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Professional Day 0.035428875865743 3.5% [ 133 ]
Pokemon Day 0.33670751198721 33.7% [ 1264 ]
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Invisible Genius

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Wow, it's 2:30! I should probably head to bed. Night all!
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Hehe...I guess I should too. It is 2:31. ninja
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      Good night everybody! (:
Good night I have to get off as well xD
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Tipsy Sex Symbol

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The almighty class of '06!

-Is dizzy-
Woah people!
Seriously, 20-page jump since yesterday?! o.0
Spirit week is going to be CRAZY this year.

I like.

Right, I'm off to catch up on what I've missed..

..we've done it before and we'll do it again.. <3
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I need to finish the banner I was making for this thread. I got to a hard part and I haven't worked on it since.
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Morning peeps. :p Um...I didn't eat breakfast yet. xD Huh, maybe I should figure out how hypercam works. It'd be fun to record all this. ^ ^
I'm hyped; ready, willing, and able. OMG!! Wrong Chat! rofl rofl rofl
Seriously though, I look forward to this years Spirit Week event. I plan on participating in all of them. Yay baby!! Woot Woot!!
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Tipsy Girl

at least there'd be more for me to do when it actually starts <:
have to write an essay and present it as a speech
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Not gonna be here today mostly. Brother's baseball game. But I will be back! See yas later! <3
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ooh, we broke 100 pages! yay for gaia spirit!
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Taken Bookworm

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Hey guys sorry for just poof last night.. I was tried.
So whats up with you guys?
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Eloquent Conversationalist

The Devils Darling
lil4fingers:: I was participating last year for all except one day. What's your favorite part?

My favorite part is quite simply the Towns screenshots. They are the most fun and it bring tons of people together ^^

User Image
la la la

Claimed for 'o7! Hurray!

VARLOT'S AN o7?! I'm obviously well behind on my trivia >.<

Spirit Stalker is here~

Good morning thread~ >.< Anyone up?
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Taken Bookworm

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I'm up. And you really didn't know that she was?
lil4fingers's avatar

Eloquent Conversationalist

No, I really didn't sweatdrop I still haven't set up my avis yet >.< I think I need to get off now and do some work >.< I'll be on later~

-Spirit Stalker is out

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