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Just to be a noob, I'm going to say that that first picture of Louie is now my new wallpaper.
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February 18 — Happy 5th Anniversary Gaia Online!

Today Lanzer held Ask The Admin in the 5th Anniversary Ball forum where an all-day party was being held. This had its good points and its bad points; on the good side, more people were introduced to the wonderful concept of Ask The Admin. On the bad side...more people showed up in Ask The Admin. sweatdrop Lanzer had to restrict himself rather sharply to try to get to as many people as he could. crazy spork i am and KirbyUFO were not in attendance, but pepper-tea was.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAIA!!! Here's to 5 more years of good fun, good friends, and good plots! Thanks to everybody at Gaia HQ for all their long, hard work!

1) What's happened to the plot updates?! We miss our NPCs so! crying

2) Were any Kiki and Coco kitties harmed in the making of the the Kitty Slippers? If so, is the catgut being used to make Kiki and Coco Tennis Rackets? razz

3) How many people got drunk at the 5-yr party over at HQ today? Be honest! xd

4) Does anybody refer to people by their Gaian names over their real names when at work at HQ? For example, does anybody refer to you as Lanzer instead of Admiral Awesomepants Mr. Liu?

5) Will there ever be a Sheep toy/plushie item? It can be Ofilipe the Sheep, best buddy of the Bape Cow and so totally not an obvious inside joke about the Sheep of Fleep. biggrin

6) There were leaks on the market for pinball items and the angelic rods. Does this mean the Arcade is near completion and/or that the angelic rod will (PLEAASE?!?!) one day be released?

7) What's the Gaian equivalent of Playboy, and have any of the NPCs posed in it? whee

8 ) Will we ever get to see, either in movie format or manga format, one of Ron's movies?
Plot updates are planned for later, sorry!

Only the first kiki and coco, they didn't feel so well after coming out of of the mold. biggrin

Plenty of us turned red, and despite many games of beer pong, everyone drove home safely. Amazing!

People call each other by their real names, but for some where our names overlap, we use their Gaia names. We call the second Josh as Kaia.

If we have a sheep plushie named after Fleep then we'll have to shave him bald! biggrin

Oh the pinball is about to be ready, though the arcade will come out after the release of pinball most likely. As for the Angelic rod, we still need to add some security updates to fishing first.

Just realized I spent too long answering one post. eek I'll limit to 3 answers for the rest of the night.

What is Lanzer's favorite website aside from Gaia Online?
I frequent Gizmodo a lot, I found myself to be a big electronic gadget geek. eek

Happy Gaiaversery! heart

My question is did you really believe there was no place as Apple Valley? xD I'm like...20 minutes from this mythical place.

But the important question I have for you is, DO you think gaia will still be here in 20 years? =o
Apple Valley? Sure they exist, that's where Ipods are grown right?

In 20 years, I'll be way, way too old to be an admin here, but I sure hope that Gaia will be around, and people will be saying how things used to be 2D and stories were told in this Manga format instead of the new interactive 3D steroscopic virtual environment interface. biggrin

Hi lanzer great job!

My question is
What are you going to do about the increase in hacking and scamming so i can sleep safe at night?
We got more people helping out with hacking and scamming so we have a pretty good response time now, though at the same time, the answer to avoiding hacking and scamming still focuses around each user being aware of potential scams and following safety practices.

Black Pestilence

Yo, Lanz, when did the Monthly Letters come into play?

And what is the Most Expensive Item?
I believe it was June of '03 when we made the first MC. Back then a bunch of users offered to donate to Gaia to help keep the site running. In return we made an item to thank those users in return. After the great response from all the users, we decided to make another set of items the next month, and we called them the Donation Items.

Without donation items or MC's, Gaia would have closed down by the end of 2003 because it was too expensive to keep the servers running with all that bandwidth. :O It's all the members of Gaia that made Gaia possible!

Wolfram Cecilia Ysud
Lanzer - i don't think this is your field, but has there been any progress with the project to unisex most (if not all) items released prior to March 2006?
I'm sorry to say that the project kept getting pushed back because new item ideas kept coming up. We're getting more help on the art side, so we might be able to find some time later to work on it.

Tidus Guado
Oh! I'm late!
Happy Gaia Day everyone! XD
HI peppertea. C:
How are you tonite?
Hehe I'm ok! Getting some work done on my evolving item ninja
Annyx Phantom: What Item do you work Ms. Tea?
XINVADER: Any hints? xd
~Creative~Chaos~:::glomp:: which one are you doin?!
9th_hoakage: whats ur evolving item?
LeMuffinOfPlusOneSproing: Ohh, which one are you designing?

Biancamella, that obscenely saccharine thing. I can't think of any hints that won't give it away sweatdrop
Will it continue to be articles of clothing?
I'm collecting opinions on that in my journal. It seems that most don't mind that idea...
Anyway, I like the idea of this item being very usable
There's a clue right there. This means that the next update will most likely be an article of clothing. ^_^ Are you planning on doing another EI? and if so, what sort of theme would you go for?
I have some ideas for more, but I won't be able to start on them for a little bit... battle is priority!

Why is the thread named 'Ask the admin'? Should it have 's'?

Because I can't guarantee more than myself on the thread answering every time. sweatdrop When people are busy then they're less likely to join in, and when it's during a holiday such as today, only I'm available at 6 o'clock, others are scattered throughout the day.

Hallo, I'm Eryphil. I like those slippers muchly, but I have a BURNING question to ask..

When are we going to get equality of items for all minority races on Gaia?
[ ie level five grombies wearing hats, all wigs fitting the Zurg head without half the green cranium showing, placement options for Zurg to have a clown nose in the FACE and not jabbing your eye out... etc :3]
Many of those skin and body types weren't meant to have as much compatibility as the standard base models, as they're meant for events initially. In the near future, there might be body types that are even more different or extraordinary, and we'll always be on a best-effort basis to ensure that they're compatible, but we often can't make 100% of things work because they're meant to be really different. One day we might move to a 3D system where compatibility problems like that won't exist anymore, but I'm not sure if 3D avatars will look as nice as what we have today. . .

Tidus Guado
1. Do/Would you guys like a full time cook? Or do you rotate between yourselves on who’s going for a beer run, I mean Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Midnight snack run?

Short list is short… sweatdrop
And Happy 5th Anniversary Lanzer and CO. C:
And the Slippers are HOTTER THAN A KIKI FOR 2K.
The office building actually don't allow for a kitchen stove, so we can't cook inside the office. crying

Instead we order catering food or food delivery everyday. I don't think we can really cook for ourselves as we have 100 people at the office these days.

Captain Capacitor
Is it true that people who had used multiple accounts at the same time using IE version 6 or one of the other versions were caught by the botting security program?

Was this ever looked into?

Were those people ever unbanned?
Humans can't get caught by botting tools generally, even if you run multiple accounts on the same machine, otherwise places like schools will be instantly banned since many schools share the same IP address. :O



I'd REALLY like to know... just... wanna hear mr. Lanzer say that they are, for sure, 100% not coming back. :3
Aliens will have their guest appearances here and there, though a major event is not likely because we always want to do something new.

