptcha as your backend, which scans words out of non-computerized texts and then uses online minds to identify the words?
2) Could Captcha be implimented in the entry to Fishing and other Games to control botting?
We are using ReCAPTHCA, so by solving captchas on Gaia you're not only helping to keep Gaia spam free, you're also helping one of those library- book- scanning projects, connecting the books of yesterdy with the IT of tomorrow smile

We're still considering the CAPTHCA issue. It's good for some things, but it can be annoying sometimes, and we're thinking about how to strike the right balance between the two.

Hey Lanzer! Second time I'm posting. I was wondering if you knew when mod apps were going to be reopened. I was also wondering if you could give us any hints about the up coming event. Thanks so much!
We're working towards a better system to apply and nominate potential mods. We'll have it up pretty soon.

Evenin', Lanzer!
I did try out a few of the games...that space platypus one was kinda cool xD

I really enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda quest! It was really cute and inventive.
The interactive bit with feeding Po was a big hit from what I can see, is this kinda mini mini-game something you guys plan on implementing in more quests for the future, or is it just going to be an occasional thing?

Oh, and, how was the Member Appreciation night last week? I heard you guys had an awesome turnout and entirely too much pizza xD
Oh we took videos from member appreciation night and will post it in cinemas soon!

Hey everyone!

I was just curious when guild updates are going to happen, and if you can give us any idea about what changes will be made to guilds?
We'll be working on forums and guilds after we worked on the avatar equip related pages. No specific time yet, hopefully during the summer.

Hi Hi admins =D

I'd like to ask two questions whee

1) What happened to these (starter?) items?

User Image

(Image is from here: x)

2) I know there was a response to a possible way of informing new users about scams by sending them a PM when they first start, but what about a quest? I noticed this petition that suggests this: we have a starter quest already, but perhaps it can be integrated into that?
All starter items are also available in stores for a low price

We'll be educating everyone about scams and hacking prevention through PM and quests. More likely through PM at first.

Ceramic Ninja
What do you think about a Gaia oekaki?
Gaia had an oekaki when arena was first made. Somehow it got abandoned but I do wish that one day we'll be able to have one again.

Miss Conception
Hello Lanzer and friends! ♥
I was just wondering if Gaia would ever support a gay or lesbian NPC couple.
From what we've discussed it would be wonderful for Gaia's PR, and Gaia would have waves of support for it.
What do you think?
Huh? We don't have one today? biggrin

Luz is a Dorkus
Lanzer!! ^o^
i finally remembered to come!! ;o;<3

only one question, since i lost the rest in my evil black hole of a desk =w=:
i was wondering if you've ever had a 15minute ban from being GaiaGod and having people trying to hack you or something. :'D
Yes I do. biggrin But then I can hack myself back in. smile

Kunai Jones
4: Guilds) It's been mentioned that updating Guilds to the current forum layout and feature set may occur over the Summer, but I've also heard rumors that the Guild system may be revamped completely into Clubs or something of the sort. Are Guilds at all being tied into Battle or any other upcoming features? And will Guild funds ever be accessible/usable? Guilds have been stagnant for a while, and I know that they're tucked away comfortably from most casual users on the site, but I'd still love to see them get all the features that the recent updates to the forums bring with them.
There had been a lot of discussions towards guild and club, personally I don't want to throw the idea of guilds away, though I do want to have the ability to create clubs also. More like a more casual thing that doesn't cost 20000 gold to start, something that could potentially be much smaller in scale, just between friends, for example. Details still yet to be formalized.

Hope all is going well at the HQ. =)

Any plans to visit Canada? (Aside from Toronto.)

Have you ever met a killer whale? *dying to know* xD
Not at this time, sorry.

Yeah, I've visited many aquariums, and sushi bars. :O

Darling Chibi Tenshi
I'm wondering...
1. Are you gonna make a Battle System BGM soundtrack collection/CD? Because that would be cool!

