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Waah! I posted a good question on page two, and reposted on page four (I think 4?) and it was totally skipped! I thought I had good chances of feedback on my question if I posted it on one of the first pages. Now I know how the others feel when they get skipped, lol.

I was wondering if there would ever be African themed items in the future, or more tribal items. Like ceremonial/native clothes, even from other places outside Africa. There's been quite a few petitions and more threads about it in site feedback.

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Did you remember the Battle preview? We're probably going to get a crazy looking Aztec/Mayan getup around the release of that area in the game.


Also, thanks for talkin, spork. It's cool how you folks are finding the time to respond at all. And it turns out that some devs do have time, so that was quite a fortunate surprise. I think staff/user communication is one of the more important aspects of MMOs (which we aren't yet but heavily resemble already)....even though it feels like the people are trying to antagonize yall at every step, regular contact keeps both parties informed about some of the aspects of each other's groups and helps to keep things in perspective, if not civil.

Anyway, although I'll never get over how ads feel like they're missing their mark, I have to admit that they're getting more creative in execution. The Skittles promotion doesn't seem to be over in 10 minutes, and curiosity is a good element to work off of.

And it does make sense that you'd rather talk about something else. I mean, the main portion of Gaia is more about real life than the Gaia world, if that makes sense at all.

I guess we'll all have to be patient. See ya next time.
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Ask The Admin any minute now, folks...just FYI...
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April 21st

Hey Lanzer! It is I, BlueAltitude, here again to pester you about the inter workings of Gaiaonline for the fourth consecutive AtA thread.
How was your week?

My week was good, I created a Guild! Gaiaholics Anonymous :]
The Guild has reached 157 members in the first few weeks and is going strong.
The members wanted me to ask you if your a Gaiaholic.
The members also wanted to know if you would drop by, post and maybe join :3

We were all very excited about the rock puppy mc, thanks to the artists and people who made it!
-cough pandy slippers next month end cough-

Ooo one more thing, you said in your last AtA that you may be letting friend requests soon, I want to be your friend D: when do you think you'll do it : o

Not too many questions this week ^^ Thanks for putting up with my constant stalking of the AtA thread.
-Alex (BlueAltitude)
Hi there, congrats on your own guild. I started this community before Gaia and I don't think it got as many users. biggrin

I think I signed up as a Gaiaholic the day I started working on it. ^^; I'll drop by later tonight.

Got some kinks to work through, but it'll be a surprise when I open up my friendslist. smile

Hiya Lanzer. Congratulations on the Webware 100 win!


I heard rumours about a wedding system? Info plaz?
We had the idea of a wedding chapel, along with a few other special public event areas in flash. Those types of ideas will become a reality once we have the basic system built. It's actually kind of far away because we still need to make sure the server works right...

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres
How's your week going?
it's the start of a new week. biggrin otherwise it's same ol' same ol'
good! =D
You and kirby been playing any brawl?
If so, what do you think about it? What's your favorite stage? :O
i like some of the older stages, but i like the animal crossing one, heh. the pictochat one is pretty fun too biggrin

we've been playing, i think he's been putting more time into it than i have at the moment.


I love Smashville =D It's my favorite stage!
i like smashville and all the fairly flat and simple ones too =) the changing ones can be fun, but sometimes they take away from the fighting. i mostly like the simple ones because it's easy to see what's going on, though. for this same reason i have beef with the soul calibur series. as much as i love the gameplay and character designs (any fighting game with weapons gets a big plus in my book) it can get really hard to differentiate between the characters and the backgrounds. on most stages the colors are just too similar. end rant!

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres
heart Sleeping any better?
i got to sleep in on sunday, it was quite refreshing biggrin
Yay! Love your avi BTW ^_^. Have you ever went to a NY comic con?

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
i'm afraid i haven't. all the cons i've ever gone to has been on the west coast. it's mostly from lack of transportation and funds otherwise i'd totally want to go :3
You should !!!! You save by going as a group wink .Have you ever went to NY?
hehehe i might just have to ask about that in our next meeting. i've never been to NY so it'd be crazy cool if i could!

