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Gaia cash. Because I'm too busy irl to post/lurk/chat as I used to. crying
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Gaia cash pretty much. I'm bad at art and not really that patient when it comes to vending... sweatdrop I stick to my usual selling RIG bundles to get the items I want.
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Versatile Tactician

Besides the forums, zOMG would be my next priority if I have time. But even then, I forget to click that damned reply button and wind up doing a quick reply most of the time lulz x(
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I buy GC and invest in RIG bundles, then sell them once they've gone up in price.
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Vending is the way for me.
I suck at art and don't have the patience for hoarding...etc.

Yeah, same here.

The thing with vending is that you have to have a bit of luck on your side.

I have had nights where I find a million gold deal, and other nights where a can't find a single item under MP.
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Perfect Pumpkin

I make gold by just having gold. I don't really do a single thing to earn it, but I keep accumulating more.
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Mewling Loverboy


hrm... o x o i make gold by doing art.
that's my favorite way to make gold~ i've done
stints of nothing but booty grab and was recently
obsessed with zOMG... but art is still my favorite
way. i just have to stop being so lazy. lol xDDDD

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Posting in the GCD and daily chance. Not much for making a huge profit just something to keep my attention focused on.
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I like doing booty grab, I feel like it's the quickest and easiest way
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I love zOMG and Bootygrab. They are both great ways to make gold, buuuuut, I'm lazy, so I don't get much of an income. It only gets hardcore when there are new items I want when a new rig/bundle/REI/etc is released. I will daily cap both options (So I get 200k a day). I also bring my lucky red undergarments when I do DC, in hopes of getting an Alchemist's Case.
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Buy Low and Sell High.
Mostly I invest in RIGs now since I can get Gaia cash for free. I just bought an advanced chance with 1000GC I made in 3 weeks from watching videos and doing offers.

However, it rarely makes that much of a profit because I donate WAY to much. (Too many nice/cool/fashionable people on Gaia)
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Anxious Vampire

making pixel art
it's super fun
depending on what you have to make
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Kawaii Hellraiser

Daily Chance and checking aquarium emotion_facepalm
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Tiny Punk

Gaia cash. Because I'm too busy irl to post/lurk/chat as I used to. crying

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haha, same here
except recently i've been too lazy to even do that ... emotion_8c
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Cash Shop, too lazy to work/gain gold hardly working.

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