2. Is there any chance for motorbikes to appear in Rally?

3. Can you make Filippino, Thai, Korean, clothes for our avis?

4. Can you guys visit some of the high schools here in the Bay Area and talk about your careers?

5. How do you feel about the name changes in Great America?

And this is like my 3rd Week trying to ask you these questions...
1. Dunno, probably first we'll need to find out how many users like our music...

2. That's very likely, many users had asked already

3. That would make a great theme. I thought I saw a petition on that too

4. I've already said yes, though I don't know which high schools yet.

5. Knot great. smile

Kami Kukki
Hey Lanzer. heart
Do you think we will have a housing update soon, as in being able to upgrade our houses with more rooms or bigger. Mine is getting quiet cramped. gonk
Yes we have plans to make bigger houses and also areas outside the house too.

Nmb Maximuz
Please answer this Lanzer!

Are there more area at the battle system or it is only the area you guys posted it up at the battle web site.

Please answer.
Be sure that we're holding back. wink

Oops, time for CSI: Miami!
It's just not a Monday unless I get to watch David Caruso be ridiculous.

I hope there are some fans of cheesy TV at Gaia!
Do Heroes count as cheesy?

I'm headed out to play some badminton. Have a great week everyone!
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Ask The Admin! Coming soon to a GCD near you!
User Image"Louie is straight... for now."

I am still hoping one day that Lanzer will live up to that sentence and get him hooked up with Gino for a Romeo/Juliet-esque relationship, only with less death and tragedy.
Ask The Admin! Coming soon to a GCD near you!

That's what I'm talking about! burning_eyes Hopefully I won't miss it this time. I want to ask who is doing the art for Alruna's Rose.
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Ask The Admin! Coming soon to a GCD near you!

That's what I'm talking about! burning_eyes Hopefully I won't miss it this time. I want to ask who is doing the art for Alruna's Rose.
I can tell you this right now: Not every Evolving Item designer wants to be revealed. Lanzer will probably tell you he has to check if it's okay to say who it is.
Ask The Admin! Coming soon to a GCD near you!

That's what I'm talking about! burning_eyes Hopefully I won't miss it this time. I want to ask who is doing the art for Alruna's Rose.
I can tell you this right now: Not every Evolving Item designer wants to be revealed. Lanzer will probably tell you he has to check if it's okay to say who it is.

Oh crap, that's right... what good is he, anyways?! Well, maybe if the artist is there by chance, they'll say something. OR- I can predict his dodginess and ask if he could ask them RIGHT THEN AND THERE!! I mean, the only thing better than getting my questions 1/2 answered is getting ignored altogether! rofl
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May 5th

When Lanzer made today's Ask The Admin thread, he kinda forgot to Sticky it, so after he Locked the thread it sunk down, down, into the murky depths of the GCD. I've got a hunch more people will be reading my compilation than usual, so I'd better make it good! Here goes!

Hello, Lazner
1. What kind of school “label” were you in high school? Some example: a computer geek, Goth, Popular, Punk, nerd, hippie and so on.
2. If you had a time machine and could go back in time around the time you were just about to start gaia (that year) and any date after what would you tell yourself in the past not to do on gaia and why?
I was more of a computer geek I think, though problem is that computer wasn't a big thing back then. I found myself in the woodworking/metalworking workshops often, just ask geeky as any. biggrin

Well I would spend my time telling myself how to make the avatar and virtual store system better, give myself more community related features so I'll build them in the site since day one. Not much I would tell myself not to do, since I'm pretty sure I learned just as much from screwing up a lot of the things along the way... Oh, I would tell myself not to build the linklist, that I could live without. smile

Dear Lanzer

How are you?

I am fine, end of the semester woo, but then i am going to take summer courses and, look for work blegh. Someone needs to hire me pronto!

But anyways.

My friend wanted me to ask you a question. Since she didn't know about the Ask the Admin Day, thanks for doing this btw.

Here ish here story.

