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Getting ready for another night, Platonix?..lol. See you at the AtA.
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The Date: Monday, February 4th.
The Time: Nearly 6:00 PM California Time.
The Place: GCD.
The Event: Ask The Admin, Starring Lanzer & Co.
Be There: Or Be Square.

I missed it. stressed
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February 4th

The mysterious HQ-worshipping cult calling themselves the Sheep were back this week (Cube B: "Mysterious my tail! I'm telling you, it's just Cid and Pepper!" ) Lanzer had good news for folks who like to dress as Labtechs, and for those worried about porn on VJ and porn trolls in profile comments; and bad news for those eagerly awaiting the Weapon Shop, backwings quest or Kiki Kitty Slippers.

Hey guys, how many of you have watched the superbowl? Any favorite commercials? I spent the whole day cleaning up my house and missed the game! Oh well, at least my living room is once again neat and tidy... sweatdrop
Hello Lanzer.

You always welcome us to these meetings, and thank us for coming.
I'd like to thank YOU for coming. You could surely be off doing better
things, but you take the time to talk to the users, and it is greatly appreciated.

1) Before the Marketplace changed over, we were able to search game items by number, such as 100 tickets, 50 Green Bass, and so on. Will this return some day?

2) The Official G Corp guild, created by Johnny K. Gambino and several LabTechs, has been lying unused since almost its creation. Do you think we will ever again see activity there?

3) Previously, when a group of users through the GCD had a "G Corp user event",
Fleep had made a thread to remind everyone they were only users, and so on. In that same thread, he mentioned that users in the future may gain control of individual NPCs for user run events. Is this something that could actually happen, or is it not practical?

4) Weapons shop. I think i've seen users foaming at the mouth waiting for this one. Any word?

5) If all the NPCs of G Corp were to, I dunno, go on permanent vacation, would it be possible for a user or group of users to OFFICIALLY take over the G Corp name? WANT

I'm not a big sports fan, but I do love the commercials.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you a good week.

I'm glad to be here. Aside from the occasional PM I hardly have time to spend time in the forums, so I'm really happy that I've set this time to talk to other Gaians.

Let me check with Darknrgy, I don't see why not.

Zombies will always make a comeback, just look at all the zombie movie remakes out there. biggrin

Certainly, our end goal is to provide as much tools and functions for users to host their own events. Gaia is a place for all to have fun, and all our features and efforts will all lead to that goal.

Weapons shop is still on-hold. Sorry.

Not for the time being, I think some storyline is still be plotted deep inside the depths of Gaia. biggrin

Hey thar! <3

Will we ever get medical masks and/or more medical things? Us LabTechs are feeling
unsafe in the labs cause we keep catching things from breathing in dangerous
stuffs x_x;

And some people smell <_<


*Doesn't even know what the superbowl is*

Edit: Lmao! GCS pwned page one! XD

Hope we didn't scare you too much emo
Job related items were being talked about, but I was surprised that we don't have medical masks yet. I'll let the team know!

Why hello thar Lanzer!

Just a quick question that popped into my head (as they do):

Would you – if you haven’t already – ever consider making a mule account for yourself to browse the forums etc without people trying to say hello all the time?

And can I have your bra?

EDIT: Bahahaha, first three posts by GCS members. Pwnage XD
I don't post with a mule, I always post as myself actually. It's kind of weird at times as many people know me, but my opinion would still be the same either as Lanzer or Derek. smile My mule is just used for item testing.

If I can find a bra in my closet you can have it. biggrin

El Haou David
I don't like football... >_>
My friends told me some commercials tho, I wish every commercial can be funny!

Hi Lanzer!

How was your day!?

1- When I was playing Word Bump, like at level 10-14 I kept clicking "Submit word" and ti didn't work, neither did Enter.. Can you guys fix this> sweatdrop

2- Do you have a Favorite pokemon? xD

3- Is timmy going to be involve in the Valentine's day event?

4- Any Updates with fishing? New Lakes, New items ect..?
I'm doing great, overslept a little so I'm actually not tired for a change. biggrin

That's odd. We finally fixed word bump so that it can grant gold. Don't know if the changes had been sent live or not. Be sure to clear your cache before trying again.

Not yet, Pokemon's one thing I haven't gotten into. :O

Oh I can't give the Valentine event away! biggrin

Fishing need some serious backend changes before we can give out new stuff. We made it wrong so it's very bot-friendly today. We're releasing a bunch of new games, then we'll go back and fix fishing when the new gaming server is ready.

Cid High-Wind
你好 你好吗

Could you see that, and if so could you understand it? sweatdrop

You missed some good catches!
yes and yes, I can read Chinese. Writing is questionable however. Thank god for phonetic input systems.