G-Corp Labtech E07
1) Do you like Cheetos?

2) Will Old MCs ever be re-released through the Quest System?

3) If they are released, will most of the MCs be re-released, or only the really popular ones, like the OMG and the Ninja Band?

4) Will there ever be a Design An MC Contest?
Yes, especially Flaming Hot Cheetos! biggrin

yes, but with either limitations or alterations.

yes, probably through a selective process

probably not for the time being, as items from design contest should be free.

Greetings lanzer i have a few questions

1. do you thnk gaia will hit 150,000 before years end?

2.will timmy be cured?

3.do you think gaia will be here in 5 or even 10 years

those are all the questions i have and happy gaia 5th anniversary
I'm sure we will. blaugh

I don't know, but what all users wants will have a great influence over Timmy's fate...

Yeah I think so, no reason why Gaia would go away as long as we have the support from all Gaians.


Horde or Alliance?

P.S. You best pick the right one. D: <3
User Image

Bwhahaha, I'll just have to post this until you answer. ;3

Horde or Alliance?
Is me answering enough? I've played Horde..
*unsure of the correct answer, pepper hides behind her chair to see what happens*

But I've been too busy to play in awhile

How do you brainstorm ideas for new items?

Or anything in general---plotlines, NPCs, etc
A whole group of us sit down to brainstorm for item or plot ideas. The team changes depending on whether it's new features, items, or plotlines. Usually L0cke and CP lead those brainstormings.
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This was the first time Lanzer has answered my two separate-post questions in a row!

The technique is to keep the question simple and short. It work wonders. 3nodding
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Legal Super Bump!
User Image

Lanzer's comment about Apple Valley was hilarious! rofl

Thanks again for organizing the questions. whee heart
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Q: Why does Garfield hate Mondays?

A: He doesn't know about Ask The Admin! Starting soon!
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February 25th

After the hubbub of last week, today seemed downright calm. Lanzer actually got to answer more than one question per page.

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone got their Kiki and Koko slippers. We had our little celebration within Gaia HQ also. All staff members get a Gaia jacket. :O For those cold days in the Gaia office when A/C kicks in during the summer. smile

A few weeks ago this was said:
Fishing need some serious backend changes before we can give out new stuff. We made it wrong so it's very bot-friendly today. We're releasing a bunch of new games, then we'll go back and fix fishing when the new gaming server is ready
While I understand you are preparing a new game server, but is anyone actually currently working on fishing now to try get rid of the botting issues? And if not, what is the rationale behind that choice?

To be honest, I've made my Gaia living through fishing and the botting going on has been atrocious and has literally killed the Durem fish market. The month the bots hit Durem hard the first time after the new marketplace saw the fish in Durem dropping at least 50% in value. Some fish dropped even more so. And in general fish all throughout dropped in value, mostly due to the botting.

Along with this... Fishers would really like to see a fishing item update (we also have tons and tons of ideas for different things that could possible be made like fish plushies, slippers, armor and much more!!). It has been well over a year since we have seen anything new, where the Casino has received several small updates. The only concern that I think most fishers have with this is, that if the botting issue isn't fixed, adding new items to the fishing exchange won't help the fish market recover from the massive botting that has killed it.

While I don't fish competitively much anymore, I ended up starting a Trophy Fisher's Charity to help my fellow fishers to be able to afford bait so they can keep trying after those trophies that they want, because its really hard to break even anymore with fishing because of the price of fish has gone down so drastically.

At one point I had even made a thread detailing the amount of money one would generally make/lose for each type of bait at each lake based on the average buy prices listed on the market. I haven't updated it in a while, but since I have made, I've seen fish prices continue to drop across the board. I honestly think that only in Durem can you break even and maybe make a bit of gold without filtering on A bait, and only in Durem and Bass'ken can you break even with filtering on A bait, assuming you catch at least 2 stripers per bucket.

Also in relation to the botting, I'm sure the people that are competing in Durem and Junk would really like to have some idea of how well they are actually doing. But with the bots covering those two boards almost constantly it has been months since any fisher has known if they are even close to the trophy they desire. Not to mention that fact that trophies haven't been handed out in about 5 MONTHS.

It is really painful for me to watch what is happening with fishing as its what got me really into Gaia. I joined Gaia March 27th 2006 and one my first trophy in May 06. Since then I have gone on to complete my trophy set, and wish that my friends and fellow fishers could have a chance to win the trophies they want. But the botting has seriously demotivated fishers seeking Durem and Junk trophies. And in some cases any trophy. You never really know if the person you are running against could be a bot.

Please, reconsider the priorities you have set down for games.

Apologies for the long post... but I've been meaning to stop by the thread for a while to say a few things on behalf of a large number of Fishers.
Hello Bria:

Yes, Fishing had been a big pain point for Gaia because it's our first stab at an online game and it ended up showing us how not to write an online game. eek We made mistakes that made it easily exploitable and allowed people to cheat the system. After many patches and fixes we determined that the real way to fix it is to pretty much re-write the back-end of the game. Right now the people who can work on Fishing is off working on the battle system, and others are working on a new game server that won't have the level of security problems that our current system has. Games like the upcoming pinball is a total contracted work, meaning that we asked someone outside of Gaia who had worked on pinball games to make a Gaia version for us.

It's a slow and painful process but we'll get to the point where moving forward, new games and revised version of old games will be fair and not have the same level of exploits that the current fishing game has. Stay tuned for more updates and details!

Dear Lanzer,
I hope you had a good weekend! I do have a couple questions for you if you don't mind (my first time here whee ):

1. When do you think the kitty slippers will stop being handed out?

2. Do you think the older eyes will come in purple colors anytime soon?

3. I'm not sure if you'll answer this one, but will the battle system come out in the beginning, middle, or end of the year?

Thanks for everything 3nodding
I think that today's the last day for slippers.

Purple eyes didn't make it in the last update, to my disappointment. I'll keep asking the team.

Can't say when, but do expect some news regarding beta testing programs in the middle of the year. As soon as we start beta, then everyone can have a more solid time to look forward to. :O

Hey there Lanzer.
1.How are you? I just got out of my eastern religions class I thought college was suppose to be fun!

2.I was wondering, is there going to be any future attempt to limit the number of accounts on gaia one person can have? I know some other websites do this
I mean limiting people to one maybe two accounts would be easier to track down hackers/botters.(Thus ending a lot of wrongful bannings) and may help stop the massive inflation in the marketplace, I mean I know a person with 10 accounts =/. They are able to get 10k a day just doing daily chance playing games and bumping.(1k per 10 account) it's not really a fair advantage, and if people were limited to one account, it may help alleviate the stress on servers, less crashing!

