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Vending is the way for me.
I suck at art and don't have the patience for hoarding...etc.

Yeah, same here.
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Tipsy Reindeer

Heralds of Chaos, actually. They claim it's not the fastest way to get gold, but I dunno. It's pretty fast, and a hell of a lot more entertaining than booty grab.

And selling things I've bought with the little cash I've earned.
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Probably vending, it feels like a bit of a challenge and helps me keep up with the prices of items.

My least favourite way would be any games, I enjoy playing them sometimes but they're pretty useless if my intent is to make gold.
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Muscular Snowflake

Probably selling artwork, you meet so many people and looking at how different everyone's OCs are is really interesting, and a challenge to draw!!

I also invest in cash shop items for the times that I don't have time to draw.
Sullen Oppressor
First off: I am NOT asking what the best way to make gold is. I know there is none.

I'm just curious as to what you guys all do to make your gold? Besides posting in the forums and such, obvsly.[/quote

Um, you promised me 4 Gro grain Max, but you never sent them.
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Mmh i guess my artshop
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Collecting trash in towns.
If i'm in towns that's what i'm doing.
If i had the time i could make a million in 2 days.
I also like fishing. I fish Bassken sometimes for the gold and a more relaxing way to get gold.
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Noble Foe

        I find that earning gold becomes a chore no matter what I do...but right now I don't mind playing Heralds of Chaos. At least I don't feel like my brain is rotting as much as it would if I'm playing Booty Grab for an hour, lol.
        I also like going through my inventory and selling the things I don't equip a lot. I don't like hoarding and it's kind of therapeutic.

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      I was doing avi art for awhile but now days I just go through my inventory and force myself to sell items I don't need. It's the ones I haven't used in so long they're all covered in dust and cobwebs..I'm a partial pack rat that's my problem. .
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      I zomg sometimes. smile
      Heralds of Chaos /: Although vending is more satisfying in that I make gold faster.
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      Vending - buy low, sell high and investing on items is the best thing I can do.
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      Personally? I prefer making philosopher's caches. Lately I've been lazy though, and haven't gone into towns to collect s**t for them like I should if I want to afford anything.

      So I play a couple games of booty grab an hour instead. Doesn't net me quite as much in one shot, but it's a nice, simple distraction that gets me a small amount of gold as well.

      I've been thinking about getting back into the art scene or playing Heralds of Chaos again, though.
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      Posting, selling, sometimes Gaia cash if I can afford it, and Booty Grab. :3

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