Cid High-Wind
Murder Pirate
Hey Lanzer! <3

Did you watch Cloverfield? scream

I should have known from the tailer... shaky screens give me headaches.
Lanzer just typed in caps. The whole world will now commence to explode. Thank you for living life on Earth.

Tidus Guado
Lanzer you didn't miss anything. The commercials this year phail'd. emo

So, um... Can it be question tyme nao plz?
1. Discovery Channel Sponsorship?
2. Super Hero/Villain outfits?
3. Thanks for the Square Enix Sponsor
I have many shows that I love on Discovery. We probably won't get it since their target audience are not teens.

We have the G-ranger outfits ready, not super-heroes though. That's a great idea!

I'd be thrilled with any FF sponsorships, but I don't think those titles need sponsorship programs. Usually companies do sponsorships for titles that's not popular (with minor exceptions).

Sheep 01
Hello, Honored Queen Lanzer. My Clan hopes you are doing well.

For tonight, I would like to know: how often is Gaia's P.O.Box emptied and sent to, I presume, Gaia HQ, for sorting?
We have secret ninjas delivering the letters from the PO Box to the Gaia HQ almost everyday. Someone is dedicated to opening letters now because there are so many of them! The letters with encouraging letters are passed around the office. smile

Kaguya the Silent
Lanzer, out of these five upcoming ideas to Gaia, which do you think we might see by this summer? surprised

1) Backwings Quest
2) G-Ranger outfits
3) Marriage system
4) Ian's return to his shop
5) Design an NPC contest
NPC quest comes first, then we'll work on the big quest. We're committed to it but don't hold your breath. :O

G-Ranger outfit could be out anytime, we usually couldn't find the right theme to release them with.

Marriage system is currently on-hold, probably making it flash based instead of the original plan.

Ian! Where's Ian? I need to find him first... ^^;

Let me ask DJ Helsing on when that should start.

Technicolor Porn

Okay okay okay!

Down to business.
How was your weekend lanzer?
:U watch the super bowl? i didnt, i was on gaia ; O! ~ <3
Tidy house : D?! very good, i do that every weekend to.. and my parents and siblings just make it messy again.. more cleaning for me D': !
Also, I has a few other questions,
Whats your opinion on the BIG MTV HATE Conflict? any plans on solving it?
Um... Backwing Quest info ; O! we have all heard a bit about it..

Thats about it.. WOOT : D!
2nd time here ; D!

Question another D: <!
Anime north, you'll get big crowd ; D maybe more canadian users? who knows : D GET YOUR GAIAN CONVENTIONING BUMS OVER HERE D: <.. make Dj bring some else with him, last year he was all alone T ^T!... well when i went there he was...
Weekend was great. Aside from cleaning my place, I also finished Final Fantasy Tactics finally. Love the ending.

I hope that none of the sponsorships are in-your-face type of experience, that if one don't like it, one can easily choose not to participate. It's tough that sometimes, certain events or brands are hard to plan to be liked by a majority of Gaians.

I'm Canadian too! Though no plans for a big Canadian convention yet, sorry.

Ever since you did whatever you did between gaia and youtube, I have seen an increase in porn/hentai videos on VJ. Is there a way you can get these videos taken off? Also, I am concerned about the legal trouble gaia can get in with movies and such being posted on there. (think TV Links if you know what that is)
More user-moderation tools will be added to VJ soon. Youtube and other providers are supposed to be monitoring and limiting appropriate content. At the end other companies seem to be charging Youtube for damages, so things are kind of being resolved in a way. That might start pushing the providers to filter out bad content aside from what we'll be installing.

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres
Ello' how are you? :3
alright. a little tired. i spent the weekend over in so.cal to visit friends and family. :3

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
Hullo crazy spork i am
How was your weekend?
i got to see my sister :3 i always have a great time hanging out with her
I feel envious I haven't seen my family since Christmas break finished crying
But it's great that you got to see her and had a good time!
Did you do anything fun together?
went out to dinner with her and her bf :3 i love visiting all my favorite restaurants when i'm there