3.Also. Can I have your boxers? They are me and my friends ultimate dream item, we have a spot dedicated to them in our quest thread. In hopes that one day you will bestow upon us this epic blessing redface

User Image

4Will you release your boxers/underwear as a NPC Item in the daily chance if you don't want to give me them?@.@, I must have them
I'm doing great! I feel your pain about the religion class biggrin

Technically we can't limit the number of mule accounts, but we're building a system to validate a real user from a mule, and rewarding real users with more stuff versus mules. 3nodding

My boxers? I need to start wearing boxers to start giving them out. biggrin

A n g e l i c D e m o n
Kitty slippers FTW. Thank you, Lanzer!

Anyway. A bunch of friends and I have been planning a present to send to all of you lovely people at Gaia HQ, and it's going to be great; you'll love it, I'm sure! Anyway, my question is, can we send it to the P.O. Box?
Yes, we have a secret ninja squad that takes all parcels from the PO box to the Gaia HQ everyday. ninja

UPC Peachy
Lanzer, has the staff noticed at all the recent organization, formerly known as the NPSCs, which are now the UPCs? If yes, what's your opinion on them?

Head of the UPC Organization
~UPC Peachy~
I think what you guys are doing is really cool! Along the same line as fan fic, I think that NPSC, or UPC really ads to the variety to the Gaia world. Keep it up!

Are we ever gonna be able to do anything other than make ink and bouquets with the bugs and flowers? I've seen a ton of petitions with really cool and creative items that the flowers/bugs could be used for, but...

I'd like to say, though, great job on all the items released this month. I loved the slippers, and if I wasn't cosplaying I'd totally be wearing 'em.
Oh yes, we wanted to add multicolor to the salon. Forgot what particular factor got in the way but we'll certainly re-visit it when the next salon update comes around. Thanks for the suggestion.
...buh? I think Lanzer accidentally replied to the wrong question...

Wolfram Cecelia Ysud
Would you kindly answer my question?
Let's hope the Atlas method worked.
Okay, so ... how about Gaia getting some culture in its Cinema?
i mean, there are people who agree that Cinema needs to be livened up at least a little, beyond the current schlock.
We're currently working on getting more anime content on Gaia actually. Once we have an agreement we'll announce to the community. Stay tuned!

I was wondering if the Gaia staff had considered adding more casino games, like roulette or craps, to make the casino more complete. Like a Gaian Las Vegas.
Yes that's what I want too, though the very next goal is to add an arcade so we can have more general mini flash games. Having a real casino is a longer term goal but I'd love to see it happen.

Cyber Grape
Hey Lanzer!! Do you guys ever get strange gifts at HQ? If so, is there a P.O. Box or something?
Yes, we gotten various gifts including cookies sent through the mail. biggrin Well, cookies aren't "strange" but certainly not what the mailman used to delivering. biggrin
Since Lanzer didn't think to do this, I provide you now with some addresses to which you can mail things to Gaia!

Here's the address from the Going Postal! section of the site:
Gaia Online
PO BOX 612680
San Jose, CA

...and here's a different address given in the Terms of Service:
Gaia Interactive, Inc.
PMB 414
105 Serra Way
Milpitas, CA 95035
(Yes, this, too, is just a P.O. Box.)

Nomana Daha
Hello Lanzer, I am wondering, why is gaia running so slow these days?
We have just enough web servers, then we found out that there are other bottlenecks like the "load balancer" and firewalls that need more upgrades. That's the technical answer.

Basically, we have a checklist of over a dozen things that need to be upgraded constantly, and we scramble to make sure that they all get upgraded in a timely manner. Sometimes we slip a little, and the site get slower. We're hiring more super technical guys to help out in that area right now. :O

Kaguya the Silent
Lanzer, any chance of re-designing the Digging/Mining game in Flash? A vast majority of users, including myself, still yearn for that game. sad
Uh oh, that game is currently on hold permanently... though we believe that the upcoming Gaia games will be just as fun, if not better. :O

A n g e l i c D e m o n
Also, on a related topic, what's your favorite color?
Mine is yellow!

The Dharma Initiative
Greetings Lanzer.

Are you a LOST fan?!

Also, I'm not sure if this has been answered in the past or not, but we WILL be getting a Tetris-like game, right?
I've been waiting for it ever since the wearable Blox came out. I'd just love Gaia so much if there was a Tetris game we could earn gold and/or items from~
I'm a LOST season 1 fan. biggrin

Lost track after watching season 2. Hope to pick up the series again soon. Heard that season 3 is pretty good.

Tetris-like game to earn gold? That's highly likely to happen by April. :O

El Haou David
Hi Lanzer!

I have some questions for you.

1- What Happaned to the G Corp t Shirt from the Gaia store? T__T

2- Do guys are Planning to make like the wii Browser or the Psp Browser good with gaia?

3- Is something being done with the Flash Hacking in towns and in the rallys?

4- When there's going to be a storyline Update?
I think we sold out of the G-Corp shirts. New shirts will have other designs on them.

We are working on compatibility with IE, Firefox, and Opera. My understanding is that Wii uses a version of Opera, but if there are problems, then it'll be tough for us to work on, because we are already stretched really thin by making sure that the system work with all 3 browsers.

Yes, the Towns system will be changed after the release of battle

I'm hoping to have a story update during the next event.

Just Some Username
Lanzer. I Would like to ask a question.

A Few Days Ago My Main Account. Kasuki Asama Was Blocked Off From My Reach.

I Made This account To Talk To You About It.

I Would Like To Know What Happened With It? If You would Be So Kind. Thats All I Ask.
Sorry we have a long back-log of hacking related issues that we're working through, but please submit your request through the "contact us" page and we'll get back to you with an update ASAP.

Any more Master's Credit's/Word Bump related items soon?

Word Bump has a limited selection of items. I think it has great, degree-related potential, however! From book-nerds, to fake Gaia Degrees. What better place than Word Bump to have degrees which exist only in Gaia's World?

I got 170k Master's Credits, and I'm hoping to sell'em.

Also - What's is Gaia, Business-Wise? An MMO? A Game Site? A Forum? How would you describe Gaia to another business?

Finally - Who's in Charge of the stories behind the "Hat" MCs and Special Items? I'm really motivated by this particular area of Gaia's story, and would like to know their thoughts.
More activities towards master's credits are coming, currently stalled with all the security updates and battle related work we're doing.

We're a community, social network, and game site in one. I'd like to place community as #1. The outside world often choose social network since there are no communities the same size as Gaia. It's always tough to describe Gaia since we're a mix bag of features.

Every MC or evolving item has their owners actually. You'll need to ask about a specific one.

Cube B
Oh, are you aware the IDM FlashPlugin is glitched, making it impossible to run Cinemas on Linux?
I'm forwarding the question to the developer right now. Please let us know the version of the browser/flash when you get a chance.

I've noticed that avatars can't have stockings and socks on at the same time. However, I see this all the time irl. I know a lot of people would love it if they could do the same on Gaia. Do you think this would be possible?

Also, are we ever going to have an MC that has an option for shades [i.e., sunglasses]? I would LOVE for it to happen!
Thanks for both your suggestions. I don't think it'll be tough to have stockings and socks. As for sunglasses, we should just flat out have more on the site even.


