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November 26th
Today Lanzer (by himself again, worrying trend) explains the source of the Green Goo Glitch, talks about employment opportunities at Gaia HQ...and then starts a controversy by mistakenly claiming there'd be a big Store Update the very same day! (Didn't happen, as you may have guessed.)

Hello everyone, how's Thanksgiving? Anyone lined up for Black Friday sale anywhere?
Wooot! I FINALLY remembered!

I worked black friday, there were three fights in the store gonk

Onto my questions!

1. Before avatar system 2.0 came out we had purple eyes, then afterwards they were defaulted to brown. Thus began my mask wearing days. Will we ever again have purple eyes or must I wear this mask for the rest of my Gaian life?

2. In other MMORPGs the creatures all make sounds. However, a lot of times when a creature mobs (meaning there is multiples of the creatures on screen) there specific noises are going off all at once when can be so annoying it can drive one insane. Are you guys keeping the annoying factor of some sounds in mind when choosing them for creatures?

3. Will we ever get more items that change the base avatar legs? Like centaur feet or a Naga body?

4. With the rate scamming, hacking and botting accounts are getting banned(which is a good thing) we are losing a lot of the older MCs, thus making them rarer and harder to obtain. Now I'm one of the people who had to work for their Devil Tail and I honestly would not be upset if it were to be obtainable through the quest system so long as the quest took a decent amount of time. I actually think it would be rather fair to newer users. So, has there been much discussion about whether or not older monthly collectibles will be released in the quest system?

5. When will the Spore evolve?

6. How was your Turkey day?
Purple eyes! I'll double check with the team. I'm worried that we're only focused on making more styles and not the colors, so I'll ask around.

Sounds are optional in the battle system. I'm sure that we won't make things annoying for everyone. wink

Not many items are going to change the base model because they're not generally popular, though there are more to come, that's for sure.

We hear you, and we'll definitely doing the right thing to ensure that everyone have a fair chance on getting the old MC's without ruining the marketing value for MC owners. Auctioning the banned items is definitely something we'll be doing in the near future.

Hi Lanzer! : D
How was your Thanksgiving?

Could you please explain the meaning of this graph:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

It's been bothering me for quite some time. rofl
Heh heh, on "corporate day" we all dress up and pretend to be a serious company, then we drew those charts with arrows going up and down like the ones you see on TV, and making faces in front of them. XD

Realistically, we do look at graphs which show site usage and site growth. For example, take a look at the Alexa traffic graph:


Graphs that moves up makes me smile. smile

Hani Bun
I had a fine Thanksgiving, thank you for asking. And how are you doing today?

I was wonder: Did you expect there to be a religious out cry after the Golden Compass quest? And will the fact there was effect choices for sponsors in the future?
I'm doing great!

No I didn't expect the issue for Golden Compass because I wasn't aware of the facts. However, the story is a fantasy story where everything is fictional, and these types of quests will carry on as long as Gaians found it fun and interesting, or the sponsor represent something that we like.

Technicolor Porn
My Turkey day is long gone past CANADUH!!!
; o!

no sales T__T!

i gots a questions D<!
Will we ever have comics with ACTUALLY GAIANS IN IT! not just NPCs like i mean like Random peoples avis and like npcs talking to them for random moment. o.o!!! and will Olympics Return?!?!?!!? lol i am done, and how has your Turkey day been? too. lanzer : O!!

edit: WOW I don't use my right grammar, and to many text emotes... didn't notice till now.
We plan to have more stories with better backgrounds featuring all the NPC characters. As far as having Gaians are concerned, when any Gaians are shown in banners or the weekly comic, many get upset over issues of in-equality or favoritism, so we're rather careful about that now, and if we are to do it again, we'll definitely have to have a proper contest or something.

I'd love to have another olymic event. We'll probably make one up. smile

My Thanksgiving was good, thanks. Anyway, to my question. I really liked this month's MCs. And I've always wondered about how you guys come up with the ideas. Do you guys debate on it or do you let the MC developers go nuts?
We actually sit in a big room with two dozen people all throwing out ideas. After the brainstorming session, we then vote on our favorite ideas and then decide which of the popular items will be this month's MC.

1. Do you accept outside submissions for Plot ideas, such as scripts or stories?
2. I'm a young adult, and would be interested in working for Gaia Online, Inc. I've seen the link to submit resumes, but would like to know more about the kind of jobs available and what kind of qualifications I'd need.
Currently we don't, because we just don't have a good structure setup yet. It is something we want to do though.

Currently the major job openings are in programming PHP or Flash. We're also hiring artists, but not currently. In most cases, we do ask for work experience. We should have a page that talks about our job opportunities pretty soon.

korikun the cat
Lanzer, do you yourself still take part in the coding of Gaia, and has the site grown to what you wanted it to be?

Besides all that about dreams and hobbies, where do you see yourself in a couple years, will you still be working on improving the site?
There are certain aspects about Gaia that I'm still waiting to happen. So there are still a long way to go until I would consider Gaia as a complete product.

