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Zomg, but unfortunately my internet is so bad at my apartment that I can't play for more than a few minutes without being kicked off. I can only play when I go back to parents' apartments on some weekends.

Other than that, I keep small and short-term hoards and watch videos for GC.
Looking at my most expensive items and convincing myself that I don't want one of them anymore....then off to the marketplace xd

Also, bootygrab!
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Booty Grab, fishing and zOMG!.
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Heralds of Chaos.

Slower than zOMG! and Booty Grab? Yes. But actual strategy and talking smack back and forth to my PvP opponent makes up for it.
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Buy bundles and stuff from cash shop. Sell.
Herald Of Chaos at the moment, still only level 9 though.
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Rampaging Hellhound

Art commissions. They get art, i get gold for what i love doing. win-win situation p:
oh, and zOMG.
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Friendly Cultist

I try to vend reasonably... gonk I feel like I'm just kind of trading items back and forth. My inventory has grown to be pretty big over the years but it's kind of stalled out lately. I don't really do gold making things very directly. xd I would do an art shop but it doesn't really pay out well enough for me. That and people seem to go for digital art more so...oh, well.
I do daily cash tree offers and buy cash shop items and sell those. That's about all I got.
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I sell my art through my B/C pet shop.
My favourite way of earning gold is posting on the forums. It's kind of like self expression, and it can be rather relaxing. Plus, I love looking at the avatars of other people and to show off mine as well.

Another favourite would be doing dungeon runs on Zomg. It can get pretty grindy at times, but it's a much faster way of getting gold than playing pinball, which is what I used to do.
I know my avatar and acct shows that I just signed up, but I used to be Shutter Bug (Yeah '07er).
I found that exchange was a greaaaaatt way to get cash.
But I also had things like the chyaku norisu scarf and such...
Kicking myself for giving it all away and closing my acct.
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I'll usually just go through my inventory and sell off whatever I can't make an outfit with anymore. I've also been doing a lot of vending, fishing, and zOMG! lately. Before now, I just stared sadly at my low gold count.
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Vicious Reveler

I'm crap at making gold... I haven't got the things necessary to buy G-cash, and most of the cash tree videos I used to watch aren't available anymore.

My computer lags on booty grab. And I really suck at playing the marketplace! I'm pretty shakey on how to vend properly too.

I make gold from posting, voting, daily chance and going through the dumpster and selling everything I find.

When I want something new I usually have to sell stuff to get it. I could probably try to make more money from watching the marketplace. But I don't really think I should spend more time here than I do, and most of my time is interacting in the forums. I enjoy it. And while there's a lot of shinies that just seem to be always out of reach, I have enough to play around with and make lots of different outfits! There's still lots of pretty cool cheap items out there. I can do most things I like to do, so that's good enough for me!
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Art. Hands down. I'd be broke on here if I couldn't draw xDD
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Vending, Exchanging, smebbing.
Yeah and If I feel like i'm lucky, I do RIGs.

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