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am

have you seen Cloverfield? and could there possibly be items based on the monsters in it?
i watched it...and i got SUPER SICK from it, hahaha. i had to stop watching in middle of the movie because i got really queasy. so i'm a little sad that i couldn't watch it all the way through crying
why is it making everyone sick? gonk i'm the one who gets motion sick and i was fine.
i'm really sensitive to motion sickness...it's pretty bad. when kirby started introducing me to fps games i had to slowly build up my tolerance for them. if i don't play for a while and get back to it, i get super dizzy @_@

crazy spork i am
Tidus Guado
crazy spork i am
Tidus Guado
Eat some FRESH GINGER or take some Anti- Sea/moving Sickness pills before you go see it.
i have a strong aversion to ginger, hahaha. anti-motion sickness pills just puts me to sleep :/
as long as i'm moving, they don't put me to sleep. but the minute i sit down...i'm out.
glad i didn't need them for the movie (though i definitely need them when on boats xp ).
Normally I don't get sea/motion sickness, unless I read in the car.
But I was out on Lake Michigan, and the water was REALLY rough. One thing led to another and I spent the rest of the trip "sleeping"/resting in the boat. D:
ooh, if i even try to read in the car i'm going to get all dizzy. i can't even read maps to help navigate if we get lost unless we pull over. i also don't do very well sitting in the back of a car...i almost always have to ride shotgun or else i get sick too :/

crazy spork i am
Sheep 62
crazy spork i am
Sheep 62
SPORKY 8D -pounce latch-


... I mean... could you please donate a pair of your panties for an event we'll be hosting? We'll send you an invite! biggrin
panties, wha-? eek
Well, uhm ^^;; It's an event that kind of involves Gaia Staff in a way, and we wanted to have an auction to fit the theme, and we thought panties would be good biggrin Just a pair of ordinary panties works, and we'd auction it off, and then use the gold for charity smile
hahha, might have to ask the kirby filter on what he thinks about that

I assume (I hope) that Sheep 62 is referring to equip item panties for Gaian avatars, from crazy spork's inventory; such "panty auctions" are far from unheard of in the Gaia Exchange forum. I don't think sporkii quite picked up on that.

crazy spork i am
Zweizi Galon
SPORK! 4laugh


How's work? Any cool things going on around the office? (heard you guys got Rock band X3)
lol, yeah rock band...that game. kirby and i work pretty close to the tv and we hear people playing every now and then. pretty soon i'm going to have all the music memorized like guitar hero III, hahaha.

crazy spork i am
Tidus Guado
Hay Spork. C:

Did you watch the super bowl/commercials, if so.
Which one is/was your favorite one?
If no, pass go and collect 200 dollars.
i totally missed all of this. i was too busy driving from place to place in a mad scramble to visit everyone down in so.cal. crying

Hiya, Lanzer! : DDDDDD
I'm a junior in high school and we're meeting with our conselors soon to start our big discussion on exactly how the rest of my life is going to fo.
Fun, right?
So, its been a dream of mine to work at Gaia for quite some time now.
Of course, trying to be realistic, I know that I might never work for Gaia.
But, I am highly interested in dealing with scammed/hacked cases (public services is it?).
And I was wondering if you could tell me what perhaps would be the best possible thing to major in at college.

Thanks. <33
I remember that time too... I liked computer but I didn't want to program for the rest of my life, and I love mechanics, electronics, physics, and a ton of other stuff. Meaning that I have absolutely no idea what I want to be. biggrin

Many of our moderators are helping out in dealing with scamming/hacking cases now. In order to give the best turn-around time for resolving these cases.

The best thing to major in is something you actually love learning. If the subject sucks, then you'll end up working in another field eventually. Being it literature, sciences, crunching numbers, or other art forms, it's often more about trying it out than knowing exactly what you want. What is important is getting a degree at the end. It's a gauge on whether or not you have the self control to complete a program. The actual major might or might not matter. That you'll find out as you come close to finding out careers that you have personal interest in. For me it ended up being working with computers!

Hi all! smile
I watched the Superbowl, despite being in England where half of my friends don't even know what it is. razz I loved it, I was happy that the Giants won.

Any idea when the inventory arranger will be fixed? surprised
First we're gonna fix the avatar equip page. We might do away with the arranger and just have a storage #1, storage #2 concept, where you click on an item and say "this goes to storage #6", and off it goes. No more having just one big storage box. Arranging will be fixed along with it.

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
This is to crazy spork i am:

First, I'm a huge fan of your work and I still have one of your the art threads you made before you became a developer among my Subscribed. I was wondering how you became a developer and how a user (like myself) could wind up working for Gaia?
woo, thanks muchly! heart

i received an email from lanzer asking if i was interested in working for gaia, since they had seen my work around here (or maybe through my profile). i went, and kirby was with me. when they found out that the two of us had been working together for a long while they asked if we both wanted to join. we started doing contract work for gaia for a little bit before finally deciding on just moving up and working full time :3
Seriously you do terrific work. Two more questions if you don't mind. Besides the watermeat, what other items have you created? And could I possibly, maybe, perhaps, add you to my friend's list if it wouldn't be too much trouble? *puppy eyes*
i didn't create the actual watermeat item, just the little animation over in my profile. right now the item i'm currently working on is the dandii thing, heh. kirby and i have a few ideas on some future 3d animated stuff, but at the moment i don't think there are enough hours in the day for us to squeeze that in :/

crazy spork i am
Cube B
crazy spork i am
Cube B
'lo spork. ^^
How has your week been?
pretty good, looks to be a busy week. i've been writing a list of all the tasks that kirby and i will be doing and for a while the list was dwindling. but today we got hit with all sorts of new things to do so now my board is all filled again! crazy!