Her name was sheikah and her email for that account was kenshin_haku@hotmail.com she believes.

any who her friend logged on to her account, saw a friends saved log in info, went on her own account, took Sheikah's items, then did god knows what with my stuff and got the account banned.
Is there anyway to look into this, even though its been over 30 days?

Thanks for any input.

P.S: Can I please have your boxers? Pleeeeeeease? Any chance of making them a daily chance item? or even a cash shop item? I would be totally estatic, it's my ultimate quest. v.v *sigh

Do you have a prom date? =o? can i be her?
Hi Falulu,

Unfortunately I don't solve account problems directly, it's our group of trusty admins who help with these issues. We do get thousands of reports so it takes time to resolve, but the response time had went down from months to weeks, and even though it does take time, we'll get to your friend's issue.

Hey Lanzer!
Hows it going, its been a busy week over here with school and whatnot surprised
I am going to make it short and sweet, are we going to expect any updates soon and any hints for this months' MC?

Also, what besides gaia do you do in your spare time?
Updates will be in storyline update and also a small size event. wink

Besides Gaia, I like reading manga, playing console games, reading, building Gundam models, watching movies and playing sports with my friends. I rotate between these activities, so the last time I played a game was about a month ago...

Hey! I finally made it heart

Question timmee~

1. When the forums get updated do you think there is any possible way to get an alert when you are quoted? many people of the GCD are having trouble with posting and leaving. I'm guilty. Just so many other topics to read and look through, and when I do go back and check to see if someone responded there are 5 more pages which could have another Gaian quoting me.

2. Does anyone in the office use TekTek, and what are your opinions on it? I've just never seen a staff member talk about it o:

3. Any chance of quests to help.....questing for items? xD A lot of old 03 DIs/MCs are expensive anymore D:

4. How do you feel about people who use scripting in towns? I thought the videos were funny for the first few minutes before it got crazy.
Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! pirate
Yeah, slipping in alerts upon quote is a great idea.

We all like what Tektek is doing, and only wish that more users get to make useful sites or tools. We offer support or help for those who have similar initiatives.

Questing tools, along with quests for getting older items are both being discussed. Haven't got a time for release but Fleep is looking closer into the next quest as we speak. :O

Gatta Forte
Hello everyone! It's May already and I we're ironing out more details for the upcoming event. Saka, L0cke, and others are working hard on a storyline update as we speak. eek Many of us watched Iron Man last week, wow it was great! Does that make the best superhero movie so far? Or do you have others?
Hey, Lanzer! I haven't seen Iron Man yet, but I've heard it's good. I'm personally not as much into superhero movies as I am into shows about people with powers (I finally caved and am catching up with Heroes Season two. I was so hoping for the DVD set to come out, since I missed Season Two on air, but I just decided to go on and watch the web version, since I haven't even seen any ads for a Season DVD set.)... So, any of you admins/devs/et cetera watch that show? If so, you like it?

And on to a Gaia-related question: Are the Siriano items temporary or permanent? I like them, but I want to know how much of a fixture on Gaia they will be... or is it a surprise?

I loved season 1.
I liked the first half of season 2. But I think they went too far with the superheroes powers. Having too strong powers means that the plot is going to be silly.
spoiler{If you really want to know what he said, PM me or visit the original thread; remember the date at the top of this post is a link to the topic. -Platonix} (Please remove this part if you're going to quote me)

But it was fun to watch - I wish they had thought more about the plot, like they did with season 1 smile

T-demon aka Kuma
Lanzer, there's a question that's been floating about my mind for awhile now, as well as the minds of some of my associates in the GIB. If it's been asked already, please forgive me. ^^'' However, I'd like to know if the potential plot seen in Aekea will ever be used. I mean, robots who use to be war machines. Robots who feel enslaved by the human race. Liam with his parentless childhood. There's a lot there, but it was never used. Will it ever be?

Also, I hear you like Heroes. What do you think of Claude's, also known as the invisible man, possible return?
Rise of the robots? Well the upcoming plot event will focus on those who are very alive... Though we never forget the other well functioning and oiled characters in our cast.