Though today I am no longer coding. Mainly because there are much better programmers than myself, and I found it more helpful to be helping out on many areas out side of programming.

In a couple of years, I hope that I can just focus on community and the aspects of making Gaia a fun and friendly place to hang out.

I see a lot of people who do cleavage signs on Gaia, is that even allowed?
It's not the most appropriate thing to do on the site, though it doesn't break the TOS. sweatdrop

My Thanksgiving was okay, I have way too many essays due this week tho.

I like how you added the owl to your avy.

What exactly causes green goo? I have green goo and I hate it. I think my November 2007 collectable is the problem.
Wow, that's a lot of items you have biggrin

Green goo are caused by pixels that failed to become transparent. When equipping items, some items make certain places change color where it's not supposed to (run-away shadow colors). Normally pixels around the avatar are colored with a specific green color, and all those color "disappear" when the avatar is being saved. If any one of those pixels are changed to a slightly different hue of green, then they will fail to disappear and appear as green goo. That makes sense?

Essence De La Vie
Hello there!

1. Which pie do you prefer, pumpkin or sweet potato? ninja

2.Do you enjoy christmas specials? If yes, which one the most?

3. Is there supposed to be a regular shop update coming in December?
Oh wow, last December's Winter Rose!

I like sweet potato, though I like the actual potato much more than the pie.

There will be an update today, quite a big one infact!

Purple Hair Spray
Lanzer, have you ever considered having a female avatar? xd
I actually have a female test account! :O Haven't used her for a long long time since I stopped testing items.

As for answering your question I stayed home during black Friday, doing cleaning.
Anyway, I got a few question I would like answer if possible.

1. Is someone going to fix the jigsaw game, word bump, and the other games here? The reason is when I try to access them I get a message that the connection to the the game is cut off, I can't see any of the tiles in word bump, and other stuff as well.

2. What is the schedule for Gaia and Kiki tour? The reason is that not to long ago me and my friends put together a con in Arkansas called: ARKANSAS ANIME FESTIVEL and if you and the gang are not too busy and don't have plans around middle of Nov. of next year we would love it if you guys come. If you want any info of the con for next year here is the site: Arkansas Anime Festivel
Plus you can check out on you tube of some videos people did at the con to give you an idea.

3. Is there going to be any new clothes? For Example Hakama Pants(both male and female), Happi Coat & Japanese Festival Clothing(both male and female),Wedding Kimonos(both male and female), and more oni(demon) suff like ears, tails, wings, and other stuff as well.

4. What are the plans for the Christmas Event this year on Gaia?
We're working on a gold granting system that should be more bot-proof. Until we do that, it's unfortunate that people are really abusing the system to the point where it's hurting the economy.

Next tour will be at NY for Anime Fest, though after that we'll need to wait for some user voting to come back.

We will have a big item release this week, and there will be a lot of items, though not the ones you asked for, sorry.

Christmas event will involve Santa, that's all I can say. XD

1) How many little old ladies did you tackle on Black Friday?

2) Any plans for NPC_Reinhardt t make a debut?

3) Any plans for a Gaian version of Tetris or Breakout? You could call them Gaia Blocks and Gaia Mining. ...And give Reinhardt life!

4) Will the Angelic Rod be released in quests 2.0 or be a Battle "recipe" item?

5) Will there ever be a re-release (small scale) of former MCs and/or event items, be it through a "time machine" rare item in a blue box, cash shop, or whatever?

6) Will there ever be a writing contest of some kind?
We stayed overnight in the cold for 6 hours for Black Friday! biggrin

The digging game was cancelled so Reinheart might never appear on Gaia. ToT

And we will have a Gaia Tetris like game, either Gaia themed or offered as a game in the "Gaia Arcade".

There will be abilities to obtain old items, either through auction from banned accounts, or maybe something like a quest, or through something like a blue box which reveals random items. Everything is still being considered along with potential consequences.

We want to have a writing arena. Hope to have something available when we finish the arena rewrite.

Have a great week everyone!
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Thanks for all of these! heart
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Store update is out.....now. Heh.

Well, we must start badgering them about winter plot details, eh?
I AM sad I cant g into rallys or games any more what happens it doesnt go to a screen it just goes blank if you could could ya help me figure it out?
Wonderful Platonix. Keeping this thing at the top!
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Folks, this ain't a help thread. It's an "event" log.

But....you're welcome to try to get an answer out of Lanzer (and fail) as it is Monday, and that means I should give it a shot this week because I feel empowered somehow.
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True enough, today's the day to speak with Lanzer in the GCD! And, in fact, the session should be starting rather soon, so buckle in and get ready for the ride!
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December 3rd

Linux, Patrick Swayze and talking spaghetti, all in today's Ask The Admin! Not in today's Ask The Admin: any devs other than Lanzer...again...fulltimefailure popped in just quickly enough to say he was out watching a movie, but given that it was in Gaia Cinemas, that doesn't excuse his lack of answers. sad

Cid High-Wind
Hi Lanzer! Few questions here...