A pleasant evening to all (or to most of Gaia...it's morning where i am)...

May i just reiterate a complaint regarding a [server?] issue regarding some users (there's a thread at the Q&A: bug reports and tech support) who still aren't able to see any avatars (or go into towns)--because i'm having the same problem.
I know many people in Gaia are very busy...i just want some reassurance that this problem is being addressed (since it only affects a fraction of users). And if it is already being attended to, you have my gratitude...

Thank you very much for your time. heart

And btw, here's a little something for everyone at the AtA this week (somebody suggested i post it here...) xp

(image has been removed from Photobucket since. crying It was a Caramelldansen animation starring Lanzer. -Platonix)
Hmm, we did started using a "content delivery network" which actually is able to serve avatars much, much faster than before. It's disappointing that you're still having trouble seeing avatars. Please write to us through the contact us page and include more details such as whether or not it happens on your account, at home and/or at other locations or not. Having the right information, we can bring that to the network to troubleshoot. We're working on it, but having one extra report will always help.

crazy spork i am
Gatta Forte
crazy spork i am
Losaru Taiyo
*waves* Hi Kirby! Hi Sporky!

Oh another question. I saw the Nerf Gun War on youtube. Any of you guys in the video?
if you spot anyone with pink/black hair, then that'd be me :3
I like your style, Spork. ^.^ I should get a pink streak in my hair at some point, both because it looks cute and so I can tell you that you have a supporter. xd
awesome! pink streaks would definitely be very cool. i went for half black/half pink for myself biggrin i couldn't decide what i wanted to do after being blond so i compromised with kirby (who wanted me to go back to my regular hair color) and did the half combo. :3

Hello Lanzer! Did you have fun at NY comic con on Saturday? And I was wondering what is the worst job you ever had before gaia if any?
It was a lot of fun, Gaia users at comiccon were just as energetic as ever! biggrin

Worst job? I would say my worst job was a telemarketer, a type of job where I have to dial to people's home selling products. I quit within 2 days. biggrin

Gatta Forte
Hi Lanzer! I loved the Liam quest, especially Bludeau's poem. xD So, three questions for the admins: One: what is/are your favorite book(s)? Two: Lanzer, in the last AtA, you said you liked dogs. Got a favorite breed? Three: Do you all quest for gaia items or use your "magic" Admin powers to create one as a payment for your work? (I won't tell if you do! ninja )
Haha, you probably weren't expecting me to answer your questions, but:
1. The Blue Mountain, by Meir Shalev. A fictional novel, similar in style to Márquez' One Hundred Years of Solitude. Try it- it's great smile

3. We quest for items, just like the rest of you (of us?). I know a couple of devs that are buying and selling fish in the MP right now, in a quest for that elusive Katana!

Losaru Taiyo
*waves* Hi Kirby! Hi Sporky!

Oh another question. I saw the Nerf Gun War on youtube. Any of you guys in the video?
heya =)

umm, i don't think i am. spork and i are more or less nerf pacifists. well...she doesn't mind being a third party ammo supplier, haha. she'd be good in a cold war

Hey, guys, just lurking for a bit -- wanted to answer some questions.
1. May the Captain's Guild please be renamed to Captains' Guild?
2. Since FBBQ is leaving the ranks of Gaia Staff, have any other devs considered marking themselves as a GGN dev?
3. Are any developers interested in frequenting the Captains' Guild and talking over suggestions? Like what is and isn't possible? Or concerns Gaia has over implementing a certain feature, like the possibility of abuse if it were to be implemented?
4. If you really cared about privacy with the friend e-mail search, why not just set the default to 'no', instead of making it look like you are just pretending to care?
5. Ruby is Peyo's sister right? So why are so many Gaians under the impression that she is the mother?
6. Why was organizing inventory down for a bit, over a week ago? Are you about to unleash a rehaul?
7. Are there any developers at Gaia that mostly just modifies, fixes or debugs code, that isn't often asked to code something from the ground up?
- There are tons of devs interested in helping out in guilds; we haven't designated one yet.
- Sure, we'll see if some devs are interested in the Captains' guild. I'll drop in, at least.
- Privacy is important... but we'd also like it to be easy for you to find your friends on Gaia. We're trying to walk a reasonable balance. Also: with the current scheme they have to know your e-mail before they can search for you.
- Almost all of the developers go through phases of writing new features and then fixing bugs. There are some critical bug fixes that are addressed immediately, of course.