What is your favorite evolving item?

What is the staffs overall favorite evolving item?

My first Ask the Admin! Yay!
Fausto is my favorite, but the Rose might become my new favorite in a few weeks. :O Many are on the same boat as me I would say. I'm trying not to spoil the fun by checking out the design sketches myself. whee

My Questions:

1) Does anybody at Gaia HQ like Rufus Wainwright? It would be sweet to find out if Rufus the Cat listened to his music. razz

2) Will the Arcade contain the mining game that Reinhardt was supposed debut with, and if so, will Reinhardt be given NPC life if it does?

3) Is the joked about (from last week) bald sheep plushie item named Ofilipe in the works? Please say yes! heart

4) How go the NPC and Backwings Quests? Will they come out soon? How about Pinball?

5) Will we ever get to see a Ron Bruise movie and/or All My Gaians episode, be it in manga or animated short format? I really think this would placate our desire for missing plot updates if we had some side-canon to munch on in the meantime.

6) Will the Weapon Shop have more guns in it? If so, will there be cowboy-era pistols (give us Supernatural fans a Colt, please!)?
Heh heh, sorry Rufus refuses to be associated with Rufus Wainwright, pop music is just not his thing. smile

The mining game is not part of the arcade project, sorry, but there will be plenty of other types of cool games there. biggrin

Heh heh, we'll need to come up with the plushie before the name.

Pinball is on schedule, while the backwing quest is delayed since the NPC quest was delayed a little. Expect the NPC quest to be released really soon. :O

not sure if ask before. But will there be a easter event?
Yes! :O

Hey lanzer do you get a gaian allowance. Like $10.00 worth of cash card?
Not really, I just dropped by Target and got my own card. We have one just a few minutes away from the Gaia HQ.
Not really, I just dropped by Target and got my own card. We have one just a few minutes away from the Gaia HQ.

Tricia just wants to say...

Wow, this must be one of the greatest hints the Sheep got so far. BTW, where are they lately?

...have a nice day!
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March 3rd

Today saw the happy return of crazy spork i am, kirbyUFO and fulltimefailure to Ask The Admin. There were also several first-time visitors among the Users, possibly drawn in by the 'publicity stunt' of holding Ask The Admin in the Anniversary forum. Lanzer talked a fair bit about the glitches and botting threatening the site, revealed some interesting info about Rina, and dropped some sour news for Gaia Battle fans. Meanwhile, there's some serious Smash Bros. Brawl in at least one Gaia Staffer's future...

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres
Hey Sporkii ;D
How're you doing?
i'm doing alright. kirby and i are just wrapping up our long list of things to do.

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres
Holy crap Spork... Change the hair! it's just no!
Have you ever played "Drawn to life"?
no way! it's similar to my hair in real life right now...so it's doubly special!
/She's using the new Girl's Shock Pink hairstyle. -Platonix/
Have you ever played Drawn to life?
I want pickys!
nope haven't played much of anything these days apart from team fortress2, heh. there's a pic somewhere on my journal :3

Hello This is my first ATA ,
I have had this concern for a while.
When a user gets banned there items are locked into there account forever unless you guys say other wise right?
Well i was wondering why you don't take the items off banned account and have
admins or NPC's or a new thing sell them back in the market place for the adverage price?
That way they don't disappear forever and become completely out of reach for users like me who want them ^_^

also if i gave you a dollar would you give me a Nitemare scarf

come one its 100 penny's I bet you could get a soda 3nodding
lol (JK)

shockman0050 (the original shock man and don't you forget it ninja )
That's a great idea. At the same time a lot of users are afraid that when their accounts get hacked, we might accidentally start selling their items, among other concerns such as whether or not it's a legitimate act.

We had came to the conclusion that there are enough users who want the older items that we definitely want to make the older collectibles available again. Though emptying out banned accounts or re-issuing similar items and making them available through quests or lottery, we'll definitely make a way that is fair for everyone. For now we have a few other features in priority, but note that it's something that we will introduce sometime later.

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres
How are you, Spork?

Also, do you think I could pass as a Gold Mountain employee?
doing alright. first time in a while i woke up without feeling too groggy...i'm not much of a morning person.

sure dealie!

crazy spork i am
Tai Naito
Spork and Kirby: What's number 1 on that list of yours?
mostly we try to go with what's needed at the earliest, but when that isn't the case battle is normally our priority :3

Have you ever played Drawn to life?
I want pickys!
is that the DS game where you draw and rig the character?

It's pretty funny to see a limbless body floating through the levels and levitating weapons with its mind... Even funnier is to watch just the limbs run through the levels rofl
I remember I was waiting for that game, then I got distracted by tf2 or something O.O

tantum angel
Omg my first time here.

heres a question for all the adimins

1.) what is your favorite breakfast food
2) what is your favorite lunch food
#What is you favorite food food
4) what is your favorite dessert

5)what is your favorite question to get asked
6) what is your favorite gaian item.
1.) crispy hash browns
2.) ramen, or some type of noodle soup
3.) I think this question is impossible to answer razz
4.) Cheesecake
5.) paper or plastic?
6.) wtf hat, or shadow spirit

Thanks for answering my question last week... I have more to ask this week. whee

Back in November 2005 Trophies got stalled... for 6 months. When trophies were finally handed out again, there were a number of surprises... but we were also told that Gaia would try really hard not to ever let trophies get so backlogged again. However, once again trophies are now 6 months behind.

Are trophies going to be handed out again? Or have you guys just unoffically nixed the fishing competition because of all the botting problems. I think fishers would really like to know if they will get these trophies they have been aiming for and how long they should be expecting to wait. Will we have to wait till after Battle and after Fishing gets fixed? Or can we expect that this HUGE backlog of 246 trophies will be handed out before we can start saying 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12 months...

I myself feel especially sorry for those who have competed for Durem or Junk trophies. They have no clue if they are even close to having won a trophy... or what trophy because of all the botting problems.

I understand you are going to wait to fix the botting issue... but I can't help but wonder why you would let something that is continuing to ruin the economy, and not just the fishing market, but the market as a whole. I can't even begin to imagine how many MCs are now locked up in botted accounts and how much gold is still running around from all these bots. Especially as I've seen some of the Durem bots fish for two weeks or more before getting shut down.
Hello again,

As far as the Gaia economy goes, we internally split the concern over MC and fishing separately and tackle them accordingly. In regards to fishing trophies, we have a monumental goal to reach, which is towards building a more solid platform. Once that is created, we'll be able to fix fishing once more time. It's also a matter of priority, and that depends on how many people ask us to fix which game first.