1. Are you happy with the cinema's update?
2. If I invited you to a private showing, would you come? : D
3. Why haven't you been in towns as much? D:
4. Right now, I'm singing the Chinese version of Gackt's "December Love Song" or "12Gatsu No Love Song" as said in Japanese. One of my favorite XMas songs. Do you have any favorites? surprised

EDIT: Heh, everyone went to go check that announcement. xD
I'm happy that we can actually show real movies!

I've had my private showing already! biggrin

I couldn't get to answer as much messages when I'm in Towns, so I'd rather answer more messages

I haven't heard of J-Pop for years... right now my favorite song is "Unrwritten".

PS - I got your art, thank you!

{Dear Lanzer }

I would like to say hi first of all, and that this is a first time for me talking in the asked the admin. Well let me start off with a few questions. Please read them and answer them, the first three are the important ones that I would like to know about. The rest I could care less about.

1.What is the actual ruling on people that state that they are younger than 13 and are on the site. In reality they are break law and ToS. I have had a Mod, tell me to report them and that they have their ways of finding out if they are or not. And then recently I have had a mod tell me not to report them because they do not gather enough personal information on the users. Well I would like an official ruling on this so I do not get into trouble for reporting users that break ToS and the law.

2.Now I would also like to talk about the journals, the journals do not get updated as often, now I do realize that there are many other things that need to be worked on. But are you guys going to make the journals so that they can be used with CSS coding.
-making custom background colors or even pictures.
-custom border colors
-custom layout

I believe this would be great for those bloggers out in gaia. Has gaia planned something like this yet?

3.With people now being able to spy on our accounts ( pixel spying) and being able to tell how much gold we have in our accounts. What will be done about this? Will gaia make this illegal or is it legal to do? I have heard many different peoples opinions about this. But I would like to know what gaia is going to do about it. Or will gaia do nothing and let people spy on others accounts.

4.Were the evolving items a way to not have babies on gaia but to give something to the amount of people wanting gaian babies? Or has this been something you guys have been planning for awhile?

5. Will the anime conventions ever come to Canada?

6. Will gaia ever have a giveaway for the giant Kiki?

7. Will gaia ever make Lanzer/VO/Loki plushie dolls to sell in the real cash shop XD <3
1. The 13 year old rule is held for the interest of parents who wish their kids to avoid sites that talk or say things that they don't want their children to hear. We co-operate in whatever we can because we respect the parents' wishes. There are no real laws being made or broken. If anyone claims to be younger than 13 on Gaia, you can forward the message to a moderator to help verify, otherwise, if there are no written proof, then no action should be taken.

2. We're definitely not updating our journals enough... I miss the days when I do nothing but programming... anyways, we're hoping to have RSS feed created for our journals so that there would be a place to get all journal entries so people won't need to look for individual journals one by one.

3. Gold info is private, and we've already made security fixes to prevent it from happening.

4. Evolving items will make people happy. That's all I can tell you for now. biggrin

5. No Canadian conventions are planned yet, but as soon as any one of them reach a certain size then we'll be hitting it!

6. We give out big Kiki's but we only got one giant Kiki. It'll be way too hard to ship/giveaway...

7. Some people mentioned that idea before... and I shot it down everytime! biggrin

If you go through with auctioning items off banned accounts how do you plan to do so fairly?

What about people who were banned unfairly and are still trying to get their accounts back?

Are you going to go through banned accounts chronologically, as in oldest to newest bans or only those who have never appealed their bannings?

What about those who were scammed or hacked who are still hoping that their items will be tracked down and returned to them some day, if some of those banned accounts you plan to auction off contain their items? Then if you do track them down in the future that means those hacked/scammed either luck out on getting their items back because they were sold off or you'd have to duplicate the item, which would screw with the economy.

By auctioning off banned accounts are you therefore setting a time limit and a cap on the number of appeals that person can make?
There will probably be something like a lottery so that the old MC's don't fall under the highest bidders once again.

As far as the process goes, we would only consider accounts that had been banned for a long, long time, and on offenses that aren't questionable.

As for people who were hacked, people will always get their item back, we have a system to ensure that.

Can we get a list of winners for the wii contest?
Because of all the privacy and fairness issues, we actually have a third party company to help us draw the users and mail them the Wii. A lot us are worried about the winners being harassed by other users so we're a little hesitant to announce the winners... ^^;

Phantom Theif Dark
Hello everyone! Did you guys get to check out Matrix? And are there any Gattaca fans here or am I the only one who think it's the best Sci-Fi movie? biggrin
Got to see Gattica in 9th grade Biology.
Awesome movie.

Gotta ask, have you ever come across the random Gaian on the streets and been stalked/hunted down for a handshake or autograph?