Lanzer and Crazy Spork - thank you for replying to my questions last week. I didn't respond because I had to leave work to go home. >_<

Lanzer, I was almost expecting you to say "Cubicle?! No wai! I has awsum corner office with two sides of windows!" Because, you should. ninja I have a pretty awesome cubicle (I'd like to think), unfortunately no airsoft guns, or electric keyboards, but it does have a fish, plants and a raptor.

I'm glad you like Battlestar too. Did you watch Stargate while it was on? There's something from the Zurg that looks an awful like a stargate on the world map.....

Okay, here's the questions -
Do you like to cook? If so, what's your favourite thing to prepare?

Are we going to see the lesser NPC's, like Josie, have a more prominent role on Gaia?

Oh, and I LOVED the Liam quest. Well done!
Heh heh, I like to be in a cube just like everyone else, so no office for me. Pets would be really cool. Hope our next office will allow pets...

Strangely I never got into Stargate the TV series, but many of us are big fans, which might answer some of the strange resemblance...

I like to cook but I'm not good at it. I love to cook my own curry because it's hard to find good curry around here. One day I'll spend a lot of time to learn!

We'll feature some other NPC on the upcoming event, can't promise who's gonna be in it though. :O

Shoujo Cherry Q-chan
Will you guys be doing any big thing to crack down on the phishers/scammers? Like, I REALLY think that when a member joins, they should be sent a PM explaining what to do and how to keep safe and not be scammed. Seriously.
Yah, we've actually talked about this very thing -- it's supposed to be done in the next month or so.

1. May the Captain's Guild please be renamed to Captains' Guild?
2. Since FBBQ is leaving the ranks of Gaia Staff, have any other devs considered marking themselves as a GGN dev?
3. Are any developers interested in frequenting the Captains' Guild and talking over suggestions? Like what is and isn't possible? Or concerns Gaia has over implementing a certain feature, like the possibility of abuse if it were to be implemented?
(4 and 5 skipped)
6. Why was organizing inventory down for a bit, over a week ago? Are you about to unleash a rehaul?
I has a couple of answers (not to all of them...)

1-3 : There is at least one guy here (I won't name names, but he'll be reading this post pretty soon) that really wants to push Guilds forward. I'll poke him, and remind him to make an appearance in the Captain's Guild, and maybe even to change its name. He's extremely busy lately (aren't we all), but Guilds are important.

6. There was a small glitch in the item arranger, so it was taken down for a couple of hours, till it was patched. A couple of devs were working on it on the weekend ( surprised ), to fix it and put it back up again.
There is a big project going on that involves all items and inventory on Gaia (read all about it in DARKNRGY's journal!), but in the meanwhile only the back end is being worked on. Eventually, the big backend project will enable a rewrite of the item arranger (larger inventories, anyone?) but it will be a while before we get there.
So the short answer: an overhaul of the item system is on the way, and some element of it broke the item arranger for a while.

Blanks IV
Hey kirby. Who is your main on Brawl now that you have played it?
And still wanna exchange FC's?
i mostly stick with kirby (of course XD), meta knight, and samus. i've always liked peach too, but she feels a little different in brawl, still getting used to her. i haven't unlccked all the new characters yet though, so it could change =) i was a big fan of jigglypuff in melee

sure, i'll have to grab my friend code it when i get home =)

Angela Green
Dear Lanzer,

I have been meaning to ask these questions for a while now. But due to the 9-hour difference, it's been really hard to do so and still be able to focus on school (since these threads are made at 3:21 AM Central European Time). As a result, my questions keep piling. Though, I will ask the four questions (out of my hundred...literally) to which I've been dying to get an answer (not literally this time).

