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Look through them.
I'll give you a minute.

Okay, what did you find? (Granted, you actually save messages...)

I haven't sent or received any in awhile, so today I decided to clean out and delete the large pile of really old ones.
Of course, by reflex, I sent a few to the save box, and decided to go back and check how many others I had lying around.

It was really rather interesting.
The first three were some really weak scam attempts that I thought were humorous.
Followed by the zOMG beta invite I received back before it came out.
And finally, three random gift arts, an old archive message holding a few really old roleplay characters, and an assortment of eight random gifts from various people.

So, that was fun. Now you talk.
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I save my tekteks in there. and Layout codes
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I've saved one message, I think, from an anonymous benefactor who was pretending to be Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. They gifted me an Old Machete, which I still have. 3nodding
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Some sexual advances towards [NPC] ElfTech722

And I am not kidding..
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A bunch of friendslist updates, but my favorites are the one informing me of being Community Spotlighted for my novel in the WF, and one from the former CEO of Gaia thanking me for a post I made in the SF. All old news...
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User Image

The messages I save are almost all sentimental & meaningful in one way or another.
A lot of them are filled with sweet compliments about my avi designs or profile work. They mean the world to me.
People have gone out of their way to just to make me feel good about my creative side.
I figure that, if I ever have a bad day, I can go back to those messages & be reminded of happy things.

Some of the other messages are for my memory's sake.
Gaia is such a busy place & sometimes I wonder how I might know a friend on my list. ^^;;
So if someone sends me a friend request with a message, I'll often save it for future reference.
I haven't had to go back & read the messages at all, thank goodness, but you never know!

A few messages are from Gaia itself about miscellaneous things...
For example, I have one message telling me that I was going to be the Featured Avatar.
It gave me a heads up on all the things I should expect to happen during that time.
It was very informative. I'm glad I kept it because I have really good memories from being featured!
i have a bunch of mildly hilarious conversations with several mods in which i pretend to be slighly dumber/more of a jethro than i really am and they attempt to stay professional, at least until they start to play along. the cool ones always do that. of course there's also bunch of pokerface mod-bots who go to alarming lengths to avoid saying anything that has even a slim possibility of hurting my preshus little feelins, but they are incredibly boring and i trash their messages as soon as they're done lecturing me that i'm not allowed to post badart in misplaced art request threads. boring.

other than that i save particularly innovative trolling attempts. unfortunately i don't get a whole lot of them, which brings me great grief.
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My saved messages box is full of PMs I found amusing but no one else probably would. redface
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Tipsy Reindeer

I've got ancient pm's from friends there, some old scams I thought funny, and some funny "Thank You for Reporting" pm's from Mods. There's probably more but that's what I could remember.
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Wow. I got some of a friend who was helping me learn some basic words in the Korean language. And some of artists, so I won't forget who they are.
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I have some gift messages and a story my friend was writing.
Wow, I have a lot in there. Most of them are either long emotional conversations or replies from NPCs. I also have a couple anon gift PMs that said really nice things, the congratulatory form letter I got for winning fifth place in the avatar arena, a random "your mom"/"your face" exchange (I really need to clean some of this stuff out), a phone number, an address, a few links to other sites, a drawing or two, and a crapton of other assorted bits and pieces.
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Oh my I haven't looked through my mail since Oct. 2011 lol Thanks for the reminder. I just cleared out 8 pages worth then headed to my saved to see what's lurking.
I found some messages from cardi, oddbird & chrisjs thanking me for reporting threads. Oddbird had a pretty hilarious picture included.
I actually found in my inbox old requested avi art that I hadn't saved in my journal, so yay!
I also have saved the message from Siskataya when I won an adventure Time dvd in the forums.
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Zzyli - Zzy as in Xylophone, Li as in leaf

I have 4 messages in there at the moment. I have the code for my Aquarium & BG thread saved in case I decide to get that up & running again, I have an especially nice gift message from a friend, a very special conversation & the last one is the invitation to the first Gaia wedding I attended (I also remember getting up at 4.30am for said Gaia wedding owing to timezones).

Funnily enough, the things in there don't seem to be any more special than the general stuff I have in my inbox, so I'm not sure why those ones made the cut, and others didn't.

Do other people have special criterion for the messages that they archive in their saved folder? My messages, while nice, seem to be somewhat arbitrary in their selection.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative...
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I was just looking at my saved box yesterday for the first time since like 2008.

I have a few... really embarrassing conversations with my friends(from '06), an avie edit delivery, and my info for a site.

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