Oh and are you guys going to be looking for some Cisco-Certified Networkers anytime soon?
Because I can SO help you out. wink
Lucky for me that only happened once. Don't want to have to run around with a pair of giant sunglasses.

Congrats on being Cisco certified. We do have a pair of Cisco switches, but the bulk of our work are spent working with Linux servers.

Hi Lanzer! (and all you other devs! heart )

Are you guys looking forward to coming to NYC and partying next weekend?

Will we be getting some new spoilers at the panel?

Also -- Would you ever consider a Patrick Swayze-esque NPC? Ron Bruise needs competition. wink
I'm pretty tied up before Christmas, but a few other guys should be heading over to NY.

We're putting together some Battle System info for Anime Fest

Patrick Swayze? Hmm... we're thinking of releasing celebrity masks pretty soon. biggrin

Last week, you said something about possible auctions of items on banned accounts. Is it something that could happen in a few months or is it another idea that will be discussed for months but never happen. I think it would be nice to put those items back into the economy. I mean this past weekend is proof that more items being sold means that the prices will fall.
Expect the feature to take about 2 or 3 months to make. Not that it takes this long to program, but right now we're tied up with 2-3 months of work that we need to finish. gonk

Yay, my first ATA adventure!

In an early ATA you mentioned auctioning off banned account items, and I think that would give into the already rapidly deflating marketplace. It is hard to believe that everyone was complaining about the inflation and now the deflation.
1 Do you think that deflation could actually crash the marketplace?
2 Since Gaia's partnerships with Warner and Sony, will we get new quests dealing with movies, games, and items made or based on those brands?
1 Did you get Legend Of Zelda Phantom's Hourglass yet, and if so, how far are you?
1 - There will be no crash because we keep giving out gold by the millions everyday... that's just how Gaia works. The one gold we get every now and then adds up really fast with 100,000+ users logging in a day.

2 - We will get various opportunities with Sony and TW, though because they're really big companies with different departments handling different products (movies, TV, advertising, merchandise), nothing is solid yet. Though I'm certainly excited being able to work with them.

3 - I don't own a DS! No time to play!

Kalos Niteshadow
hi Lanzer! How are you tonight?

I got a few questions and a few suggestions.


What happened to the MC hints?

Will the ancient Chest continue after the month's over and become a rare event?

As for suggestions:

In the Gaia Cinemas, my sugegstion for a movie is MIGHTY MORHPING POWER RANGERS!!! What is your thought on that
Heh heh, we're late in picking our MC this month, but they're gonna be pretty cool! Hints will appear shortly!

Ancient Chest is going to go away, and we don't know when we should re-release it yet.

Power Rangers? I don't know who owns the copyright actually...

Wolfram Lee Ysud
Hey, Lanzer and team!

Just wanted to say thank you for the new Cinema and am excited to see what we'll get from the deal with Warner Bros. and Sony.

i do have a question about future releases. Specifically - rates. Has a normal ticket price been determined yet, and has there been a policy instated about when someone can watch the movie if they bought a ticket with Gaia Cash? Is there something like "If you buy a ticket, you can watch it any time for a 24-hour period" or something? Or would it be possible to go the way of Netflix's "Watch It Instantly" feature where someone can watch a certain number of hours of Cinema after paying a small fee? This may have been answered in part in the new announcement's update.

Also, 1-800-OMG-STFU posted something this afternoon about a few of his friends under the age of 16 trying to watch "The Matrix" and being blocked out. Is there something of an age cap going on?
I'm excited about the movies too. There will soon be pay-per-view movies, much like ones offered by cable TV. The terms are ones that were requested by the owners of the movies, and I believe it works the same way where you get a period of time to watch it. I'll need to double check though. Funny I forgot such an important piece.

As for age cap, yes, if Sony or TW hand us a movie that is rated R, we have to restrict the age. sad

Countess Von Helson
Lanzer, if your spagetti could speak to you, what would it say?
"You'd rather have sushi!"

Hey lanzer.
Pepper tea and reaper going to towns?
Will you EVER! release other face and body structures for avi's here?
I mean come on I want to do a hughes cosplay!
Yes I realize this is completely selfish mad
Body structure is really difficult since we're all pixel art... though new facial features will be available really soon!

1. Many people seem to think they need to pay for the new movies, that they don't need to now but may have to in the future, or wonder how you can show the movies for free without getting . From what I've read, none of these things seem to be the case. The confusion and argument are quite harsh. Please settle this!
2. As you have explained, the rings in battle allow players to use powers without changing the appearance of their avs, - however, it would be amusing to have a few scattered "henshin" rings- have you considered this?
3. Are we ever going to get the chance to visit some of the areas the MCs come from , such as the far tropical isles?
4. Dr. Singh keeps exposing Timmy to radioactive waste. Is he gonna be OK, or will he eventually mutate, possibly leading to a storyline event?
There will be free movies that are not that new, and pay-per-view movies that are just as new as ones you get for pay-per-view from cable TV or movie rental.