Hmm... I don't think Claude will add much to the plot, unless we really need his invisible power to save the earth, which just isn't as cool as most of the other powers out there.

Nmb Maximuz
Hey Lanzer.

I love Ironman and I only have few question this time.

1. Are you guys going to make a Gaia Documentary Part 2 since the site has change a lot or tell us some new features in the future?

2. Is the upcoming prom going to be in forums?

3. Last week's ATA you said that we are going to have a new feature about the house that you can make it more larger and can decorate outside our houses,
can you give us a hint when will it happen?

4. Are you guys still doing the Bebo event?

Thats it for this week.

W00t first page.
The reception for the Gaia documentary was so-so, therefore we don't have a plan for part 2 just yet. Though I'm gonna spend more time telling everyone about things to come.

The prom is going to be mostly in flash, though there'll be forum components.

The idea on customizable areas is quite a big one. We think it'll happen after the release of the MMO game.

We are still working on the widget on the side. We see it as a way to bring more awareness to Gaia. Working on the widget also let us think of new features to add to Towns.

Hey Lanzer, how are you?

I was wondering, what’s your favorite Snapple flavor?

Oh and are you going to join members at the gaian prom?
I'm doing great, though I'm really hungry right now biggrin

Snapple? I can't get enough of the Lemon Ice Tea flavor

Yeah, even though I'm technically too old for it. biggrin

Lanzer, will you ever make a Prunny items? Prunny is a purple version of grunny.

Also, any hint on May MCs?
I dunno, purple ain't my favorite color. biggrin Just kidding, all items have a chance if the petition is up to a certain size.

No hints yet since we haven't made up our minds yet! :O

Hi Lanzer & Co.,

Thank you for coming on here each and every week. I've only been here for the last four, but I want to say thank you for doing this. I don't know any other company that does this. biggrin

I was really happy to see that the Bag of Win was only 99c. I bought 6. I was a bit sad to have such a short notice of their removal. I hope to see more inexpensive items in the cash shop. They're really fun and I don't feel guilty that I've spent $10 on a pixel item that I can't share with my boyfriend/cat/overly emotional ficus.

I've just noticed this week that Rina's shop got some great updates. Thanks!

I'm also really impressed with the contest winner items. They're wonderful. I'm also loving the evolving items. The rat is super cute. And, the Christian Siriano items are lovely. That was a great score. (I did buy the dress at the cash shop. Thank you for having it on the less expensive side.) I would very much approve if Mr. Siriano designed more Gaian items. 3nodding

Lanzer, are you a big badminton player? I love the game, and I wish I had a place and friend to play here with. I haven't played since grade school (some time now...). I'm so jealous. :3 You do singles or doubles?

Is there any chance of incorporating a preview button for the house items? The small images at the shop I find are not large enough to get an idea of the item. I would be happy with a preview with a blank dummy house. It would give a much better idea of the item, and I would then be able to see the rug detailing, etc.

And.. I'm a sucker for old school Batman. ninja
You're very welcome, I often see this as taking a break from the chaos of work, it's fun hanging out. biggrin

The bag didn't make everyone happy, and it shifted our thinking a bit, and we're always open to making a variety of items, mostly focused on making them accessible and cheap. We don't try to make people pay more, we do want to offer a better variety of stuff so that everyone get to feel like there's something for them. Keeping Gaia afloat is important, but breaking the user's banks is just not an option.

We're really lucky to have Siriano's interest in Gaia. It's kind of a dream having real designers designing items for Gaia. It's just a fun cross-over.

I like badminton and used to play a lot in high school. After that I just play once in a while, by far I'm not a great player, like any other sports. XD It's another excuse for hanging out with friends. smile I like doubles because it's more teamwork and less tiring. biggrin

The housing module needs an overhaul. Hope that'll happen soon

Kami Kukki
1.What other item contests do you see for us in the future?