Regarding MC's, the situation is much more centered towards the fact that more and more Gaians get to have more gold to spend, while the supply of old MC do not go up. The number of MC in banned account is just a fraction of MC's that are floating in the market. What will really stabilize the prices are the ideas towards re-releasing older items. Though we can only go forward with those ideas if it doesn't impact the value of existing items by too much. It's a hard balance but we'll get to that also.

tantum angel
Omg my first time here.

heres a question for all the adimins

1.) what is your favorite breakfast food
2) what is your favorite lunch food
#What is you favorite food food
4) what is your favorite dessert

5)what is your favorite question to get asked
6) what is your favorite gaian item.
1. dang there are so many indulgent breakfast foods. i think eggs benedict wins hands down though.
2. lunch items, hmmmm... probably some kind of gourmet sandwich! i like ham, brie, green apple, mesclun and dijon on french baguette. yum biggrin
3. i'm not sure what that means, hehe. any kind of food? hard to pin a specific one because i think variety is what makes food awesome. maybe cheese fondue!
4. oooh.. probably this amazing sugar crusted coconut cake my mom makes, with lime frosting and tropical fruit salsa
5. hmmm i like when people ask me about the games or music i'm into =)
6. probably the dark halo. it's got my namesake!! XD (darkhalo was my handle from 1997ish)

Blanks IV
Blanks IV
And how many of the devs/mods/admins have a Wii and are looking forward to Super Smash Bros Brawl comming out this Sunday?
ahhh i wanna play it so bad and i still don't have a wii !!

supposedly target gets their wii shipments in sunday mornings, but i can never wake up early enough ><
I have a Wii but lack funds at the moment.
Hopefully I have some cash left on my debit card. >_<
Who are you gonna main? dramallama
heheh, i dunno yet. gotta try all of the new characters =) in the first smash bros it was kirby ftw, hands down. felt like they nerfed him in melee, so i got into samus (can't go wrong with guns and missiles!) and jigglypuff, just because it's so fun to scare people when you're innocently floating near them =) anyway, i hope kirby comes back to full power in brawl biggrin

Blanks IV
Blanks IV
Kirby was always fun, but Samus is always a good pick.
I will probably play as her first untill I unlock Captain Falcon >D
Turn around punch ftw.
Have you heard how horrible the voice actors are for Fox, Ike, Pit, Falco and others?
haha, i love how kirby voices "falco PUNCH" when you get his power XD i haven't heard the new voices... if they're gonna be horrendous i hope they're at least cheezy enough to make fun of. to this day i still quote falcon "show me ya' moves!"

or for some reason my friends and i got a kick out of combining the announcer's voices. "INVISIBLE- METAL- GIANT- YOUNG LINK POLYGON TEAM!"
Lol, you must be refering to that youtube video of Kirby punchin dramallama
Lets just say Fox sounds like a little kid, Falco sounds like a little kid with a Brooklyn accent, and Meta Knight sounds like a Darth Vader who's from south of the border.
I heard them and was like, "Isn't it early for an April fools?"
If you do get a Wii and Brawl, might I inquire an exchanging of friend codes? domokun
yeah, let's do it!!

Nawat Cooper
Hello everyone! Anyone here play Rockband? We got it a while back and there's a ton of us playing right now. I think soon we'll have a Rockband contest. biggrin How's everyone doing today?
Doin' okay Lanzer.

Lanzer, whats your opinion on all the people who have been having fun developing new ways to try and ruin the average Gaian's gaia experience lately? From the towns hackers to those using redirecting links in thread titles.

Also, what would be your favorite forum on Gaia?

Oh and on a totally personal note...

Lanzer, can I have your pants? -fanboy squeal- <3 heart heart domokun
That is actually my highest concern right now. On the forum side of things, we are providing better tools to help with reporting and moderation. It's not too hard to build and we should be seeing improvements in the coming month or two. The problem with Towns is a tougher challenge because the server itself lacks the features we need to make it secure. We're working on though, and after the release of the battle system we should be able to apply the same features.

My favorite forum today is GCD, naturally, but I frequent site feedback and Q&A often, followed by ED forums and C&T.

My pants? It's too cold outside to be giving away my pants. biggrin

Hi Lanzer! I notice you have been speaking about an arcade coming to Gaia, it's probably not a secret at this point. I was wondering how many new games will the arcade initially release?

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Oh I thought of another question in Decided Issues, which is sadly not up-to-date, it mentions that switching your gender will eventually be disabled. Is that true or will we always have the option to change our gender?
We're likely to get around 30 games at launch. There's currently a game developing contest also and we'll be able to vote on the entries in April. biggrin

Master Gackt
Ok here's a better question.
Where the Hell is the battle system?!
I've been waiting for over 2 years for it to come out... crying crying crying crying crying
Look forward to it this year biggrin
*tabs back to battle work*

Cid High-Wind
Hi Lanzer!

Just a few questions from me tonight:

1. Spring is almost here! Got any spring cleaning plans?

2. How do you feel knowing there are some people who really admire you and think of you as, like, this leader? I know it sounds lame, being on a website and all, but some people really dig what you do and kind of look to you or Gaia for sources of inspiration and maybe even motivation. I know you don't think of yourself as anything special, but some people think a lot differently. (I sound so stupid asking that. stressed )

3. Oh and uh...I've been asked by someone else to ask you how babies are made. redface
I got plans to clean up plenty of bugs around the site biggrin

I made a website, but I never considered myself as a leader. I hope that Gaia has many leaders each leading different initiatives, from discussions, guilds, role play, to creating fun contents like plays or music albums. I think that seeing these people get recognized within our community makes me feel more special than anything. whee I'm just keep building new stuff.

How babies are made? Wow, it's quite different than writing new code for Gaia. Though I've heard that it's much more painful. :O

El Haou David
Hi Lanzer.

1- Lanzer what are you guys planning to do with the Forum Hacking stuff that's happening right now?

2-If you could find the person behind all this, Like the one that created this mess, Can you guys Sue him or something?

3- Are Labtechs Mask Coming out soon in a Garage store Update? Us G corp Fans would really like them! :3

4- Will the Vampire Link Stay forever?
Definitely, that's our top priority right now

To us it's not about catching the person, but rather making sure that our end is safe and secure so that everyone can feel safe within the community. Hackers are like mosquitoes in a hot summer day, squashing one doesn't mean the itch will go away.

I'll pass the request on to the art team. I don't think it was being planned currently.

We're not certain what we'll do to the vampire link yet. I think many wish for the link to stay though.

First time I've ever been on for this.
Do you have any ideas on who the next sponsers might be?
I'm not sure which one is coming up next, but I'm trying to get an anime based one happen soon. :O

Hello everyone! Anyone here play Rockband? We got it a while back and there's a ton of us playing right now. I think soon we'll have a Rockband contest. biggrin How's everyone doing today?
i think my roommates were playing that. one morning i went into the common area and there was a drum set and guitar like things. o.O

when will Ian's and Liam's shop art be updated?
how are the NPC and backwing quests going?
do you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Oh no! We kept slipping on updating the stores! Art team kept getting caught up in different projects.

Backwing quest haven't started yet, though NPC quest is going through QA tests. To be released soon. Do note it's a small quest, not something really grand in scale. :O

I love Red Hot Chili Peppers. Too bad they only have Danny California in Rockband that we can sing. biggrin

What do you guys think about the latest scam?
(Redirection scam cookie grabber)

I heard a few mods have fallen for the scam ninja
We took care of that problem. Knowing that the exploits will never end, we're going to come up with a few more ways to make login more secure.

