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Welcome to the mountainous kingdom of starinova. This kingdom has been founded by the great king star 10,000 years ago. Around the kingdom Lights are being lit, the party decorations are being placed and the guests are starting to arrive as the current King John and his wife, the queen are throwing a winter extravaganza for the towns people. Though be aware, as danger awaits, what will happen? Stick by and find out. You will be surprised.

This event is sponsored by the 12th Annual User-Run Ball. Link to plan the 12th annual ball: Click Here
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* a toy solider opens the gates for people he then sits by the king * hm not many people huh sir...* he watches waiting for some one to enter*
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Overwhelmed by the excited chatter of townspeople and lively music filling the air, E_A found herself being pushed forward by the surrounding masses who were all eager to hear the awe-inspiring speech of their king that's reunite the kingdom as a whole. In a break of the many faces rushing around her, she caught a glimpse of the spectacle high in the distance. Atop Starinova's highest mountain sat the royal castle. Countless orbs of glowering light pulsated about it, as though breathing life into the grand yet still structure.

However, before she could admire the beautiful sight any further, E_A was shoved into a damp alleyway by the crowd behind her. Aware of the subtle danger in the general public's enthusiasm, she decided to utilize her skills as a ninja, at such a crucial moment. Moisture a light, sun shower challenged her grip, as she scaled the side of a looming, crooked bakery that encroached upon a neighboring, housing complex.

Within moments, E_A lifted herself onto the roof's ledge. The castle, much easier to distinguish now, was gradually beginning to shine for prominently, despite the distance. She relished the moment, tuning out the bustle below, before bounding across rooftops in the castle's direction.

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