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omg i have like 8 pages of saved messages crying I'm sure they all have interesting things in them but 8 pages is just too much...

a lot of them are valentines, friend request message, gift messages, or the last PM of realllllllllllly long convos.
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I mostly have art saved in there, a couple of guild promotions, various notes from Gaia for winning/supporting/etc, a couple of valentines, and a number of gifts from my boyfriend.

I wish that we could attach little notes to the saved emails, especially in the case of anonymous gifts so that we could make a note of what came with it or note the context of messages that might get forgotten over time.
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All mine are from awesome Anons from events in the past.
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I usually save like old anon messages from a couple Christmas events and other events as well as some art that a couple artists pm me after I paid by gold for a commission.
All of my mini shop orders and some other old embarrassing PMs.
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My saved mail are from Sep 14, 2004 to Sep 17, 2004.
They contain a conversation with one of my first and dearest friends on here.
I miss him terribly.

I've tried to delete them on a few occasions, but I always end up reading through them and they still make me smile, so I just can't go through with it.
my avi arena win for an oprah cosplay
some fun towns prank requests from back in '06
lots of cool giftart/fun gift notes
gambichu/ginokip/various gaiamon
convention photos, meetup plans, etc.
diedrich giving me panty and stocking swag
diedrich giving me a bajillion turkeys
"am I lady gaga's biggest fan???" (no.)
and a whole bunch of other hokey s**t

precious memories~
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Lets see... Congrats for winning in the arena... Two of them because I've only won twice.
A few anonymous valentines from the valentines event.
NPC Thankyou gifts from the valentines event.
The "You received a special gift" from the anonymous that sent me the Oisin's Blessing...
And a single PM from someone who I was discussing Gender Roles with and gender identity and etc..... with. Because it was a nice PM.

I guess I save weird stuff.

The gift art I receive I transfer to photobucket immediately and title with the name of the person who gave it to me. So I don't usually keep those PMs very long.
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None saved here. But I remember I had a few old RP PM's saved on my old account... Back when I first RP'd. I refuse to look in there oAo

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My most important PMs are in my PM box.. LOL.
I didn't know we could save them. I wouldn't want to highlight the most
important and then be a moron and hit delete and click yes without even


Mine are mostly just milestones. I have when my boyfriend first friended
me. I have the first PM he ever sent me. I have old messages from people
I no longer talk to. Some PMs are just links to places for my reference. Like
I saved one and sent it to myself so I could just click the damn link on my
ipod as opposed to having to type it out. /lazy as ******** 8D

I also have random NPC letters. Random crap from Valentine's. I saved
the funniest messages XD And messages I get when I got gifts too.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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i don't have saved messages. I just never clean out my inbox.

"Your Gaia cash is here"
"Your Gaia cash is here"
"Your Gaia cash is here"
"Your Gaia cash is here"
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I have nothing in there...

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I don't save as much as used to... but I do have a good chunk of older things up in there. biggrin

Testing invites (Towns 1, Profiles 2.0, zOMG!, Heralds of Chaos), Moderator stuff (being invited to be a Mod Assistant, having my Site Moderator application approved, information on the ghost I helped play during the Halloween 2010 event)... and then just random nice things (people thanking me for being nice to them, charity stuff, free art, etc).

Overall, my Save Box is only 8% full.
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All of the PMs I have saved are from 2008.
Most are of art I got back in the day, but there are a couple conversations I was having with people.
Not entirely sure why I saved them to be honest...

I never thought to save the zOMG beta PM I got.
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I always save my "Your Order with Gaia Online" messages. Apparently I've purchased a lot of GC >.>
I also save my PM's from arena wins. I've had a few of those too.

The only other thing I save is peoples are requests... I've only had a couple so far that are not friends ;__; I need to put myself out there.

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