However, before I ask my questions, let me just say that, despite the Gaia population's negative reaction to MTV as a sponsor, I really like what Gaia has done, as a result of this partnership. I mean, I like Virtual Hollywood (when I would never actually set a foot on Hollywood grounds myself), along with many of the items that have come about. In fact, I've practically learned to love Sunset Couture (by the way, when are the items for Sunset Couture's April update going to be released?). I've been a Gaian member since 2004, and I can definitely see the changes that Gaia has made. It runs more smoothly than it did four years ago. And the layout is also very beautiful. So, with that said, let me proceed to my questions:


1. I know this is somewhat late, but what exactly is Rosalie's (Ian, Louie, and Gino's mother) last name? Is it Von Helson, Gambino, or Von Helson-Gambino (or vice versa)?

2. Juno posted an entry in her journal (for which I have provided a link) in regards to item updates on August 31, 2007. She said that there was a specific schedule in which the updates were released. She also went on to say that this schedule had been interrupted because the artists in charge became involved in other projects. So, Lanzer, do you know if that schedule has been picked up again? More specifically (and importantly), do you know if there will be a housing update any time soon?

3. Also, Lanzer, do you know when the "Evolving Items Profile Page" (mentioned by [NPC] Dr. Singh and Timmy in "Evolving Item Report: Fausto`s Bottle is Changing!" on November 12, 2007 in the Announcements forum) will be released to the Gaian public?

4. Finally, Will there be any aquatic evolving items in the (hopefully near) future?


Also, I have a few additional comments/requests:

1. Could you thank Juno (or whoever designed the envelopes this year) for that design? It's so beautiful. And cute. I think I might save them this year.

2. Also, I really like the Gaia Homes and Gaia Cars. They are "an extension of to customizing [our] experience here on Gaia" (as stated by kaia9 in "Gaia Homes are here!" in reference to Gaia Homes on March 3, 2005 in the Announcements forum). I want to thank everyone involved in their production.

3. (Oh, and I know this isn't the radio, but I'd still like to give a shoutout to my brother, Daniel Green, also a dedicated Gaia member. xd )

4. I'm quite sorry for this long post. I had to disturb my sleeping pattern just to post this message. So, I figured, I might as well make it count, right?
Hello and thanks for your compliments.

1) There's actually a back story where I don't think I can give out any info at this point, sorry...

2) Last we talked was about converting items to unisex on the side, and that should start pretty soon. Item updates should still be on schedule, though there might be small details that I missed. Housing items are something we've been missing, and that I need to pick up the pace again. The recent bugs to do with housing really put a dent on the pace.

3) I think that announcement was combined with another one and announced quite a while back. :O

4) That I can't tell because all ideas are from individual artists, unlike MC which follows a big list of ideas that we all decide as a group.

Thanks for your comments and requests!

Losaru Taiyo
*waves* Hi Kirby! Hi Sporky!

Oh another question. I saw the Nerf Gun War on youtube. Any of you guys in the video?

-Dee Racoon-
Iactually got home in time for this? ... yay 0w0
Is there any chance that your going to make German items for the shops? I want my leiderhosen... or however it's spelled >.>;;
Also, another item related question, will there ever be raccoon ears? I've been waiting foreeeeever D:
omg, i'd wear the lederhosen! i had a little pair when i was a first grader, and i LOVED wearing them to school. i thought they looked like some kinda crazy badass armor with all the snaps, buckles and pulls =)

`deja vu
If a Gaian falls in Towns with no one to hear it, does it make a sound? User Image
It makes the sound of one hand clapping. eek

Domain Name
Hey there devfolk.