2. Can you give us any hints about the MC's this month, pleaasseee? heart

Thanks if you answer my questions. :]
I don't know of one in the immediate moment, will need to hear from the art team

Essence De La Vie
Hi Lanzer, that's wonderful news! I can't wait to see Iron Man myself, thought I really did like the Fantastic Four too. Er...any chance we'll see new hair in time for prom? What's in store for the next pose for the Alruna? And any chance this smudge in the middle of my avi's face can be erased? I hate having a nose. >>
Uh oh, don't think there is one planned for this month... will need to check with Juno.

Just repeating >w<

Are there any future plans to bring back the Zurg?
I hope so, but I am not involved in plots...

Lanzer, please please bring the Zurg back!

*signs petitions*

I'm actually not a fan of superhero movies. sweatdrop But hey, if you guys enjoyed yourself then more power to ya!

Hey Lanzer and/or staff/admin! Do any of you guys like Yu Yu Hakusho?

I couldn't think of a better question. sweatdrop
I used to love YuYu Hakusho, the manga mainly. Though not as much when they started fighting, like most manga series who followed the same fate...

{The exact text of this question has been lost, but according to Legend, "My original question was well there be Iron Man, or at least similar items, on Gaia in the future." -Platonix}
Nope probably not since we don't have the right for it... Maybe something similar biggrin

Hi Sagger-AT3!
How's it going ?
All is well. Happy Cinco de Mayo !
To you as well, though I'm all the way up in Canada ^^
I'm doing good, cept for the rash I got on my arms during my walk v.v but seeing the fox made it worth it.
How about yourself?
I wish I had time to go hiking... I played rockband and saw ironman over the weekend, though.

When will Meredith be in the storyline?
We do have her in mind, though can't promise when. :O

Swordy Hero
*Stupid question*

Lanzer, do you like crab (or any type of seafood for the matter)?
I'm crazy over crabs! Also love fresh clams, oysters, sashimi... oh no thinking about it made me even more hungry! gonk

Gatta Forte
Hi Sagger-AT3!
How's it going ?
All is well. Happy Cinco de Mayo !
Y feliz Cinco De Mayo a usted tambien, Sagger!
Muchisimo Gracias!

Donde esta la biblioteca?

* Sagger quotes from movies eek *

Digital Froggy
:"D Hiii Lanzer!

So I was wondering, what had went on with those movie clips being posted? whee It was pretty entertaining but a complete mess.

I was also wondering, was anyone on the staff in band? Or even more loved, CHOIR? :"D I'm a choir nerd myself. And women like men with vibrato!
Everyone had a hand in them, I don't even know who handled those.

I know some used to DJ, while at least two of us are in a band. Many others can only score points in Rockband. biggrin

Sagger-AT3 did you buy an ancient katana yet?
I have an ancient katana that I got as a gift... It used to be part of my avatar, featured in my old sig:
User Image

Felix Virgo
Lanzer/Developers - Any chance that image linking can be changed so that only sites with user-friendly abuse report forms (and those where abuse of images is impossible) can be used?

Also, how do i look?
Right now photobucket and devian art are the only ones on the whitelist for this reason exactly. We're working on adding an option to view no non- gaia images, whitelisted images only (hosted on whitelisted websites), or all images, and after that we'll work on a process of applying to be whitelisted...

Ironman was decent, but there are many other superheroes that are superior to him in my mind.

Anyhow, on to a question.

Now, if I do recall correctly, many months ago (possibly a year or two), you said you instated the Marketplace tax as a means to combat inflation.

However, with the release of the Cash Shop, you frequently rotate items out, causing these items to go through some weird, unpredictable inflation for the next few months. (I'm sure someone brought this up already, bu~t...) You also released a cash item that merely pumps more gold into the system, therefore causing even more inflation! My total worth went from 6mil to 8mil in two days!