I'm lovin' Rock Band, Lanzer. What instrument are you good with? Will we ever get a video of you dropping mad vocals?

Anyway, down to business.

First off, well done on the orphans items. I have to say I'm a fan.

So obviously, my first question should have something to do with them. Will there be any more "randomizing" items in the future like the Adoption Papers?

Next, I've been waiting to ask this one, is about the G-Rangers.

I dunno if you know this, but I'm big on Super Sentai and Kamen Rider in a big way. So I need to know: will we ever get the G-Rangers set and satisfy my poor bleeding heart?

Last one: has there ever been an idea in the petitions forum that you'd love to do, but knew you couldn't?

Congrats on the new server!
I like drums the most, but guitars are so much easier biggrin I like to sing but I don't have the singer's voice, which is a bummer.

There will definitely be more randomizing items, but only when we see that it makes sense. There's the fun factor, also the fact that it'll help circulate items into the economy, and brings in kind of a rarely aspect. In most cases, we stick with providing what you see with what you get. smile

Ah, yes, it should be coming soon. I kept forgetting why it's taking this long to come out. biggrin

There are too many of that for me to list. XD

G-Corp Labtech 307
Hey Lanzer, six questions for ye this time.

1) Why do so many of the NPCs, such as Ian, Ruby, and Agatha, not have proper avatars? I know that Ian once had his, why isn't it up as his?

2) Why do some of the NPCs, such as Russell, Jinx, and Cardbot, not have profiles at all?

3) Will there ever be an NPC Date?

4) When will G-Corp officially return? gonk

5) Do you watch The Simpsons?

6) Do you watch Monk?
We'd love to have proper avatars and profiles for all the NPC's, though like many features that the engineering team would like to do, other projects kept popping up and we couldn't get around to it. They're being filled on a as needed basis, but yeah it'll be so great when all of them would be available. crying

Ah, lovely to catch you
I just want to express how much fun I've had being part of the GaiaOnline comminuty for the last four years ^^

Also I have some concerns though, mainly about the servers..
I've not been able to connect to towns/cinema/games servers since about November
Then last month the housing went down as well
I heard rumors about new servers for them as well as a new interface for inventory/housing arranger.
I was just wondering how that was coming along?
It's sad not being able to help Gaia keep sponsors interested with hits on the quests because of server failures
That's odd. To our test team we've been having no problems with Towns or other flash environments. Do other flash games work no problem? I can only suggest running another web browser with an updated version of Flash. A few months ago we did made the requirement for Flash 9.

Housing arranger need to be converted to Flash also. It running off shockwave had been a problem since the beginning.

While the new server is being tested, yes we are working on a better arranger with item equip ability. It'll make everyone's lives a lot easier. Stay tuned for more details.

Cube B
O Hai.

Okay, first of all, Thank you for the Orphans! I was wondering if the Adoption Certificate would be a permanent item, since I thought it would be cool to be able to adopt special orphans around Holidays, like Alien, Zombie, Vampire, and Werewolf Orphans for Halloween, Elf orphans for Christmas, etc. Or perhaps costumes for orphans?

Oh, and hows the domain name thing coming along? It's been a while. sweatdrop

Oh, by the way, NPC Quest soon plz? biggrin I heard it shows up in a random shop.
That's a great idea. The orphans are permanent so they're here to stay.

Battle's new name is kind of at a halt right now because of domain name issues. D: We might need a new name after all...

Hello Lanzer how are you?

I was wondering how old is Rina and does she run the shop herself?
I believe Rina is 14, and she's very capable. biggrin

Is there going to be a Quest for the movie: 'The Other Boylen Girl'?
Sorry nope, especially since the movie is already out. It looks like a beautiful movie.

`Salt Fairy
Hey, Lanzer!

Just a couple quick questions:

When is the next major overhaul of the avatar system planned?

Additionally, are you guys planning to ever update the Guild Network?

I miss the days when Gaia was basically centered around the World Map. Any plans to make the world map more prominent in the future?

Lastly; The Avatar Talk subforum is completely overrun with "Tektek me!" threads...
Would there be any plans for a subforum in the subforum?

Thanks so much, Lanzer. You admin people work your tucchuses off and it shows. Thank you for all your hard work to make Gaia a better place!
The guild system and forum systems will be worked on before the Avatar system rewrite. The guild system will be worked on at around May or so, while there's no date for the avatar system yet.

We're working on a major component that will help link the flash spaces together. That might or might not have an effect on the world map, but we definitely wish to work on that in the future.

We're planning for more subforums, and even the possibility of integrating many guilds into the forum areas. Stay tuned!

Have a great week everyone!
I just wanted to mention how much I adore you, Platonix, for doing this compilation!! I've been gone for a few weeks and reading this is SO much better than searching through all the junk.

Also, I use (and link you) this thread when completing my own AtA thread - but it focuses on any questions pertaining to the Evolving Items for the Evo Item Guild I'm in. Here's the link to the thread and to the guild, if you're interested!

Thanks again!
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I'm bumping this thread early tonight because I'm not sure whether I'll be available or not later. We'll see.

Oh, the poster before me (not Orna) was a porn troll, whom I both reported and ignored, so I can't tell whether the report has led to the post's deletion yet. If it hasn't, just stick him on your ignore list.
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Oh, the poster before me (not Orna) was a porn troll, whom I both reported and ignored, so I can't tell whether the report has led to the post's deletion yet. If it hasn't, just stick him on your ignore list.
Orna's post is right before yours so it seems it did.
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If you have not heard already, the date for this week's session has been moved to Friday, cause.....Lanzer wasn't there yesterday.

Course, many people are still not here cause of that fancy pants Super Smash Bros Brawl.
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March 14th
On Monday, March 10th, two unfortunate things happened. Lanzer was out of town and unable to do his usual Ask The Admin, and what should have been a routine banning of bots from Fishing went horribly awry, banning a few hundred innocent accounts. On the 14th, Lanzer held a make-up Ask The Admin, and was met by people complaining about the bannings; this was fine, as it was a serious problem that needed addressing. However, even after Lanzer posted apologizing for the problem and said they were working on unbanning the accounts, several of the wrongfully banned continued to fill the thread, somehow unsatisfied with that answer. The whole thread very quickly went south. Lanzer answered the exact same question twice more by the end.

Hello Lanzer. Hope you are doing well today. I have a question that has bothered myself and many others for a long time, and something I noticed in a recent AtA has finally caused me to ask. So, here goes.

Skins. We have a decent amount floating around the site. Some are default, some are in items, and others are earned through events. However, something here seems a bit unfair to me. The Zurg skins, which were brought to us as an event, are still changable back and forth. The Vampire skins, also an event, are still changable according to what you said in a prior AtA, something along the lines of "We will leave the link up because so many users want the choice to change".