We definitely are considering henshin rings. Hopefully it's not too hard to make biggrin

New areas are on the way, though it might not be those ones

Timmy should be featured in the upcoming storyline actually, though nothing is solid yet!

hey lanzer, because gaia is so busy im sure you dont have time to date

do you ever play japanese dating sim games?
Yes it's my only outlet for my lonely life in the office...

j/k! biggrin

How come buying items in the cash shop doesn't make me a donator, last month i bought the collectibles through the shop with gc but in oct. i used gc through the old process and got counted as a donator.
The problem comes with us having given out free Gcash to everyone... we're still sorting that through unfortunately. We might set a price point and go with that but it's still being discussed right now. Sorry for the trouble.

Purple Hair Spray
Is the housing arena ever going to have a prize for winning?
There will be a new version of Arena, and we should be able to host any contest on any type of arenas and give out prizes accordingly.

Bob Dobbs
Are quests ever going to be more interactive such as the Feather quest? All we have had so far is just watch a movie and get an item.

I heard a rumor that their will be more drink and food items and that they will have their own shop, Is this true or someones wishful thinking?

I'm eating spinach and goat cheese pizza, does Lanzer like pizza? what kind ?

Will NPC's ever PM their fans with stuff like the Labtechs/Elftechs/Aliens did?

Can I marry Ian? (I know I can't I had to ask though) blaugh

Will there ever be any NPC Plushies?

What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?
Various quests are more involving. The Bee movie is an example. There will be others like that.

It's our goal to make environments where people can have their own stores, restaurants, and other services. Though it's an ambitious goal that we might not be able to complete by fall of next year...

Pepperoni & Jalapeno pizza!

We want to answer NPC's inbox, but we have so many NPC and so many mail that it's just too much work... gonk

It's dinner time again. Have a good night everyone!
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To tell you the truth, I don't read the Ask the Admins thread in the GCD nor Lanzer's post history. Instead, I read yours. ORGANIZED! heart
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Same as above, I only read your thread.
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What time is it?


*cool sword noise*
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December 10th
Today saw the return of other Staff members to Ask The Admin, as well as more activity (18 pages!), partially due to Lanzer waiting a bit longer than he has lately before locking the topic. Lots of good answers gotten today, at least one of which has stirred up controversy...

Hello everyone! How many are doing Christmas shopping last weekend? What do everyone want for Christmas?
Gaia Cash Cards would be lovely IRL presents. 4laugh

There's a bit of confusion about the generations of evolving items. Will the final stage of (for example) the DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd Gen look any different from the final stage of the original DandiiDooDad Spore? Or is the only difference between generations just how far along they are in evolving?
Yes, they're supposed to be different.

Kid Jak
Dear Lanzer and anyone elses who might show up smile

Can you either Confirm or De nigh the seeming implications that there will be a Quest in January 2008 that offers Back mounted avatar wings

*Holds up the microphone for answer please*
Yes the rumor is probably true, but it might not be released in Janurary though, depends if we have time to build it or not. :O

Lanzer! Did you watch the Today Show this morning--specifically around 8:30?! whee GAIA WAS BROADCASTED LIVE ON NATIONAL TV!!!

...ahem! sweatdrop Sorry...anyway...

There is just one serious question that I have: Will we ever find out if Gino got out of the Von Helsons' dungeons?
Yes I saw them on YouTube. Many thanks to DJ Helsing and all the dedicated Gaians who stood in the cold this morning. crying

nature kid
User Image Hi Lanzer is Ron Bruise gonna be involved in the Christmas event?
Ron Bruise is still busy acting in his alien features and won't be celebrating Xmas with us this year. :O

Well since in real life, i know i'm getting a D, there isn't anything i want xmas besides a kiki for my avi.

so Lanzer, what do you want for xmas?
how come i can't turn off the annoying theater music like i can with games and towns?
Why doesn't some videos in the cinema have a volume control?
Can the future quests not include videos over 10 mins, The Hills is getting annoying.

Finally, next year will we get a new layering system?
Xmas wish? World peace... I want world peace... *after* I get my new games!

Whoops, we need to look into that. Mute button in Theater

Volume control is a little tricky since the videos are from different sources, we don't host them. WIll need to check and see if we can do it.

Uh oh, we'll shoot for shorter promotional videos next time.

Cube B
Hi Mr. Liu!

Okay, I have a few really minor questions. ^^

1. Will the "Make an NPC" Contest come out soon?
2. Will next years Plot involve Animated Films, or will it be Strictly manga, or another medium?
3. Will the Art updates for Ian and Liam come out this week? Or for the Xmas event?
4. Insert Obligatory Werewolf Question here.
Might not be this month since we're still scrambling to make Xmas event happen...

Strictly manga for now, unless we find an animation studio that we really like.

