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August 6th
Today the topic was blessed with several developers, just like back on the 24th!

» What is the hooplah about the new "summer festival" thing?
» Will the forums look any different in the new header?
The summer event is really cool, tons of things you can do with water. biggrin

Forum for now will still look the same. We have plans to re-work the guild and forum systems though

crazy spork i am
Kuei Keiji
Hey spork! how're you!

Can you totally be my mentor when I get to San Jose and try and get hired with Gaia?
i'd be totally intimidated that i'll do something wrong gonk

Teh Reggie
Have you ever fallen asleep at work? :3
There isn't much a distinction between work hours and off-work hours... I work at home, I work at the office, then I would sleep at home, as well as in the office. XD

crazy spork i am
Ozmo Azarath
crazy spork i am
Ozmo Azarath
crazy spork i am
wow actually got here early this time 'round :3
a dev.

what have you been working on lately?
summer festival~!
Oh really?
How's it going?
Don't leak too many specifics.
I'd like to be surprised <3
pretty good! i've been keeping up with the tasks that i need to do, and hopefully i'll have time to do a little extra :3

crazy spork i am
i V e n o m o u s
Did you get straight A's in school? And did your mom give you cookies for it?
i never got straight a's crying

Dear Any Admin/Deveolper/Gaia person,

Has Rock Puppy been considered for any items or bigger part of the plot?

Can you solve a Rubics Cube?

Do you think that Lampshade is a pretty word?

Who are you supporting Edmund/Von Helson Sisters?

Who's your favorite NPC?

What's your favorite Emoticon?

I'm going to quit asking questions for today... Please answer!!! gonk
I could solve rubiq's cube when I was younger. It's been a long time since, and by now I managed to forget how

crazy spork i am
Duke 2.0
Okay Lanzer...

What experience in Flash animation do you have? Does the flash developers have? Because while we have evidence of great actionsript skills(Towns, other flash games you have), there is very little in animation. Hell, none.

Any examples of work some of your Devs have done?

I bet you use After Effects, too.
kirby and i have had experience in doing flash animations, although it leans more towards motion graphics than like animated segments. with the gaia cars kirby and i put in some background animation to add more to the environment like the steam rising out of the manholes and having moths around the lights in addition to making lights flickering. hopefully in the future we'll have more opportunities to do stuff like that :3

and yes, we like to use after effects too

crazy spork i am
[Stick To Your Guns]
This questions is for devs.

Where do you guys get inspiration from?
personally i lurk in the forums and petitions for ideas and inspiration :3

Crystal Kinamoto

If there was ever a convention around central New York (Rochester, Syracuse, Albany) would Gaia attend?
There's 2 cons that Gaia will be attending in New York, please see the conventions page:

If you would like additional locations, post in the thread for KiKi's Road Trip Across America!

Cube B
Hello Mr. Liu.

My Questions for the night are related to unreleased items.

First and foremost, when the Daily Chance was created, word about rare Daily Chance only items abounded. However, a year later no Daily Chance rares have appeared. I was wondering if DC only items would ever be released.

Also, certain items, such as the contacts, or single horn were leaked. Is there ever a chance of them being released, or are they doomed to remain simple curiosities in the wishlists of gaians?

Oh, and one last thing, will there be more Werewolf stuff in the future? What about a Lunar pin? (Because the little moon from the Lunar items would look great as a brooch or pin.)
Thank you for reminding me. We'll add something to daily chance this week. Juno and Fleep will be working on that.

As for the other items like contacts, they weren't released because they had compatibility problems. We might release similar items in the future that would work with all hair/eyes.

Werewolf? Well everyone will need to hang out longer and find out if we'll have them. biggrin

biggrin Laaanzer's gooot a seeecret...
Laaanzer's gooot a seeecret...

crazy spork i am
Zweizi Galon
User Image

What do you think of my [NPC]? Would you be interested in using her in the world of Gaia? Fleep told me she reminded him of Jem and the Holograms. X3
i think she's cute and if i had the opportunity, i'd wanna dye my hair like that

(I know reposting is tacky, but I want this message to be seen. sweatdrop )

Hello, Admin Crew! Just letting you know that we're almost done with "Summer Festival", Part Two of our Summer Event Comic (two more pages to touch up), and we'll definitely be ready ahead of time to release it along with the official Summer Festival event! We should be done in about a half of a week. sweatdrop Anyway, I just wanted to offer... as soon as we have the comic done, we at Sushi Database Studios would be honored if you were to have the first, exclusive look at it. I mean, if you want to. It's about ten pages long (not counting the five pages in Part One), and it all looks really good... we tried to pursue the standard of quality set by the official Gaia Plot. We guarantee that it will be worth your time! whee

Just let us know, and we'll send it along!
I for one would love to see it, feel free to PM me!