1. There are a lot of users who would like to ask y'all questions here, but can't because for them AtA happens late at night. Do you ever plan to hold an AtA at different times of the day to accommodate international users?

2. In a previous AtA, it was said that Gaia is holding off on awarding trophies until they upgrade the system so it can better detect and handle botters. However, you now have an enormous backload of trophies to hand out, and however great a system you put in, it can't travel through time - it can't give you any information that you don't already have. Can we actually, reasonably expect trophies to the handed out for September 2007 through present, or are they lost?
I'm trying to arrange another time for us to talk to everyone in Towns. Will announce a time when it happens.

As for fishing, I can't promise anything, but we're should have a lot of the older information to hand out trophies.

Can you tell us, or at lest gives hits what will be added if any for prom?
There should be at least one flash game. :O


I loved the Liam quest, but it is a bit disturbing how many people still don't know about it due to the lack of announcement. Will future NPC plot stuff be similarly unannounced?

Also, I was wondering how set the convention tour/kiki's road trip is? Are they still adding events between the ones already on the schedule?

Thanks bunches!
Oh, there will be an announcement after all the bugs are worked out. Fleep spent a lot of time working on enhancing the new system so there are a lot of testing yet to do.

We'll add more when there are enough demand and petitions, be sure to let DJ Helsing know!

Losaru Taiyo
*waves* Hi Stagger!

Question: We know you were Zurg before you becames Bones...lol...But do you believe in aliens?. 4laugh
Why do you say "were"? Under all the bones, I'm still 100% green Zurg, a proud drone in the Zurg Hive.

Do I believe in aliens? I am an alien! Do I believe in myself? That is a good question...

Gatta Forte
Hi Lanzer! I loved the Liam quest, especially Bludeau's poem. xD So, three questions for the admins: One: what is/are your favorite book(s)? Two: Lanzer, in the last AtA, you said you liked dogs. Got a favorite breed? Three: Do you all quest for gaia items or use your "magic" Admin powers to create one as a payment for your work? (I won't tell if you do! ninja )
Science Fictions, fictions, self-help, computer books, I read a whole bunch of stuff... If you're asking for specific storybook, I read most of Michael Crichton's books such as Jurrasic Park, Congo, etc.

Favorite breed? Corgi! (just on looks)

We can't give us items through magic unfortunately, there are a few specific rules for some people, but for me, for example, the only way to get an MC is to hit the paypal page. More specifically, we choose not to.

Hey admins/devs/artists/general gaia staff I love so much.

Only 2 questions this time,

1: Do you know if there are plans to release a gaia Towns or Gaia Battle client? This would no doubt make things faster for those who have difficulty using flash, and I know many would download it.

2. I must ask, Lanzer, are you Singh's secret lover? :O
No client planned right now. Instead we're putting a lot of effort into making a replacement for our current game-server so that flash-spaces and games load reliably. Think we'll have this problem nailed by end of summer.
Hi fin! How are you today?
having a great day! We've got a dozen different project going on right now and it's really fun to see the progress. Also, it's great to see all the positive response to Liam's quest. How are you?

Hey Lanzer where is Ian?
Will be explained real soon!
He wasn't kidding. As of this writing, Ian is back in his shop and there's a Mini Comic explaining where Ian's been since the events of MMVII.

Hey Lanzer :3

Will the 'current' profile boxes ever be fixed? My friend always complains to me that they dun work D; (aka move).

And I so can't wait for the Battle system 4laugh And thanks for making the heart boxers unisex <33

Hope everyone at Gaia HQ is ok!

Ps. WANT the giant posters that were shown at that thingy (forgot its name), the ones with Zhivago and Singh on =D

Pps. We all know I'm Singh's secret lover ;D
Ouch! That is a lingering bug, not anytime soon, because we don't have that many people that can fix those types of bugs... But we're definitely trying.

Hello Lanzer! Really thought the Liam quest was hilarious, can't wait to see the payback that Moira and Vanessa have. I personally can't wait to see what Edmund's quest could be. * o*

I got a few questions if you will.