My question and concern then is this; Zombie and/or Grombie skins. The Zombie skins were lost in H2K4, and we were told they were never coming back. The Grombie skins, came a year later, and nobody could change into them after the event, or out of them without losing them forever. If other skins are kept as is because of what the users wish, then why are we still not able to have the Zombie/Grombie skins as a choice? I for one missed the event due to family emergency, and have long since wished for the chance, even once, to have a Grombie skin.

Thank you for your time, I hope that my question is not too much, and I hope you have a great weekend.

Hi LabTech, the basic answer to your question is because the newer skin was built to be able to switch back and forth when we planned for the event. The older skins were written on code that didn't have the interchangeability in mind so we couldn't provide a link that last forever.

In the long run, we're working on a feature that will let everyone choose different skin type. A full fledge feature would be great, though some of us are thinking that it can be released as items that Gaians can use, which should speed up development time. Makes sense? Hope we have something to show everyone in March or April. 3nodding

Dear Lanzer

I got a question, one of my friends is quitting gaia, and he wants to give me his invo, but he has a lot of things, I heard that if you recieve numerous trades/gifts from the same person and it turns out to be only one sided, you can be banned for hacking is this true?

and why is it you are banned for buying items that came from a hacked person/getting donations from a botter honestly how can you know? The inflation that came with the 2% fee caused many prices to rise, so the only way to get a item within a reasonable amount of time is through donations <3

How about adding a capcha when trading/gifting? harder to hack that way,

As well as when changing your password, how about sending a confirmation link to your email, so people can't change your password when you are hacked

Edit:I still want those boxers! XD
Definitely no. A user only get banned for buying gold or receiving botted gold or items. If your friend is a regular Gaia user, you receiving his/her items will never get you banned. Banning begins when we trace down botters which leads to a whole farm of bots. Those bots then point to people who buy item/gold from these botters. The method for detecting bots is very very obvious, and the bots don't do much to hide their identity. Their goal is to farm the gold, and try to sell the gold before we are fast enough to catch them.

In too many cases, a regular user purchase gold/items from a site that claims to be a legit source for getting more gold/item, and as a result the user would claim that he/she is wrongfully banned. It remain to be arguable where the ban is justifiable or not. Though the reason for us banning is to avoid bots and the large influx of gold into the economy which raise the price of items.

Banning relating to hacking is a different situation, we act when a user report their account being hacked. In almost all cases, the person who got hacked end up getting all their items back.

Zweizi Galon
Good evening Lanzer! Hey, gotta say I love the sleek new look and overhaul on the Housing interface. It's much better than the previous version.

My question is, could you possibly bring back the option where you could talk to Josie? All it would take is a little bar saying "Talk to Josie" underneath her, just like with Flynn in the Cash Shop.

Users really feel that when you take away something like the ability to talk with an NPC, it detracts from the overall enjoyment from the experience of the Gaia Online NPCs, and makes them feel less like unique and enjoyable characters, and more like robotic pixels on a screen, running on scripts. sad

Definitely. NPC is one of the main elements of Gaia, we'll bring back interaction with Josie and we'll also have the housing editor fixed. Sorry it's taking a long time. The same guy working on word bump also worked on some of the other games also worked on housing, so there's just a long list of tasks that we have to fix. We're also changing the housing system to flash so people won't need to download the director plug-in.

A Deidara
To any admin, developer, or person with information. Several legit accounts got blocked on the 10th of March, with no emails and no news as to when and if we can get our accounts back.

Several in particular were blocked for botting, an incomprehensible accusation to all of us.

Thousands of dollars were wasted on these accounts thru donations to a site we thought we could trust, and are now being left in the dark or ignored.

Was fishing the cause of it? Was it simply surfing too fast? None of us know how to avoid it happening again. We've all PMd a site moderator as requested, and are waiting patiently for a response with some real information.

March 10 Blockings Meeting Place

March 10 Martyrs Guild

My apologies if something similar has already been posted. Several of us were planning on visiting this topic today.
I'm very sorry about the banning on the 10th. The botting team did make a mistake on banning some fishers that aren't botting, and we're working on unbanning all those account. crying


The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Staff subforum

AskED the admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
By the way, I wanted to thank you for putting all this time into maintaining the compilation thread. biggrin I'm sure it had saved many people's time in having to browse through hundreds of pages of posts.
I said it then and I'll say it now: heart crying heart

Ello, I have some questions Lanzer:

How do you pick who are battle system beta testers?

How many items will be in the sealed? 2 or 3?

Whenever I post in the fourms for some reason my shoes glitch and parts of my shoes dissappers


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Will this glitch ever be fixed?

When will the Easter Event begin?

And one last thing are you planning any pranks for April Fools Day?
We pick from people who respond to the beta tester thread at the the Q&A forum, with not much criteria but to make sure that they're regular users and not bots. smile

There will be 2 items.

That's a masking problem that we should be fixing in the newer avatar system. Though it's further down the road.

Hiya Lanzer, tis me again I'm afraid xD

Only three questions this time.

Firstly, will there be any conventions or official get togethers in the UK? I dunno about anyone else, but I personally feel a tad left out, with all these cool things being held in America and not being able to go to them gonk and would love to see some over here in sunny - *cough* - ole England.

Secondly, I've seen several popular petitions for cyber goth gear, and I was just wondering whether it would be possible for us to actually get something along those lines some time in the future. It'd be pretty cool to be able to dress my avi up in the sort of stuff that quite a lot of Gaians wear IRL.

And lastly, what did you do with all the gifted Bee Suits? xd There must've been hundreds that got gifted, lmao, did most of 'em get ignored? Are the gifts still left unopened in your inventory, or what?

(I'd so have loved to have been a fly on the wall and see the staff's reactions to getting all these loads of Bee Suits XDDD)

One last question. I have LabTechKatrica round with me at the moment, and she wanted me to ask you if she can have her Horns of the Demon back xd
I'd love to help users organize an event in the UK. I personally would probably not be able to attend. Though I really would love to visit UK sometime in the future. I'll organize something with DJ Helsing so that we can support you guys.

Yes I think those are in line with what we want to release for later this year. I'll make sure that we don't miss those petitions.

My bee suits are sitting quietly in my storage box. I only need one of them to look really silly. biggrin

Lame question is lame, but I wanted to ask-- How many letters should I buy this month? Meaning, how many items will be inside? I'm low on cash so I need to know before I spend the rest of it XD

Btw, HAY GUYZ. Sup? How are you going to be spending your easter? I already got my easter gifts early.. I don't see my mom a lot lol. Also, do you have your green gear ready for St. Paddy's day for your avatar ;D?

SWEET I made it on the first page ;3~ heart
It'll be just two items if that's what you're asking. Should only spend what you can afford though. :O

I don't have much green gear but we're having a tiny St Patrick's day party! biggrin As for Easter, all I know is that there will be a lot of chocolate going down my stomach. 3nodding
Incidentally, Lanzer made a typo at first when replying to this. He couldn't decide whether to write the above, or "Shouldn't spend more than you can afford", and he wound up typing "Should only spend more than you can afford". He's been getting grief for that. sweatdrop

Hello Lanzer
I have a few questions.
1. What kinds of games will be available in the new arcade?
2. Have you guys considered a stock market style of game?
3. Have you considered having sports games?
4. How close is the MMO in respect to its launch?
5. Have you played Super Smash Brother’s Brawl yet? It is freaking amazing. It would be cool to have more items based off of video games. Like Pit from Kid Icarus.
They'll be small casual games that aren't too different than ones you can find online. The difference is that chat should be integrated and you can earn gold form playing them.