Tai Naito
For anyone who's interested in answering:

I've noticed that Fleep and Lanzer were both attacked by the same porn troll in their profiles recently (there may have been more victims but I didn't check). So I enlisted a friend to help bump the porn off of Fleep's profile until he could take care of it, and by the time I noticed yours people were already bumping it off. I've noticed this happen on other accounts as well- such as the NPC accounts that aren't able to get online to take care of it, so it's just stuck there.

Anyway, Fleep said something very interesting today:
I suggested to our customer service team that we maybe disable images for profiles entirely unless users explicitly allow it in their account options.
I thought that this was a fantastic idea, and wanted to bring it up again. Do you think this could ever be introduced? It would clear this problem up wonderfully biggrin
Definitely, we're looking into that, along with better user reporting functions to act as soon as users report enough times.

crazy spork i am
Zweizi Galon
Spork, you work in Battle Dept. right?

I know there's a Battle site update planned for when the "Name the Game" contest winner's been chosen.

Any chance that update might include previews of some new NPCs or ring animation previews? heart
i do some work for battle, but most of my time is spread out to different areas. so some details like those i'm not too sure on. i bet fulltimefailure could probably give you a better answer :/

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
I noticed Sporky came on late... Was Sporky watching American Gladiators? razz
hehehe, i wish! i got caught up with work and didn't realize what time it was!
@Sporky: Does this mean you would watch AG if you had time? biggrin
hell yeah i would :3 i haven't watched actual TV shows in ages

1) What's the consideration process (other than how much money they give Gaia) behind giving sponsors X amount of face-value on Gaia? For example, some get banners, some get trailers but no items, others get trailers AND items (I like), others get multi-part quests, and in MTV's case, a mega-feature, NPCs + Shop, and Cash Shop items. Where do you draw the line for each sponsor?

2) Are there any mega-sponsor features (a la MTV Virtual Hollywood) in the works? Will some be coming out soon? Can you describe it/them to us?

3) Are there other Sponsor-shops in the works ("Square-Enix's Shinra HQ" selling 5g flowers and 50g Buster Blades, perhaps? xd )? How about Cash Shop sponsor items? Personally I wouldn't mind a shop if it's out of the way, but paying real money for sponsorships irk me.

4) Are there other TV stations in the talks with Gaia? Like the CW (Supernatural's Colt Gun, please!) or FOX?

5) Is Gaia in talks with Wal-Mart and/or Amazon.com? Both would be good for selling Cash Cards internationally.

6) A while ago Cinemas' Tickets got leaked on the market (since resolved, IIRC). Can you go into detail explaining the difference between the various kinds of tickets and free movies?

7) The Backwings Quest was said to be on hold while an NPC Quest gets finished first. Is the NPC Quest for the Valentine's event or is it its own Quest?

8 ) Please fill in the blank: "When camping with Wendigos, ______."
The consideration process includes us thinking if a brand is appropriate, followed by the brand asking what we can do, and letting us know if they want to do something small or big with Gaia, we then give a proposal that makes sense. This process happens to every sponsor, and happens very often, as not all sponsorship request/deals actually happen. I sit in on as many of them as I can while other trusted admins or staff help do the same thing.

No mega media companies like MTV for now, there might be a bigger movie related title later on this year though. The tough part with sponsors is that we often cannot legally talk about the deal in public until the launch date. Though many sponsors are okay.

Combining questions 3 and 4 together, one anime company actually came to us and asked about the idea of - what if anime is shown for free, and they cover their cost with virtual cash shop items that's derived from their stories? I think it's kind of a win-win deal for everyone. What do you think?

We're talking to Walmart and a couple of other retailers. Hope to have more places selling Gcash cards so nobody will be stuck with Paypal being the only option to buy stuff.

The tickets are meant for the pay-per-view content.

As for the NPC quest, it'll probably come out right after Valentine event. It's in testing phase right now.

hey everyone! this question is to any who can answer, i was wondering how many monthly collecitbles there are this month..
i would guess three since it will be a holiday month and there were three in February last year.
Whoops, I think we're planning on two. Been busy now that we have event + cash shop items to work on.

crazy spork i am
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
After seeing the Rally update, I couldn't help but to ask this.