To anyone:

The initial introduction into Gaia is a fairly long bit to read and often ignored by newbies joining the site. My friend, Maril, had the idea that instead of having a bunch of information to read, why not introduce people with a short educational video? Of course, it'd need a little humor, but how hard can that be when showing people what -not- to do?
Good idea!
We'll think about it...

mm rj
When the new layout comes out will we be still able to earn gold by just browsing around? Or will the gold earning system be rewritten?
You can still earn gold by browsing around.

hello lanzer!

just a few questions:
will we have owl items in the future?
can you see poptart man?

thanks if you answer them!
and if not,....

i dont really know what then.
One of our artist is a big owl fan, she has a giant owl sitting around. O_O So the chance is very likely.

Diet Chaos
An out-of-the-way, non Gaia-related question:
Do you plan on getting Halo 3 when it comes out?
I don't have the XBOX! gonk

Are there more games to expect in the future? If so what?
We're trying to expand our varieties, so there will probably be more puzzle games, arcade action games, adventure game and music games. We're still building a backend system right now so it's kind of far away... More news when Halloween comes around probably.

Will there be another chance to be part of the development team? And when you say "internship," the interns just don't bring you guys coffee right? ;DD
Of course! There will definitely be more opportunities. I can't speak for all the interns, but our UI intern has been contributing a lot, including helping illustrate some of the upcoming header backgrounds!

crazy spork i am
Will there be another chance to be part of the development team? And when you say "internship," the interns just don't bring you guys coffee right? ;DD
the interns here do a little more than just that. they're really helpful and a great addition to some of the work we've been doing :3

Jamie Bear Rawr

who is your favorite sailor moon villian?
Last question before I have to run! ninja

I'm kind fond of the aliens from R. Weird, huh?

Will there be another chance to be part of the development team? And when you say "internship," the interns just don't bring you guys coffee right? ;DD
I'm an intern, and I haven't brought anyone coffee but myself xd
I actually do stuff, and so do the other interns here.

Zweizi Galon
Any plans to make any new emotes anytime soon? :O
Yes, we'll be making some Gaia unique ones wink

Are you planning to do anything with those empty lots in towns?
Not until we release other town areas. Still in planning stages...

Silver Archangel
So I'll take it the new announcement is a "No" on my wing edit for the Gaia logo, Lanzer? sweatdrop
Your edit was greatly appreciated biggrin , it's still being considered surprised , but it's not likely to be accepted confused

demon tomboy girl
Hello Lanzer, How're you?

I've a few silly questions, then one serious.

What's your favorite kind've pie?
What's the square root of a papaya?
Will there be event items for the summer event, or is it just a big fun thing?
I like anything chocolate, so my choice would be chocolate pie naturally

1.77245385 papaya?

Oh there will definitely be summer items. wink

Transient Prophet
Is the Marketplace rewrite going to be released the same time as the new layout?
Marketplace will come after the new layout.. should be soon after. Definitely in August. smile

Zweizi Galon
I'll try a new question.

At Fanime last year, this image was shown. Is this an Upcoming NPC, or was this just a character used to illustrate concepts for Red and Blue Chyaku Norisu scarves?

User Image

I'd REALLY love an answer to this question. crying
That was just a concept sketch, but when we find the right place to introduce ninjas, she might just appear...

Crazy Spork answered this question earlier, but I'd like to hear the opinions of more people, especially Lanzer. What do you think of www.gavsim.net, www.tektek.org and other sites that make useful tools for Gaia Online?
We know these sites for a long time and think that they're awesome.

How can anyone search or G-Bots in the Marketplace with the character limitation?
The new Marketplace, coming out soon, will take care of the search problems, as well as have sooooo many new cool features.

Ok my question is
WIll Gaia ever beacome a pay site.?

Because i see all these people whining about how you have to pay to get the MCs/Gaia cash ect and using sponsors/ too many adds. And how gaia is become like Neo pets maple story ect.

So i always tell them would they rather have to pay monthly to play or just have it optional if you want something. This has been something on my mind for a while because i will always want to keep playing gaia but if it becomes a pay site then im in trouble..

(sorry i cant spell )


and another thing
dose it bother you when people wine when they get some they want but its not how they wanted it.
Or when they say your not working on the battle system but you really are its just taking a while?

PLEASE ANSWER THIS IS LIKE THE 5th day i have asked this
No, Gaia will not become a pay site.
No, we're not bothered by people whining. We look at what they complain about, and decide whether it's a real problem or is it just the pains of adjusting to new things, which is never easy.
No, we're not bothered by people whining about the battle system not coming out. People are working on it as we speak, and one day, it will be released.

crazy spork i am
Han Von Helson
My questions:
1. Did you guys ever get a wii for the office or was that just a cruel joke to make us suffer?
2. Does the office have any pets?
3. Any chance of the younger gaians becoming mods or at least mod assistants?
there is a wii :3
And I can answer #2 because it was answered in a previous session. Someone has a pet rat...someone else has a fishtank...larger animals aren't permitted in the office! crying


What advice would you give a person (Me) whom moved across country for a girl. Whom he was with for 4 years and had done everything for. A girl he stayed with and moved completely alone for. Where he had only seen his parents once in 2 years for. Just so he could live in the town as her.

When suddenly with no warning, she tells him he feels more like a brother and wants to break up. The day he paid rent for his first apartment no less. (Previously, he had lived with her and her parents. But moved so they both could get privacy with one another, as she requested.) This happening after she had been gone in new york for a month with no sign prior to anything being wrong?