1. I loved the Starman outfit from the Halloween update, and I especially loved the Yamanba wig from the previous update. Makes me wonder if our devs are closet David Bowie lovers. [ aka. Ziggy Stardust and Goblin King ] Do you know if there's going to be anything else that would make us Bowie fans squeal? xd

2. Have you ever considered teaming up with companies like Tokyopop and other manga companies for quests? I'm sure some of us GCD'ers are tired of seeing Naruto and Skittles and whatnot. I loved the Tsubasa quests from Clamp, so I always wondered if there'd be more in store in that alley, since Gaia is considered an Anime/Roleplaying community.

3. I keep hearing about a summer prom event. Is that really true? And a Wedding system? o_O
We're actually talking to people at the manga and anime companies a lot. No formal plans yet but we hope to have more manga and anime related quests soon.
Thank you for answering Fin. I'd really love to see something like this in the future. heart
PLEASE! If there's any chance, try to get a Lucky Star quest. With this, you'd likely be able to have a 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' quest built in, and I know the reaction would likely be positive. Many gaians are fans of Lucky*Star/Haruhi, and I know we'd all love a quest.
we'll try!

Hello Lanzer, hope you had a good weekend.

Battle system. Kudos on the update, I can't wait to see the Beta. (or launch)

Anyway, my question for today is;

Weapons shop. Lost somewhere? I know alot keeps getting pushed back in the name of other projects such as the Battle System, and sponsored quests, but are we any closer to this?

Same goes for the NPC design contest, and the Back Wings quest.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good week.

Weapon shop was lost because of all the questions related to battle. Though we're looking to put some items in on the next item release. Bug Juno about it. wink

Backwing quest is something we promised and will be built, can't promise when though.

Gallows and Guillotines
Can you tell us when our next event will be?

Will it be a prom-like event?
Yes, in the May time frame it looks like, we'll confirm though the announcement forum.

LabTech David
Hi Lanzer!
How was your day?

1- Do you get out of work Late everyday? D;

2- Are All Shops Keepers going to get a Art Update?

3- What were your Hobbies when you were a Kid?

4-Storyline Update this Month? :3
Not anymore, I changed my schedule and now I get to have dinner then go home. I then work at home.

Not anytime soon, it'd be great, though for now we want to spend those time drawing storyline updates.

I liked manga, lego, airsoft, R/C cars, building models, before I was a teenager... Oh and taking apart electronics but always failing to put them back together. biggrin

I wanted it to be this month but looks like it'll be the next. This month we'll have some small mini comic updates.

I'm sorry for the repeat question, I know it's probably been asked countless times.

But so far the answer(s) have been so sketchy. So i'm hoping for a solid yes or no, here! xP

Will the Grombie skins be re-released in one way or another, at any point?
The answer is a no, mainly because the skin was a novelty and pretty hard to obtain. Other skins are likely to be made available...

Can a user be banned of an item sold on the marketplace was bought when botted gold?

Even though the user had no association with the purchased user. Would that still be considered profited gold? If so, doesn't that seem unfair when the seller has no idea?


Can a user be banned just because the botter was on their friends list?

edit: I'm not a botter! Just wondering. gonk
- If the item was sold for a fair price - no.
- and no smile

crazy spork i am
Minty Mocha
crazy spork i am
Minty Mocha
This is for anyone! What's your favorite commercial? whee
i dunno of any commercial in specific but i do like the ones with fun motion graphic stuff in them. they're great for reference with the work kirby and i do outside of gaia :3
Like Rotoscoping? :O
not necessarily rotoscoping, but particles and effects are one of the many things that the two of us like to do. and it's nice to see some of those as reference for stuff we also do in gaia like the ring and environmental effects for battle.

Woo! First time here :3!

I would like to ask if we will ever get Artwork Paintings from the puzzles past #31; and if #7 will ever be fixed to be obtainable, seeing as how it's icon is in the Marketplace when you show unlisted items, but it's never actually been released per say.