Someone...Anyone...: Where do baby UFOs come from? emo Do they really all come from Edy's auto shop? D: If so, that's so tragic...
emo A tragic fate is this, when a question about the welfare of car...erm..ufo...pixel...THINGS goes ignored! O WOE AM I AT THIS TRAGIC MOMENT OF TRAGICNESS!!!!!!!!

( entirely joking. rofl )

Hmm, fine fine...a serious question:

Are you guys ever going to consider adding a race track(s) that more than two people can race in at once? And maybe, some rally race track levels to select from? :3
It would srsly be awesome if you guys did that, yep yep. :3
it would be fun if we could do that. i'm not sure what's planned for rally, but i think it'd also be fun on this end to design some different areas with that in mind. there was talk about it early on.

Kalos Altair
Hi, Lanzer. I got a question for you.

Today we got a quest sponsored by Square Enix. Is there, by any chance, are we going to get more sponsored quests from Square Enix?

Added questions:

Do you like Slim Jims? I can never get enough of them!

Also, remember when we had that WWE mini-event thing? Are we going to get anything else like that again, Lanzer?
I think that Square Enix likes us. biggrin So hopefully we'll have more sponsorships with them.

I like SlimJim's, but now I like Oberto's more! I love beef jerky in general... oh, thinking of them makes me hungry!

WWE sponsorships... they liked working with us, so maybe they'll come back to us when summer comes around.

1.Will there be a salon update sometime in the next couple of months?

2.Will you ever release KiKi Kitty/CoCo Kitty slippers?

3.What's up with the Rally and Towns?When will they be "fixed"?

Also,any hints for this months MC's?
We're expanding our basic hair styles first, then salon update after

Hmm, no plans for kitty slippers yet.

We're fixing the problems as they come up. When the new game server is ready, a lot of these problems should go away.

This month's MC? It's gonna be awesome! biggrin

Have a great week everyone!

...By the way...here's a question from Metalic_Noodles that bears repeating despite not being answered.
Have you guys ever consided rereading the Ask the Admin threads after you close them, like the next day, and answering questions that were skipped over? Either in an announcement or just another post in the thread, since I'm rather certain admin can post after they lock a thread.
Speaking as compiler, I would be fine with answers added next day. It's a large part of the reason I make these posts a day later; it used to happen fairly often.
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/boots to top of forum/ HAY GUIZ!
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February 11th

Today went much the same as the last two times an Ask The Admin session was held on the first day of a major event. People were busy smooching each other for gold and V-Day event items, so Ask The Admin went fairly slowly.

crazy spork i am
/several questions crazy spork couldn't answer. Lanzer's about to get to them./

4: I was also wondering what programs the artists use to make the items here on Gaia. If anyone would like to share. D:
whenever i make items (which is on a rare occasion) i normally just use photoshop :3

I just have a couple questions.

1: I asked before the christmas event if there would be new servers for Gaia, I was told that the new ones would hold up to 110k members online at a time. But we are getting 120k members at times, causing a huge lag. Sometimes not even at event times. Will there be new servers to hold that many, or what?

2: Also, kudos to whomever worked on the event. n.n

3: I believe that I saw something about the Gaia staff trying to find a way for people under 18 to become moderators. Excuse me if this has been answered before, but it that still a possibility, or do I have to wait 2 years to apply?

4: I was also wondering what programs the artists use to make the items here on Gaia. If anyone would like to share. D:

5: And I said before that I was working on arts for some of the staff. And I am, I just got busy. xD; o.x I will post them in an ask the admin when I finish them, if that's ok.
We added a lot of new servers, then found other bottlenecks such as loadbalancers and firewalls that are causing slow-downs, after that we found that other components which handles the database also need an upgrade. :O At the end, every event boost usage and let us jump on the weakest link and fix it ASAP so for all other times Gaia will run smooth. We wish that we can always predict all components that need an upgrade, but we don't have enough people to handle everything at once...

Thank you from all of us.

We just started with the induction process, and it was simply easier to start with adults (for legal and other reasons), but when we have the system sorted out we'll open up opportunities to younger users.

We also have a really, really cool idea for a system that would allow users to create items/pets for Gaia. More details later.

Look forward to your drawings. biggrin

crazy spork i am
Fvr v2
Hey Lanzer & Spork! It's my first time actually catching the AtA!
The Valentine's Day event is looking great and I know you guys put a lot of hard work into it! heart

My question to you is how do you guys decide who makes/what evolving items you make?

Also, what was the moral like with the Valentine's Day event?
Were you all pumped to make it better???