So, I suppose my question is "WHY?" If you wish to combat inflation, why do you keep making strange updates like that?
Inflation is caused by an increasing amount of currency in the economy, while items that inflate is caused by supply and demand. The tax will slow down inflation but the obvious fact that gold is being given out faster than they go back to the system, inflation will happen. When there are more items that are limited, the focus for demand on the MC goes down. There is of course the initial question of what kind of value we can bring to the users versus having a real market that prove value to those who purchase with G cash. It's that balance of providing a free site and getting support to keep the site running which complicates matter. Wish there is a easy guideline for us to follow but that's just not how things work.

Sagger can illustrate these points much better, as he's someone who dedicates his life into studying economy for the past few decades. We still need to continue to have a variety of items from common to rare (imagine if we stop giving out free items), while combating inflation is something we are really crippled to do. In the real world, government takes a tax cut of about 35 to 50 percent. I don't think Gaians are really into that notion. :O

Sorry for all those who's question I didn't answer. I'll talk to more of you next week! Have a great week everyone!
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Oh, look, it's another Monday evening! Well, at least it is here. Other places, it's Monday midday, morning or even Sunday evening. But, what's really important is that it's less than half an hour before another fun-filled session of Ask The Admin!
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May 12th
Today's AtA was beset by trolls and invavisited by a few members of the Zurg Hive, livening up the session somewhat. In the end, Lanzer dropped a bomb on the GCD's NPC fandom. You may already have heard about it, but if you didn't, read on; (a tiny portion of) everything you know is wrong!

Hi Lanzer! Glad to see you here today. 3nodding

The Cash Shop has been seeing a lot of new items recently, keep up the great work! However, as an avid buyer I am concerned, the prices seem rather off. Help me and users understand why a dress is assigned the amount of $4 versus a Sealed Letter which contains a monthly collectible cost $2.50.

Based on the following purchasing a Sealed Letter has more value. The dress offers only one pose, whereas the amount of poses for an MC can vary but is definately more than 1, and if you buy an Sealed Letter ads on the site get taken away for a month.

My question for you Lanzer is how are prices in the Cash Shop determined?

Thank you for your time. smile
Hello Legend,

Like real fashion, depending on the design or demand, prices might be different. MC came from users donating to Gaia to support the site, so the price is always $2.5 and we continue to make a great value for users who choose to support us. The dress was made strictly as a fashionable item that carries a different branding and feel. Kind of like comparing the price of an expensive handbag and the price of a backpack, the functionality of the backpack holds much more value, but people who like the handbag like the handbag for reasons outside of looks or functionality in many cases. I believe this is the thinking behind the item.

Hi guys over at Gaia HQ,

I hope you had a good weekend. I did. I went to a science museum and got myself a kick butt spinosaurus model. The mouth opens. (Spinosaurus is the big guy that killed the t rex in Jurassic Park III)

Did you catch BSG on Friday? I can not wait until this weeks episode. Adama is going to have a fit when they come back. xd

I'm really happy to hear you are going to do more movie screenings. I was really excited to hear about the New York one - even though I live on the opposite side of the continent. How do you go about choosing the cities? How difficult is something like to organize? I couldn't imagine having to organize that in Vancouver (where I live) let alone a city across the country. Which ones are you guys going to?

What sort of work hours do you, and your employees have? How long are the days? I work four ten shifts, so I get a glorious three days off. smile I had read at a previous AtA that you were thinking of putting up a tour of the office. That would be super neat to see.
DJ Helsing is the guy who works with others to decide on the city, and we're probably starting with the bigger cities first. Kind of like conventions, we'll probably look into other cities in the future, though none are determined yet.

We're gonna have videos on our current cubicle design contest, so that'll be kind of a tour by itself, and soon there will be a proper tour of Gaia HQ. wink I usually stay in the office around 10am till 8pm now days. Depending on time schedules, some might stay for a lot later depending on projects. I leave earlier because I can easily work at home after dinner. :O

BSG is getting weird, more and more talk about the Cylon god is not what I expected...