Also, you guys are doing a great job and should keep it up :3!
Thanks for the great community guys <3
Ah, our game related staff had been focused on the game server and adding new games for the time being, not until later will we be able to go back and put in some of the features that we intended to build when Jigsaw was made.

crazy spork i am
For any staff-
How is it like working at Gaia?
Are you guys hiring stare lol i am going to go into information tech or network management and i think it would be fun to work at gaia..just a dream lol
it's pretty fun and i enjoy working here immensely. :biggrin:

I have a question about how the unisexing of old items is going to work.

Take a look at Items #1647 (Pale Blue Scarf) and #1726 (Pale Blue Scarf -M). They're the same piece of clothing, in the same position; the only difference is that one is for males and the other is for females. To avoid redundancy, it would seem the best way to unisex these items is to combine them into a single Pale Blue Scarf item that looks like Item #1647 when used on female avvies and like Item #1726 when used on male avvies.
There's a catch, though; currently, females have to pay 30 more gold for their Pale Blue Scarves. That means if the items are combined, then one way or another, somebody's paying a different price for an established Common. There are more extreme examples of this; females pay 85 more gold for their Brown Jeans than males pay for practically the same item.
What would you be more likely to do when you get around to unisexing these items? Combine them and have at least one gender pay a different price for a Store Common? Unisex both versions despite the resulting redundancy? Or, since both males and females can already equip some version of a Pale Blue Scarf, do you consider the item to already be unisexed in a sense?
Please note that there are about 800+ items that are not unisex. We will go with whatever are the most requested items, but not all of them will be worked on, simply because it'll come to a point where it's more fair for all users if we spend our time fulfilling the requests of other users for creating new items and such. Some items where we are uncertain might not get changed into unisex items. An example would be the Pale Blue Scarf. Though if we figured out a good way and it's highly requested, we'll be converting it.

Hey Lanzer!
I'm thrilled about the Liam quest! I will say the acquired item is a bit weird... but that Liam.. he's a weirdo.. so what can you expect?

A couple of quick questions...

I know that there was some work on inventories and arranger to make it better able to handle users with exceptionally large inventories.
Has that been completed? or are there still projects in the works to get it working properly?

Are you aware of how many individual items gaia has?!? Can we get something in place/is it feasible to make something that can actually handle inventories with one of every single item?

I'm nearing 4k in items on one account alone! And I still can't equip anything unless I spend 20+ minutes (if I can get it to work on the first try) moving everything but the items I want to equip into storage.

Um... other than me probably overloading your servers every time I try and load my inventory....
How'd you like the Mochi I sent? sweatdrop
Yeah we're planning for a new inventory system that is easier to use and allow for better management of items. Currently there are more than 6000 items (outdated stat) on the site and a user can have so much more, so we're changing not only the way items are displayed but also how items are stored in storage. The first goal is to make sure that the new system will be clear and easy to use. Additional changes will make sure that the inventory can expand and not blow up people's web browsers. :O

Have a great week everyone!

Gatta Forte
Hi Fin! Also, haha, suggestion for you admins and developers (and any other higher-ups too)! You all should try to team up with the music producers FueledByRamen. I'd love to see some items based on their bands (Hayley Williams (of Paramore)'s hair as a wig? (that would be FTW) Plus any other awesome things based on bands, their members, their clothes, or their instruments (or even more CDs, like the Cary Brothers one. I'd love to hold Viva La Cobra (Cobra Starship's CD), personally. ^.^) show up on Gaia. I mean, if Gaia took on the Cary Brothers, if they could negotiate with (actually any) music producers, more music or band-inspired items would be awesome. I know it sounds a bit greedy in the wake of another music-based item, but I still think that would be great.
We've got so many other things going on that music is taking a back-burner for the next few months. But we've been talking to one of the big labels on and off - getting stuff done with them or with musicians directly is pretty hard. We're probably going to do stuff with indie labels and fueledbyramen is probably a good one. Thanks for the suggestion.

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