Love you guys~<3
the evolving items are made from specific artists last i heard. eventually the plan is to have every artist make one if they feel inclined to. so each item gets their own personal love and attention from the original creator from beginning to end. it's pretty cool because you get to pick and choose what you want to do instead of basing it off a bunch of concepts from the artist pool. a little different than the way we approach other items :3

crazy spork i am
@Spork: Did you get your wisdom teeth out yet? gonk
no, they're still with me gonk

Hey Lanzer! First thank you so much for showing your support for Barton during the water wars. It was an honor to see you support the roots of Gaia.

The questions I have for you today are:

1. Back in 2003 there were contest held in the Art Arena and winners received medals: User ImageUser ImageUser Image. Wonderful art was produced during these contest. I was wondering why the contest stopped? Will the medals ever be obtainable again someday?

2. The movie 300 inspired some of the most amazing items I have seen on Gaia. Is there currently anything in entertainment that is catching your, or artist, attention?

3. Rufus is one of my favorite NPCS. I was wondering will we ever see more animal NPCs in the future? [How about a black pug!?]

4. Did any gaia groupies get called on stage of the Price is Right? Any idea when that episode will air?

5. Are evolution items thought out start to finish? Or are they something that is planned out as they go?

Thanks for your time Lanzer! Have a great day and happy Valentine's Day and Presidents Day Weekend.
Back then, all contests were hand coded by me every month and winners were also handled by hand... takes a lot of time, and now days I don't have the time to manage them, but the new Arena that will be released very soon (this month or the next) will have a contest system that will allow us to keep hosting contests.

Oh, a lot of us watched Rambo last week. biggrin

Oh yeah, no animal NPC yet, but just wait till battle system is released...

Yeah I've heard that DJ Helsing got called up. Will have more info soon!

All Evolving items are fully planned and drawn before they're released. Otherwise it'll be too scary. :O

Happy Valentines!

crazy spork i am
Chaotix Bluix
crazy spork i am
Chaotix Bluix
Awesome! I finally made it this time. xd

Just a simple question but does anyone at the Gaia offices do any photography?
ya! :3
Thanks for answering, I've been wondering that for a while ever since I started taking photography classes myself! biggrin

Any advice for a budding photographer?
as a hobbyist the only advice i can give is to just take lots. i use photography as a way to help with my compositions and general lighting that i can apply for my illustration work. but it's also taken an interesting turn in where i also practice some modeling...nothing really serious just mostly for fun. and i find that that's another way to learn more about being a photographer because you can see what works for you and what doesn't. but i find that if i take a whole bunch of pictures i know that somewhere i'll at least find a few that will turn out well.

Some possibly touchy questions for you.

1: I discovered talking to an OmniMod that anybody who used the method of reporting that they were hacked of going to contact us, located on every page of the forum, then selecting 'report a hacking' rather than reporting by going to the forum index, scrolling to the bottom and selecting 'report a hacking' dispite filling out all the forms, did not have their reports filed due to an error. This was discovered about a month ago according to the mod. Why was there no announcement on the gaia website about this?

2: What can be expected to be done regarding users who have waited nearly a year only to discover that their reports were never filed due to an error on the site?
The problem had been fixed a long time ago, we are really close to actually responding to all the reports. If you still have an outstanding issue, please report it through the reporting system.

crazy spork i am
@ Spork

I much enjoy your artwork, it's amazing!
On a side note for the battle system, will
the moster/bosses come in different colors?
Cause, from what I've seen, we've seen every
monster the same color, is gaia planning on
making special monsters that look like others
but with different colors?
that's a very good question. right now the ones i work on are their own specific colors. but it's also hard to say because i only do one small area of the whole project. and because of that i only have limited information based on what i see and do...in this case doing effects. so if there are different colors i wouldn't know since that's an area i don't work on or need in order to do the effects :3

crazy spork i am
Undead Lolita
Do you like cake?
i'm not big on eating sweet stuff (i prefer savory foods, heh) but i am partial to strawberry shortcake :3

Zweizi Galon
I have a few questions I'd like to ask tonight.

1) With last year's Summer/Halloween plot, we got to take a look at the pasts of some of our most popular NPCs. Ian, Gino, Gambino, Edmund and the Von Helson sisters. We were even introduced to some new NPCs, Rosalie (Gino, Ian and Louie's mother), Vladimir Von Helson, Louie Von Helson and Zhivago.

We were even treated to plot which revealed about the pasts of those new NPCs.

This year, will we see any more plot about the pasts of our NPCs? For instance, more about the pasts of Edmund and Agatha? I sense they had a past relationship. Some even speculate that the Gothic Lolita NPC in the Profiles is their love child.

User Image + User Image = User Image ?