At least one user wasn't sure what BSG is; if the word Cylon wasn't a tip-off, it's the TV show BattleStar Galactica.

Kuma Woode
Hey Lanzer,
It's me again. ^^'' Your friendly neighborhood Gaians in Black Agent. So, down in the guild, we came across a mention of us, the GIB, in the Battle System website. We were wondering if this was just a small tease from the Devs to say they still remember and love us or is it possible we may have a part in that section of the the MMO.
Also a few agents wanted me to ask a couple questions.

Agent Clone Asks: Why is the MTV shop second on the list?

Agent JGK Asks: What sort of music do you like?

Most Agents are curious of: Will the Zurg ever come back?
The placement is temporary, we'd like to have the right placement for sponsors, but didn't have the time to make the right area. That'll happen later this year.

I like most alternative rock

Very likely, but don't hold your breath, they aren't smile
This last answer could be interpreted a couple of ways; some thought he meant "they aren't coming back". I feel he meant "they aren't holding their breath", so while they'll probably return, don't expect it to be very soon.

~Ello Lanzer!~

1. When are hints for the Mc's coming out?

2. Will there be any new car and will any cars cost money?

3. Why did the cash shop get dresses for girls but not vest, tuxs, or anything for guys?

4. Why did the last Evolving Item Report only have one item that evolved?

5. When will the next contest begin?
Been talking about the prom event all day long, haven't heard about MC's today...

Yeah there will be more cars, they'll mostly be cheap

The items happen to be items by Christian, for the rest of us I'd say it's better to shop at the virtual stores.

No date just yet, sorry.

Hello Lanzer!

1. Were you a fan of Captain Planet?
2. Can we ever have NPCs plushies as a mc or something close (like cash shop)? There is already is a petition and I really want an Ian and Rufus plush please.
Oh boy, not really...

Yeah that's a great suggestion. We don't have that planned but we'll consider.

Shoujo Cherry Q-chan
Hey, guys! So, I have a question about the layering on Gaia. Do you guys think that you’ll be able to change it so that it’s a bit optional? Because I’ve been wanting to wear my Magical Girl bow and my Chyaku Norisu(first pose) together, but one or the other gets removed. Along with a few other layering problems. Do you think it’d be possible to change this sometime in the future?

Also, what about the Trading Passes? I find them annoying for those who create mules/new accounts. I know it has to do with keeping inflation in check, but…It’s a real pain. D;

First page, ftw. xD
The current system is a little limited. We're thinking of a re-write, but the new system will be a lot more complicated, and so it will be done probably much later. It's something we really want to do though.

Trading pass is something that we wish to do away with a quest, though I'm afraid that the moment we make a quest, somebody will figure out a way to bot it. crying There's a chance we might be able to take the limitation away with something like cell phone registration to proof that one is not a bot.

Lady Violue
this is a question for all the staff:

do you get sad when people talk about Gaia only being "in it for the money"?

(I don't think you are heart )
Gaia is my own personal project, so no matter how hard I try, all negative comments do hurt. The money we make is less than the cost to develop the site and keep it running, and I hope that it makes sense to most people.

I'm wondering if anything can be done to remove the bots from the fishing stats. With all the bots there it is very discouraging for the legit fishers, as well as the fact that no trophies have been given out since the August awards were given. I know I have heard after battle comes out. But to be honest with you I don't give a hoot about battle but I do fishing. Fishing is dieing because of the bot issue and it is only getting worse. Currently there may be 10 legit fishers on all of the lists, that is really sad and is not fair to those who have worked hard towards earning a trophy. Competition is what makes fishing attractive, but currently that is not possible.
I'm sorry to hear, and definitely the botting problem in fishing is a really frustrating problem to have. We're finally able to put time to look at a lot of our botting problem, though don't know how quickly we can resolve it. It's not been fixed because it's really tough, not because it's not an important problem for us.

