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Veteran Form:

[b]How long you have been on Gaia:[/b]
Best way to contact you:[/b]
[b]Preferences:[/b] (to newbie)
[b]About:[/b] (you)[/size]

Newbie Form:

[b]How long you have been on Gaia: (what year or day you started)[/b]
[b]Best way to contact you:[/b]
[b]Preferences[/b]: (what you want in your veteran)
[b]About:[/b] (you)[/size]

Please notify me through Pm if you have questions or need some help, thank you! ^^
Also, please mail the forms to me in code this makes it a lot easier to list entries!
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Username: Califairry
How long you have been on Gaia: umm about 2 years i think
Best way to contact you: PM
Preferences: ummm just someone who is literate, i have trouble talking to people that use chat speak constantly
About: ummm im friendly and outgoing, i love music, and i work in a tektek shoppe, and im doing this because i am on almost everyday and i get a little bored

Username: Gravilove19
How long you have been on Gaia: 5 1/2 years
Best way to contact you: PM
About: I am a recent college graduate who has been on gaia since I was a junior in high school. I love meeting newbies and chatting when I get bored.

Username: cocaine pandas xD
How long you have been on Gaia: id rather not say but longer than a year xD
Best way to contact you: pm xD or meebo( that i never look at )
Preferences: (to newbie) idc xD someone nice and not an idiot
About: (you

Username: FireFoxNinetails
How long you have been on Gaia: 6 years and counting
Best way to contact you: PM, messenger (AIM: xlunachanx)
Preferences: Somewhat literate, friendly, preferably has messenger because it's just easier to talk on there and I like to switch between 6 different accounts. I'm also somewhat busy so one newbie at a time plz?
About: I've chilled all around gaia but I mostly settle around the minishops and charities forum. I've probably tried every single way to make gold on gaia (no srsly, exchanging, zOMG, arting, breedables, bumping, you name it and I've probably done it) and I can probably help you if you're trying to learn the ropes on how to make some gold to spend or if you're trying to find a place to settle down on gaia. Okay no I'm not sure how I'll help with the latter because that part is all up to you, but I'll try lol

Username: The Empty Child
How long you have been on Gaia: About 4 years?
Best way to contact you: PM, Comments or AIM (My AIM username is Adorkable Ducki).
Preferences: Can I talk to someone who's at least semi-literate?
About: I'm a 17 year old girl who's going into her senior year in high school. During the school year I will be a bit busy, considering I am going into 3 different AP classes, but I will do my best to get online! In fact, most of my homework tends to involve the computer, and I usually go on AIM while doing it. If this isn't enough information, please feel free to ask me anything and check out my profile! :]

Username: DARK cj AnImE
How long have you been a member of gaia?: two years
best way to contact me: pm, or comment either one is fine
prefrences: dont really have any
About me: i like k-pop (big bang and 2ne1), j-pop,anime, and i love animals expecially my pit bull. i am 15 and single, but i have had a crush on the same girl since i was 13. i come on gaia almost everyday. i also like to cosplay even though thats usually a girl thing.

Username: Aeolian Harp
How long you have been on Gaia: Since 2007
Best way to contact you: PM please.
Preferences: (to newbie)
Literate is a must.
I also do enjoy some sarcasm.
I hate internet memes and such.
About: (you) I'm an oldy-moldy who loves the Exchange and Avatar Talk.
I enjoy all types of music (less interest in pop though) and enjoy all types of art
(mostly futurism and some romantics).
Unfortunately I have little to no interest in anime though
I do enjoy slice of life manga.
I love video games.

Username: cocomuu
How long you have been on Gaia: About two years.
Best way to contact you: PM is the best way to contact me.
Preferences: Literate is a must. I enjoy people who love to have fun and joke around, but I don't like being told that I must do this, or and so bad and mean. I'm trying to help you. Please be nice to me.
About: About me.. WELL! I have been on Gaia for about two years now (aka look above ^ ) I don't care if you think something you say mean to me is funny, it isn't its just mean. I like only some bands, but varies of singers c

Username: snuggle-you-to-death
How long you have been on Gaia: 5years, 9 accs, this is the newest
Best way to contact you: pm, comment, quote ;3
Preferences: uhhh, im not that picky, but, he/she needs to follow the ToS ofc
About: fun, loving, erratic, talkative, loves friends, loves making new ones

Username: Juno-Moon
How long you have been on Gaia:Almost 4 years now.
Best way to contact you:PM
Preferences:I would like for my newbie to be literate when chatting with them. People who use chat-speak tend to aggravate me, not to mention it's hard to understand at times. I would also want them to be very open-minded
About:I'm very friendly and love to give gifts. Along with that, I am also very open-minded and am a huge proponent for equality. I love music, literature, and kitties :3

Username: Akatsuki011_okisho
How long you have been on Gaia: 3 and a half years.
Best way to contact you: A PM or a comment would be just fine.
Preferences: (to newbie) I just want him/her to be nice.
About: (you) I'm 16 years old and would be willing to guide and help out a newbie here in gaia. I know how hard it is to be one, so I wanted to lend a hand.
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Username: xxX-Luver_Boy-Xxx
How long you have been on Gaia: A day and a half
Best way to contact you: PM
Preferences: I just want someone who can speak clearly and show me the ropes, maybe chat or set me up in shop. Someone nice. :3
About: My name's Zane; I'm sixteen, have a boyfriend, and recently found out about gaia. I love Katy Perry and anything and everything lolita and cosplay. ^_^

Username: niettiayu
How long you have been on Gaia: less than 24 hours
Best way to contact you: pm i think
Preferences: since i'm currently a loner newb on gaia, i'm just looking for a good buddy than can help me around and teach me all the fun stuff about gaia! if they can help me out with how to become an experienced gaia user, i'd be glad just for that...
About: I'm Chelsea, almost 16, and i love creating my own music. Some interests include r&b/pop music, reading in my spare time, and watching shows on the CW!
hope to meet many great people on gaia!
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