2) In a previous Ask the Admin thread, you stated that being the Sig. Lab Guy was Xiao-Fahn's "day-job". If this is assumed to be true, what will Xiao-Fahn's other job be? Since Xiao-Fahn has become a part-time scientist, and the popular yet-tobe-released NPC fans have nicknamed "Kim" wears a labcoat, users believe these two NPCs might be part of a G-Corp revivial-soon to come.

Are these speculations grounded at all, or are Xiao-Fahn and Kim just going to be shop/battle NPCs?

User ImageUser Image

3) Over the past two years on Halloween, [NPC] Sasha has said this at Halloween:
User Image
My question is, who is "Tina"? Since the name is in the phrase twice, I'm assuming it's not a typo for "Rina".

Is Gaia getting a new shopkeeper named Tina soon?

4) At a convention in 2005, users were shown this picture as a preview of something upcoming on the site:
User Image

Just so we can clear this up, was that picture previewing a Blue Chyaku Norisu scarf, or an upcoming NPC? Users are torn between the two ideas and are unsure what this picture was previewing.

5) FINAL QUESTION! (Then I'll stop hogging up all the post space mrgreen )

Will we find out who Peyo's father is soon?? For a while there, users speculated his father was Ian.

User ImageUser Image
Heh heh, I think I'm the wrong person to be answering the NPC related questions because the real brains behind the plot is L0cke. I will answer some of the questions the best I can:

This year there will be the battle system, and we'll start focusing on Gaia's background story as in how Gaia began. We can't cover all the NPC's backgrounds, and so there will be some waiting until we can get to everybody else. Sorry!

3) I think she meant Vanessa... she's such an airhead (or we are!). No there are no hidden NPC for Salon at this point.

4) Ninja girl was supposed to be an NPC. But her current fate is unknown. :O

5) Peyo's story will be told later. Sorry for the wait! whee

o:> I caught it in time! Hey, might it be possible to have a sticky in the event forum where we can kiss all the NPCs?
:O Let me find out... That's a cool idea

HiYa Lanzer!

Did you get to go to the Gaian Invasion of "The Price is Right"?
If so how was it???
DJ Helsing went, I didn't get to go. crying

Technicolor Porn
; D!

Lanzer HI! how was your weekend?
Lets get down to buisness!

umm umm umm!

1. Mirror Code thingy EVERYONE IS spreding that code, its quite annoying people going omg D:! MY AVI D:!!!!!!

2. Timmy in the v-day plot maybe?

3. BATTLE SYSTEM NAME D: <! nao! please : D?!
umm so yea.. when will that be released : D?
Sorry, Timmy isn't in the v-day event...

Once we bought the domain name we'll let everyone know. We're close! biggrin

The event is cool. I have to wait till Friday to see my amazing GF.
I have a few questions.
Is there going to be another chance for users who are over 18 to Beta test the Gaia MMO?
Are there any plans to add more tiles to the world map, with like more fishing lakes or more towns?
Are there any plans to add more [NPC]'s or a plot update?
Are there going to be any more Tsubasa quests?
The new video game quests are cool, are there going to be more?
Yes there will be different phases for the battle game testing.

There will be more worlds, but first we're starting a project to connect the different Gaia features like Cinema, Rally, Arcade, etc.

NPC will come with Battle, and yeah we'll also have a few more NPC related to regular features too.

No Tsubasa quests are planned for now. Other sponsors are coming though that are anime related.

Definitely. We hope that after SquareEnix there will be others to follow.

*punts from last week's thread* XD
Anyway, I was wondering who does the writing here at Gaia. Announcements, item descriptions, plot, NPCs, the works! I know there's probably a bunch of people who contribute, but I just want to know the basic way it's done. It's astonishing how much innuendo you guys work into the item descriptions along with the other jokes, and some of the evolving item reports are rather....interesting. I thought I would like Dr. Singh, but noooooo, she had to go and do that to Timmy D:< *cough* The plots are pretty good though, besides the current starvation ;~; Well, who ever does the writing, good luck and keep up the good work!
Yes, there is actually a really cool guy here that does most of the writing for stuff like announcements. His stuff always bring a smile to everyone. biggrin While storylines are written by others including L0cke.

Blanks IV
Hello there.
So what is all this about an evolution update tomorrow?
Yeah it'll be a smaller update with no new items being introduced, as others are busy with the MC release on the 15th. :O

Oh! And I do have a question.

There is currently a glitch with larger inventories. Once you get past 1700 items or so, the Customize Me screen crashes. It's happening to me and numerous others with an item count close to 2k. Is anything being done to solve this? I would love to be able to change my avatar in a timely manner. Last time I changed it, it took almost 45 minutes.