What should he (I) do? Stay completely alone, 620 miles from my friends and family. Or continue living here with my job, and 6 month lease. Even though it's tearing him up inside?

How long does he wait for her? How long should one bare the pain?

If you could answer this Lanzer. Then by god I'll never stop donating.
Hey XDvandal,

I'm sorry to hear your loss. It's a terrible feeling to know that you've done so much for her and yet she doesn't love you back. On top of that you must be pretty lonely being away from your friends and family, stuck with a lease that you need to pay off.

Though what you can look at is the fact that you gave up a lot to pursue what you believed in. Not many people have the guts to do that. Just looking at your situation, you actually gained a great chance to learn to become much more independent. The blessing in all of this is that you get an experience to become more mature much earlier than if you never got involved in the relationship.

Just make the best out of your situation. What really matter is what you have done and what you will do, and forget what she had done to you. Be proud of what you had done and promise yourself that you'll make the best experience out of your situation. 3nodding Sometimes there are more to learn when you're alone than when you're with others you can rely on.

Pixie Sticking
Sorry if this has been already asked, but....

In the future, will Gaia ever 'recycle' user names?

The users who never go on anymore, and the banned accounts that can no longer be used, may be user names other people will want and use.
I've been planning on changing my user name for quite a while, but whenever I find a user name I want I see that it's been taken by someone who hadn't been on in years. Gaia should delete unused and banned accounts to allow people to put these user names to use.
Yes, we are planning to recycle old usernames. Though there are still a lot of issues to address, such as how inactive users can retrieve their old accounts.

Cultural Cringe
What's your take on the Gaia/Myspace comparisons?
IS that where Gaia's going?
If not...Why the apparent turn away from the forums as the centre of the site?

And last thing; will the AT EVER get an avatar simulator subforum? Have you seen the mess they make of AT?
There is a great distinction between a social network like Myspace and Gaia. We don't exactly have a category, either as a virutal world, forum, community, gaming site, or social network. It's easier just to call ourselves a "hangout".

We're headed towards being the number one hangout, it's a place to visit, for the community, for games, for roleplay, or for anything else that you do at Gaia. We're just adding more stuff to do.

At the same time, we're actively improving core features like the forum. A ton of work had been done to re-write the backend forum system, then we'll re-write the guild and forum system.

Also, an unusual number of questions were successfully answered in Towns. Here's the list posted by i V e n o m o u s, with any duplicate answers and non-answers left out:

i V e n o m o u s
- Lanzer's backflips ends with his head on the floor.
- Ling's hairstyle won't match anything at simpsonizeme.com
- She can't do backflips, but she does yoga o.O
- Each MMVII episode is about 15 minutes long.
- Lanzer is careful with toilet paper, therefore he never got cut by them.
- Lanzer refused to post a video of him doing a dancey dancey crying ~~!
- Ling's favorite NPC is Louie [SQUEEEEEE] and her fav pet is the Gwee.
- crazy spork i am has Simpsonized herself.
- According to Ling, Lanzer has a great, deep voice for singing.
- Ling cheated on a Rubik's Cube and peeled the stickers off and glued them back on. SHAME~~! xd
Yar, my question's on the first page. >w<
Oh man, I'm so glad someone did this. I had been having to check Lanzer's post history for the answers. Then I realized that other admins and mods answered, too. I don't have time to read every page on those!
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Thanks for making this thread.
Now I can see Lanzers misspelling on my Answer for ever and ever and ever! whee
Gaia Cash in department stores??
Lemme guess...U.S. departement stores...sigh, I wish at least someone would have come up with questions/feedback about more means of international payments/donations than the Visa and Mastercard reserved for working adults or faulty snail mail...
I Giraffe
Gaia Cash in department stores??
Lemme guess...U.S. departement stores...sigh, I wish at least someone would have come up with questions/feedback about more means of international payments/donations than the Visa and Mastercard reserved for working adults or faulty snail mail...

You got a point there lady. I guess international payment is just a tad to tricky to engage in (tho' it would be practical if they'd do mobile payment with Voda or Orange as those strike all of Western Europe with their different providers)-or...Maestro for us Europeans with bank cards!

As for the thread intent-very useful to read (minus the total random-ness of the questions sometimes)-thanks a bunch!
User Imagethis is owlford

yay im there!
surprised you took out the pics of owlford?
my beloved owl backpack?

owlford this isUser Image
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why not do the simple thing and look through the admins posts?

EDIT: Thanks for this though ^^
sagger and lanzer replied to my posts ^_^
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DJ Twissta
why not do the simple thing and look through the admins posts?

EDIT: Thanks for this though ^^
sagger and lanzer replied to my posts ^_^
Becuase this topic gathers the answers of Lanzer, Sagger, crazy spork i am, ijustworkhere, and the others together in a single place and leaves out anything that wasn't an Ask The Admin reply. Convenience!

My question was answered and I didnt even know it. Thanks for the help.
That's pretty cool, at least they won't get lost in the depths of the forum.

I bet they will be amusing to look back on a year from now. surprised

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