Probably for Xmas, the update kept getting slipped. ToT

Insert random howling here
^ Best. Answer. Ever.

Hey Lanzer! hope you got all your shopping done for the year mrgreen

a couple questions, one will really help me out.

when gaia was first started, about how big was it?


will the guilds topic set up change to the more common one?
When we first started, there were 4 people working at home. First day had about a hundred fifty people who joined. We were quite worried whether or not people will want to join the site or not...

Yes, Guild will go through an update in the near future.

Kalos Niteshadow
Hey Lanzer how are you?

Anyways, a question comes to mind.

Seeing how Christmas's around the corner, will Santa still be a cow? And when will the item contest item come in stores, if you know?

Also, when will the quest for the back wings come?

Added: Why will the evolution items be different? Cause my Fausto's bottle is in the stages as the first one
We'll definitely tell you what happened to Santa. :O

Not sure yet, hopefully early next year.

Isn't it better that each item is unique?

Hey Lanzer

1) Will you ever get license to make other patented items like you did with the Coke bottle? Like Nintendo Mushroom Hats or Handheld video game systems?

2) Are you going to make more types of noses? Maybe Italian Plumber noses?

3) Are we going to get Rock Puppy Plushies ever?

4) What is your favorite type of Raman?

5) Did you give the guy that invented the OMG boxes a promotion?

6) Will you update the guilds with the fourm system like you did with the Gaia fourms?

7) Did you know there were Gaians on at Rockefeller's Plaza on the Today's show? (I was NOT one of them T-T)
We actually didn't make a Coke item, but certainly there will be other items based on cultural icons. Mario stuff would be nice

Not much room we can play with regarding noses... for now we're expanding eyes, hair and mouth

Hmm, how about a Rock Puppy kit made with real limestones?

Miso or Sesame

In honor of his great idea, we gave him a random promotion. He didn't seem to be too pleased...

Yes. Many thanks for all those who endured the cold morning.

Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Which-izzle would win in a fight?

A watermeat that knows karate or Gino's eyebrows?
Eyebrows for sure! They are tooooo powerful.
Really? eek
Even if the watermeat worked out every day in a pixelated gym? :O
Regardless...there is too much explosive power contained in the eyebrows...lets use Rock Lee as an example.
This conversation continued beyond the limit on nested quotes. Here's some more...
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
There is gotta be something much stronger than that on Gaia, isn't there? surprised Stronger than Gino's eyebrows?

(If so, my guess is its Gambino's chest hair. gonk Bleeeehhhhhhhh! )
What if we gave the watermeat hedge trimmers? Or a chain saw? ninja
Now were talking even fight...Buff Watermeat with a chainsaw vs Gino's right eyebrow...the one that does the heavy lifting eek
...and some more!
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Wait....Just his right eyebrow? :O Even with a chainsaw his power level is still not over 9000 not strong enough to fight both of Gino's eyebrows!? (Who thought an npc emokid's eye brows would be so TOUGH! eek )
That's some wicked crazy eyebrow hair. Oo;
I wonder if a laser cannon would even it enough to make it so the watermeat could take them both on...
Laser powered lawn mower?
Ok so Buff Watermeat + Laser + Chainsaw vs Gino's eyebrows...sounds like a good fight to me. A battle which would go down in the ages.

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am

What's your favourite candy? <3


GivemegrombieElvenEars plz. ;_;
when i went to japan with kirby i was totally into the konpeito candy...and i finished a whole bag by myself. whenever i buy them here i can never finish them but i guess just being in the right time and place made it so much better!

i also like going to the los gatos candy store and buying jelly belly jellybeans. bubble gum, cotton candy, and cherry jelly beans are my favorite mixture (kirby loathes the bubble gum ones!).

My last name is Kirby! ;3

I loooove Jelly Bellies. Especially the Happy Potter kind. xD I have like... 4 bags that haven't been opened. I never eat the gross ones... but I did try Dirt, Grass, Bacon, and Soap. :3 I wanna try Spaghetti~

If I sent you some Jelly Bellies, would I send them to HQ : Attn Sporkie? heart
rockin' last name! i wish kirby's last name was kirby. then it would be kirby kirby whee

hehe if you did that, i would devour them in a heartbeat.
Totally going to do it now. 4laugh

PM me an address. ninja heart


I have a cousin named Kirby. But her last name isn't Kirby. Everyone always asks though~
This, too, continued...
crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
ooh, you're tempting me!

I'll send them out this week. ninja heart

heheh, HQ has a P.O. address somewhere! i forgot where tho... emo
I'll find it. heart

Expect some JellyBellies~ If I can find a store that sells the individual flavours, I'll make a bag special~

And, Knitting, eh? I'm working on scarves... I love scarves~ :'D
awww! heart heart heart
...and continued...
crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
@Sporkie~ heart heart heart I want to send all of you guys Christmas presents. D: I wish I was a billionaire~
if i were a billionaire i would wanna help out with the funds here on gaia :O. i don't think i'd even quit working here...having too much fun :3
Lol. You sound just like a loyal Gaian. I think a large number of us Gaians have realized that there's never been a site quite as deserving as Gaia when it comes to growing and online communities - I'd damn trust them with my money, too!