Also, is there going to be an update to the Grombie skin with the new avatar system? Being able to use skin-overlaying items and eye-replacing items would be awesome.
Oh the inventory was not designed to handle such large number of items, and it'll be fixed to allow different "virtual" inventories. The back-end is being re-worked as we speak, then we'll need to do a lot on the front-end web interface to accommodate the changes.

Avatar system will also be updated later this year for the skin related features. But there will be a wait as stuff like the inventory system need to be fixed first

Sheep O4
Sheep 26
Lanzer what is your BEARD like! Were you able to grow one? surprised
Yes, I would like to know.

If Lanzer WERE able to grow a beard, what would it look like?
I would probably look like some kung-fu master in really old chinese fighting kung-fu movies. biggrin

I gots questions for joo =3

Is de Fausto Bottle near its Final Stage?
And and and and Can you Kiss meh? ;D
I hate to ruin the fun, so I can't say a word! biggrin

If I kiss you then I would have acid all over my lips! gonk That'd be 10 times worse than the canker sore I'm having.
(The acid comment is because JZR0 was wearing the Space Monster Mask at the time (...and Smashing Cities to boot.))

Ashton Tsuki
Omg Lanzer! >w< *hugs* I've always wanted to hug an Admin. xDDD heart Thanks for making Gaia so awesome along with the rest of the Staff~ <3

Well aside from my Admin-hugging tendancies, I'd like to know, what exactly is going on with Timmy? @w@
I mean, he started out all cute and adorable and now he's craving chunky-blood milkshakes. >:'0 That CAN'T be healthy for a growing boy. xd
So, do you think, maybe, he might have a part in next year's Halloween event? Or perhaps, somthing to do with the new Gaia Battle System MMO-ish game? Or maybe these rumors are completely out there and you and the rest of the Gaia crew have thought of somthing totally different from our supsicions? I don't know, I'd just like maybe a SMALL clue in the direction Timmy is going in. xD

Thanks! :'3
People just don't realize how much nutrition is in a glass of fresh blood!

Timmy's in a world of his own, but you won't stop seeing how he's turning out as Gaia's first "eolving" NPC. biggrin

It is kinda random question, but when will you be releasing male version of sport jersey? I love football jersey but was disappointted that there is never any for men and there is only a basketball-like jersey but I prefer football better, you know, an shirt that Boom or Headshot is wearing?
Whoops, it'll be a short while until we have the next sports update, there will be a small update with sport related starter items for now.

Just wondering, why can we only kiss each avatar once in the Valentines Event? Great job on the event, though! (I'm so glad it's not a constant barrage of Labu Necklaces this year!)
Well Gaia is about making new friends isn't it? wink Of course, it doesn't quite make sense that you can't kiss someone twice. It was there mainly for botting type of concerns. :O

I have a quick question. >_<;;

Are there any plans to make Ask The Admins more site-wide? This, along with Staff Journals seem to be hidden away, almost. Anything in the works for a "Admin, Artists, and Developers Journal" forum?

Yes! It's my goal to have an area where users will get to know everybody more. From what we do to our journals, info, and more "behind-the-scene" info. New work and features kept getting me caught up in things where I couldn't host such an area, but I definitely have that in mind.

I got to go, but have a great time on this week's Valentine's event and anniversary event!
oddguy's avatar

Dangerous Hunter

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No real date yet but the release seems to be somewhere in this year.
Platonix's avatar

Eco-friendly Alchemist

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/bumps again/

Unfortunately, there's a good chance I won't have the opportunity to place my Useful Links on the first page today, so maybe now's a good time to mention again that AskED The Admin is listed in Triskdaemon's Community Resources sticky.
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Good luck in rummaging through all the crap in this week's Ask the Admins for anything of substance. While I think it's nice they put it in the Anniversary forum so other people can ask questions...there's way too much idiocy going on.
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[The Shadow Hawk]
Good luck in rummaging through all the crap in this week's Ask the Admins for anything of substance. While I think it's nice they put it in the Anniversary forum so other people can ask questions...there's way too much idiocy going on.
Yeah, I saw... crying What a day for me to miss the event! Those people desperately needed this topic.

I've already started transcribing, to get it done all the sooner...although I'm going to have to break and return to it tomorrow.

...someone even asked Lanzer about ninjas vs. pirates! gonk
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Kicking this thing back to the top.

Why the hell did they put the friggen AtA in the Event Forum?

Sorry, beyond goofy.
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AAAND another thing...

Why isn't this thread stickied?! I'll get right on that!
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Well, he DID pick ninjas.
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Yeah, but that question is the example I give in the first post of a question that has already been answered and need not be asked again...
Stickie this thread please!

GCD needs this to be on top! =D

Thanks for putting this together platonix wink
lanzer is a charmer!

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