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Many are not happy as of late due to simultaneously having 2 girly REIs currently evolving.
It's frustrating how nearly all of the REIs we've had so far are or turn girly. Disregard my very girly and frilly avatar, please. xD
But I don't want to talk about that, per se.

Let's talk about your ideal male-oriented REIs, yes? YES.

gaia_spoons What is your ideal male REI that would you give an arm and a leg for?

gaia_spoons Is there a story behind it?

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Like The Watchmaker. But with more copper pipes and less clockwork.
Also maybe not green. That green doesn't go with anything.

Also pirates. With lots of scruffy ragged clothes.

Another Masquerade, only instead of bangs, short scruffy beards in all the standard colors.
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Some pants, a weapon, hair that doesn't suck.
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The Drunken Jester

Another Masquerade, only instead of bangs, short scruffy beards in all the standard colors.

Yes, another Masquerade but with better pixel work

and uhhh

Mass Effect REI

an actual military REI

medieval REI

I dont really think its a question of gender though, thats just boiling it down into a dumb tumblr argument

its really just a question of variety

you can have all the girly REIs you want as loNG AS I CAN TELL THEM APART
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Awesome NOT elegant looking items... Basically it HAS IT look rugged and barbaric... not any kind of elegance... or else it just kills it.
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Feral Girl

I'm not a male or male avatar but I would definitely fancy seeing the gents in tailored, modern fare: coats, leg mods, shoes, slick hairstyles. The coats from Nice Suit for Work and Dark Conductor come to mind. Also, the very coveted facial hair items!
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Neat stuff like suits, jackets, belts, and cool boots that don't look so bulky on the male bases's legs >:C
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More manly hair, beards and facial/body hair would be nice.

I'd call it the "Rugged Barbershop". >w<
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Hmm. Aside from steampunk, military, sci-fi, dapper, I actually want a tribal/monster creature REIs like DrinkyTengu's works and gem2niki's. Something unique and out-of-the-box themes like medieval and more knight and warlock items. Still waiting for the sainte ciel storge sequel: Philia.
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The Drunken Jester

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I like this idea.
And I would have it in neutral colors like grey, dark brown, and copper.
Probably a few diesel punk poses towards the finale for a more gritty feel.

Dear Gandalf, if Gaia ever makes an EI like Masquerade but with facial hair, they'd be raking up he cash by the truck load.
The only thing I would worry about is the color choices for the facial hair. xD
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Feral Girl

v i n d e m i a m
The "beard masquerade" would be so fun! I'd enjoy that! Especially if they had a very extensive variety of facial hair styles!

Oh, the possibilities!
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Militant Gekko

One with rugged hairstyles and plently of facial hair and weapons and nice pants and boots and armour emotion_kirakira

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Tipsy Baby

Yeah, a mansquerade with all colors of beards and mustaches, as well as various scars and a bunch of various poses where you beat some vicious animals with their own kind. Also there'd be some nice pants or something.

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Butt hair. ninja
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I want a celebrity-themed REI with quality. That dream town is my type but I don't like how it's pixelated. emo

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