No stock market yet, too hard to manage I'm afraid.

We're also planning for multiplayer games. Sports games is a high possibility.

MMO is in testing stages, but no solid date yet, sorry.

Okay, here's my lot.

Firstly, when are the trophies coming out? Because I've heard many things, and even though I know that it has been said that fishing wont be rewritten until the battle system is done, do the trophies really have much to do with rewriting? xd

Also, wouldn't it be in gaias interest to be rid of the bots, that are surely lagging servers, and selling off gold and making profits off gaias system. And once the battle system is done, wont there be a whole lot of new people who will join, adding to the problems further, more gold will be sold from the bots to the new users, and the servers will still be lagged, more months backlogged in bots...? I mean if the bots can acess the fishing games, what will stop them finding holes in the battle system? It may be better to have all the old games/site fixed to a good enough standard atleast, and I mean the bot problem isn't a new problem... it's been ongoing for many months now, and you would have thought that something would have been done about it. I'm just curious if anything will be done soon about it at all.

I know that gaia is a community site, and if you have ever been in the fishing community it's one of the best groups on here (In my opinion). And to think that even though we're the minority, to have fishing neglected so much is a bit of a downer. If the problem doesn't get dealt with it will just grow and grow, until it gets to a ridiculous point. Half the top 50 boards are covered with bots, and the other boards from time to time end up getting this too.
Because from what I can see, all you're doing is trying to get new users instead of trying to satisfy the users you have.

Also. The recent banning wave... May I ask what happened? Because many of my friends have been banned, and lots of people were all banned at the same time. I don't think they all could have done something wrong at the same time xd But yeah... what happened there? I'm sure you've made a few hundred users atleast very angry.. and that number is probably growing as more people hear about it, find their accounts were banned. Was it an accident, or are you actually banning all these people?

So yeah, to sum up xd :
When are trophies coming out, if you have any idea at all...
And also what is gaias views on the bots that have taken over fishing?
And what was the ban wave all about?

Thanks for your time smile
Problem is that it got to be too hard to tell between a real user and a botter, so the team decided to hold off on trophies until we really fix the system. Sorry.

We're doing everything we can to prevent botting, outside of the banning effort. Both must be done to prevent the economy from inflating like crazy. In a perfect world, we would like to spend time building new games and features. crying Handling botting had been using up a lot of our time.

Timaeus Gandora Daakunesu
heya lanzer how are you today?

are you a fan of any types of sports?
I would watch world cup Soccer religiously. biggrin

Hello everyone! Ready for the weekend? We had a great time at the first Gaia softball game yesterday. I'll try to post some pics later. biggrin
I'm glad you had fun, but I must admit that I am not sports fan.

But I am a fan of hats. Shade hats to be exact. Paper shade hats.

Will we ever get a trash update?
Trash update? Like the 2003 starter set with the "distinct odor"? biggrin If a lot of users ask for it, then we'll be adding it to the list. wink

Cid High-Wind
Saw the pics from the game. Looks like it was fun. whee

My question: Are you ever surprised at the amount of people who ask questions in these AtA sessions?
Nope, I get a lot more PM. biggrin

Hello Lanzer and all other Gaians here today. I have come to discuss the grave issue of those who were wrongfully blocked from their accounts on Monday March 10 2008, do to a glitch we're shore. Below you will see a list of only a portion of those unfortunates. I am here to get the answers we desperately need. It is understood that it will take time to sort through all of the accounts to verify our innocence, but why no explanation, no public “Hey guys we are working on it! Everything will be worked out soon!” Not so much as a peep from the higher ups to tell us anything. The majority of us have put hundreds of dollars (yes real money) into our accounts. Not to mention the thousands of hours we put into Gaia. We have all in a sense lost our identity. Our Avatars are the people we are in Gaia and they have been taken from us.

We want to know:
1.) What is being done to resolve this?
2.) When will we get some form of notification that we have been heard?
3.) And most importantly, when can we expect to get our accounts back?

/post ended with a list of 150 people who had been wrongfully banned. I'm not reproducing it; if you're curious, the original post is here. -Platonix/
Sorry I thought that there had been a post about the banning issue. I will touch base with the guys and ask for more info to be posted on the Q&A forum. crying Sorry for the lack of info.

Dear Lanzer,

Since March 10th I have been banned from gaia on my main account, Sweetywrapper,
and many others have also been wrongly accused of 'botting'.

What I mean to ask is...

Why did we all recieve bans for no reason?
What did we do?
What is gaia trying to do about this situation?
How long will this take to resolve?

I really want my account back Lanzer, please answer ^_^
Sorry, the banning was made due to a system error. We're working to fix the problem and we'll have the problem fixed hopefully over the weekend if not very soon after that.

This is my first time being here (though i read them every week).

I would like to know if there's any word on the WalMart cash card thing. Are they selling good?
Will i get to see cash cards in my town's walmart (since i dont have target or other stores that sell them in my town). I would really love for that to happen.
Oh yes! Good news for everyone is that there were actually quite a few Gaians who visited Walmart at the mysterious locations! So they'll be stocking Gaia gift cards in selected locations (about 1450 stores) the next time they adjust their inventory. However, the bad news is that it takes months for the cards to distribute, so we might not see them in stores until the middle of the year. If this next test do well, then all the Walmarts across the states should get the Gaia gift cards.

Combustion Girl
Hello! I've got a couple questions for you, if you don't mind.
My questions:
How do you guys come up with ideas for the Monthly Collectibles?
What is up with the Naruto Kunai? It disappeared from the marketplace, but some users got it in the Daily Chance.
Will we be getting more Daily Chance exclusive items any time soon?
Will we ever get a ring-tailed lemur plushie?
There is a great story that goes behind MC...

4 years ago Gaia was still a site run by 4 guys working at home. Back then we just wanted to build the site and have fun, but very soon we got a lot of users online and the bandwidth cost for Gaia was more than a thousand dollars a month. (a big deal for someone working at home)

It happens that many users wanted to contribute to keep Gaia up and running, so they got together and offered to donate to Gaia. So I setup a Paypal account, and we got our first donation ever.

In response to the kindness of the donators, we decided to thank them by making them an item. We worried about making items that only goes to a small group of users as being unfair, so we made something really small and low-key. The idea was to make a halo that's only a few pixel tall. That was the first MC item ever made. The rest was history. biggrin

At the beginning MC were called the "donation item" due to its origin. We later on renamed it to avoid confusion as some thought the money is being donated as charity. smile

I always feel bad answering so little question on every session. I'll grab more people to attend next Monday's ATA thread. See you all next week!

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