I doubt they'd abuse any extra funds on hand.. It's kind of like having that small group of friends - You help each other out if any one of you "makes it big". Gaia's just way beyond me, so I think if I had the opportunity, it'd be a great "investment" (or at least that'd be my cover for why I just gave them a million bajillion dallas!).
hehe it's a little more than just the site to me. i know that a lot of the people here work hard and do a lot of things to try and make this place the best it can be. and one of the things i love is the drive and ambition some of the people have because it creates that drive and motivation to keep striving for bigger and better things. and these people are more than just coworkers but friends as well who are great at what they do. and you're right about the feeling of it being like having a small group of close friends, because they do such a good job in looking out for us!

crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
'lo theres! actually made it to this one!
*points and screams* I'M WEARING THE SAME ITEM AS SPORKY!

so how are you doing spork? What do you want for xmas?
i've been making bento boxes for kirby and i for lunch. i want BENTO ACCESSORIES! hehehe.

crazy spork i am
Crazy Spork I Am:

Are sporks sexually confused spoons, or forks? Or something else?
they are a mystery twisted
You're a mystery, babeh biggrin

I'm a big fan of your art, btw. Everyone busy at the office lately? I've noticed a major decrease in number of posts by a large majority of developers and artists. It only spiked up once the Corporate Day thread hit.

Also, any favorite edits of your from the thread? (a bit late to the thread...this may have been asked already).
Whole lotta long-conversing goin' on...
crazy spork i am
crazy spork i am
hehe, kirby tells me that all the time twisted mustn't put all the cards on the table...

thanks muchly! i'm glad, since i sometimes get comments that my work looks a little weird...then again i try not to take my work too seriously or else it ruins my fun!

yeah, things are getting pretty busy. i know everyone has this fat list of deadlines to meet (including myself). i've also been busy because kirby and i recently went to japan for the week to hang out with another of our artist friends (and trying our darnest to lure him back to cali!). we managed to surprise him by taking on some extra work and commissions on the side and planning the trip through his girlfriend! took so many pictures there...anyhoo, we've been trying extra hard to catch up for that week!

the corporate day thread was a nice (and funny) breather during our crunch time. i think my fav has been the PGSM edits. i did a double take when i saw one of them printed out on the men's bathroom door, heh.
/quoted "the corporate day thread was... ...men's bathroom door, heh."/

/quoted "thanks muchly!... ...else it ruins my fun!"/
It might be harder to make a living that way, but it's worth it, eh?

/quoted "yeah, things are getting... ...catch up for that week!"/
Awesome! ^.^;; Busy means that I can expect great things to come! biggrin
it's harder but challenging. i find it fun and motivating to have the opportunity to do what i've always wanted to do...which is to create and execute fun ideas :3

crazy spork i am
So Spork have you been watching the Sailor Spork fansub of Cutie Honey =D

Meanwhile I want to thank the item team for the recent item store updates as it completes my Skull Rider outfit!

One last question, with Transformers Animated coming soon, will there be a quest related to the series? What about a Buso Renkin Quest?
i went and bought the dvd of the live action movie of cutey honey. fulltimefailure, your-father's-belt, kirbyufo, and i watched it during the weekend! it came with the tin box so now i used it to put my current knitting project in it :3

Hey Lanzer...
Ok, questions first...
1. Some people with lots of gold are talking about "Dominating' the battle system by buying powerful rings. Economic superiority won't equal Battle superiority, right??
2. Will you allow people to record and upload sound effects for their battle av, such as screams,to help individualize them?
3. If Henshin rings are to be used, how will you keep the individuality of the the characters intact while they are transformed?
4. Are you going to do any more Gaia movies? Have you considered doing some in-house and hiring Voice Actors from among Gaians?
5. Will any of the NPCs ever randomly join a team for battle?
7. How does "battle" tie in with the other areas of the site- will it affect the behavior of shopkeepers and the lie on the world map?
8. When will you announce the final decision as to the Battle name?
9. Last, but not least:
Why are most of the Flash games and TOWNS not working Properly?
Oh, and I bought my parents books and a Gaian pal an OMG box.
Rings will need to be earned, not purchased

Maybe to music, but not sound effects.

Hard to say, changing might not guarantee uniqueness, much like becoming a UFO

No more Gaian movies for now, probably when we find an animation studio

Probably not, since our AI probably can't be this smart enough for that just yet

Hmm, no word yet about the battle name

The flash server is really buggy, and we're working hard on replacing it right now

I am doing all of my shopping online cool

mmmkay question:
I use my PSP (Playstation Portable)'s Internet browser to access Gaia.
I was wondering, is there any talk of ever making a "mobile gaia"?
One that may easily be accessed by PSPs and iphones and the like?

oh and whats your favorite piece of technology?
No plans for Gaia Mobile yet, though as more people have mobile devices, we'll start to work on it.