Hello and Hail Zurg! <333

We from the Zurg Hive wanted to thank you for the great fun we had during the Zurg plot! We're still around and active as ever, and that thanks to the spirit our green friends have left with us. heart heart

I would have a few questions though:

1) When the UFOs left, they'd promised to come back and visit often. Can we expect such a visit anytime soon? It'd be lovely if they kept their promise, and I don't think it'd take a whole plot with all it's expenses and work to have one or two of them coming back once or twice a month ;3

2) Why are the Zurg displayed as invaders in the Pinball game? When the UFO pops up, players are asked to join the resistance and shot the UFO down. That hurt us a bit. The Zurg plot concluded in a peace treaty where all sides agreed not to attack. Shooting a UFO down is technically treaty breach, and that's a bit sad, considering the fact that the NPCs ( so Gaia ) singed the treaty as well.

3) A few AtA sessions ago a Zurg housing set was mentioned. Can we expect that soon? That'd be very lovely!

4.) When will the Zombie Zurg glitch be fixed some of our member would like to be Zurg but are prevented by a fear of loosing their Grombieness.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the fun we had during the Zurg plot n___n
The Zurg will be back, though not as often as we want them to be. Sorry it couldn't be sooner.

Uh oh, I think that, like ourselves, not all of us live in peace. I'm sure those who side with mother will be at peace. smile

Yes the items were created, but taking time to release. Do keep an eye out for them!

Alien and zombie skins will probably be available, though Grombie skin is unlikely, so do be careful!

Technicolor Porn
Hello everyone! We're coming close to finishing up the work on the upcoming prom event. Better find your date quick! biggrin There'll be new storyline update too. Hope you'll all like it. How's everyone doing?
Hi lanzer!

I hope you had a good weekend : D!

So Whats up : D!?

And If your close to a story line update can we know which npcs may star in this update ; D!!!

Thats if for this week..

You guys will find out this weekend! Can't give anything out yet, sorry.

Hi Lanzer!
I hope you are doing well. =)

I'm doing well and am SUPER EXCITED for Prom! : DDD

-So, are you going to Prom with anyone or are you going to be like Fleep and "chaperon."
-What caused the errors with market/trade/cash cards/etc?
Did someone trip on a wirer?
-My friends and I were having a discussion about whether or not Rina and Leon are siblings.
Can you verify the fact for us?

I can't think of anything else.
So, I'll leave it at that. =)
I'll be going... by myself. :O

The problem was a database problem I believe.

Nope they're not siblings

To quote half a dozen people in the thread, "Wait, what?" Let's hear that again:
I'm doing great, how about you?

A couple NPC questions:
Leon is Rina's brother, right?
And Peyo is Ruby's son?
Nope, and yes

It's official (at least until another staff member corrects Lanzer): the info in the 2003 Go-Gaia intro pages about Leon being Rina's big brother is no longer canon, if it ever was!

Hurray, I'm online for one of these for a change. biggrin

Hello Lanzer. Nice to hear about the plot update; I've been looking forward to one of those for a while now. Nice to see a good old fashioned drama with the old NPCs. ^^

Okay, questions:

1. Are you planning to implement CAPTCHA in the Arenas soon? Bots are a massive problem there and it would make things a lot fairer for everyone involved.

2. What are your thoughts on these "Gaia knock-off" type sites that are popping up lately, some of which seem to get advertised on here which is odd? biggrin Do you think they're a threat or would you rather just ignore them and see it as healthy competition? (None can be as awesome as Gaia, obviously.)
More botting measures are being added this month and the next, we'll probably address the arenas too.

There are a lot of other communities around the internet, whether or not they provide avatars and Gaia-like features, I like the fact that many others got a chance to be creative. At the end, there will probably be more sites like us, which just goes to show that Gaia is a fun site to be in. smile

Have a great week and have fun at the prom!
Pen Arumasi
User Image"Louie is straight... for now."

I am still hoping one day that Lanzer will live up to that sentence and get him hooked up with Gino for a Romeo/Juliet-esque relationship, only with less death and tragedy.

wait... aren't they half brothers or something?

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