Favorite piece of technology? Rice cooker!


Are there any plans for fixing the glitches with Grombie avatars? ie Eye problems and such. Also, can we have matching Elven Ears too?

And, what's your favourite candy bar? <3

And, Can you guys come to Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, pleeeease~? ;___;


And: for christmas, I want to spend a day in HQ with you guys. ;___;
We're really tied up right now, so we'll probably work on it after Xmas...

I keep going back to Snickers

Get people to petition!

Gaia visit? We should make a contest out of it

Gaia is glitching right now... o_O;
(Wrong images are showing up elsewhere, plus quite a bit of lag.)

I hope you had a good day today, Lanzer. ^_^

Here's my question:

When it comes to the Gaia 'Battle' MMO naming contest, are any and all forms of names accepted? (Eg. A non-existent word made of random letters, or a combination of two or more words.)
Any names are welcome! There are tons of cool words that are made up.

Lord Ginseng
How's it going Lanzer!
I have only a couple questions to ask, and I'm really happy to be here at last! mrgreen

1) Who's idea was the Bape Cow? I think this is the coolest thing ever. ;D

2) What are your thoughts on the GCD Elves and other GCD holiday characters?

3) What is the expected time for Hermes' Moon to evolve?

4) Do you approve of pie? ninja
It's Bruno's sister's creation

The more the merrier!

I think it's two weeks


Tai Naito
Hello everyone! How many are doing Christmas shopping last weekend? What do everyone want for Christmas?
I want YOU, Lanzer wink heart

Actually I want my room clean.

Question: I was pretty sure that there wasn't going to be a St Patrick's Day holiday next year, but I'm not sure. Is this true?

Comment: I had an idea for a summer festival that included a bunch of not-normally-celebrated holidays on Gaia. I don't know how you'd pull it off/organize it/whatever, but I was just thinking that it'd be fun to have an event that acknowledged well-known but not huge on Gaia holidays (Hannukah, Kwanza, St Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, things like that). I know that people would just enjoy a few more items that let them express their beliefs/traditions smile . Maybe it could be a quest! Like, a World Holiday quest! I dunno >o>
After receiving feedback from many Gaians, we're leaning towards making a few big events rather than a bunch of small ones. So there's a good chance that there won't be a St Patrick's day event.

|The| |Shadow|
I was just wondering how is the weapons shop coming along? Do you think we will still be able to get it before the end of the year? And will Nicolae be the NPC in charge of it?
With everything happening, it seems like the weapon shop might slip... sweatdrop

crazy spork i am
Where do most Gaian Employees backgrounds originate? The site aspires to be great, and really help out others, so that attracts the kind of people who tend to do great things. I imagine a large number of you would either be doing freelance work or otherwise starting your own businesses? I know for a fact that there's a few staff that did just that before Gaia, but I'm not sure about the rest or the majority.

You have any other personal ambitions? Gaia related or otherwise smile
/Note: He actually edited this out later, but Sporkii was too fast for him!/
i can't really speak for anyone but myself but kirby and i have been working together ever since we met up in college. and we did freelance before we got hired on full-time here. i know that fulltimefailure, your-father's-belt, kirby, and i have been thinking of a fun small project that we could do...and i know that if could ever get it together it'd be neat to have our own small studio. the four of us all met and graduated from the same school, and we all have our own specific strengths. a few of the artists have worked in other studios and some are still in school while for some this is their first job.

one of my personal ambitions is to continue what i'm doing now. i love doing the work that i'm doing here and i think i can easily transfer that to freelance or contract if it ever came down to it. it'd be even better if i can execute bigger personal projects, but right now i've been too busy to really dedicate much time to that. :3

Zeath Xio
I have a question for anyone!

I noticed that in the MTV’s Virtual Hollywood on Gaia that the chairs and benches are made so that users can "sit" on them, by being able to walk over them and sit down.

Is there any plans of applying that same technique to the chairs/couches/beds in Gaia Homes?

Cause we need to be able to sit down in our homes.
I have floor sores.
Gaia home has a big complexity that comes with customization, and the fact that it was originally written in Macromedia Director. We do plan to update it to a flash version some time in the future, and definitely, inteactive items will be part of the update.

Have a great week everyone!
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Thanks for the updates! heart
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I don't read the Ask the Admins thread in the GCD nor Lanzer's post history. Instead, I read yours. ORGANIZED! heart

So do I! =)

Only thing I'd suggest is to not include some of the random chats but rather focus on actual Questions & Answers.

That's just a suggestion though, you can do as you please.
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But the random admin chats are FUN. At least he didn't include the entire convo about that. It was.....strange, to say the least.

See yall next week.

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