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Heroic Wife

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Buying low in the mp and then selling stuff for a few k more
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Precious Seeker

I just play BG for the most part. When I get a large number of Enki catches (like 50+) I'll open them all and sell whatever Philosopher's Caches I happen to get. Usually I get about 1, sometimes I'll get 2. Not the best way of getting gold, but it's fast and gives me funds to buy whatever inexpensive item I feel like having at that moment. I seldom want things over a million, so it works.
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Melty Shoujo

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I've become so lazy at trying to make gold. I used to do a lot of booty grab while also having a good tank myself. I still keep a decent tank but because I don't grab and bump other tanks, my tank doesn't get as much plays as it used to but it still makes me some extra change. When I really want some gold, mainly to feed my RIGs addiction, I do commissions, but I've been getting lazy with those as well so I don't open up my shop like I used to.
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Durem Phantom

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Art commission

When I'm in dire need of gold
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Omnipresent Spirit

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Towns nets me like 200k every 3 days.

Used to zOMG!, but haven't been able to sit there like I used to.

And free GC offers over the summer.
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Fluffy Wolf

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  • Jack-pot 100
  • Team Edward 100
I don't really actively go out of my way to make gold so I don't really have a favorite way to make any. Maybe booty grab because it's easy to make a few k in a few minutes.

No wonder why my gold count is always so desperately low...
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Destitute Donator

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My favourite way is when people fish my tank. It means no work for me 3nodding
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Apocalyptic Gaian

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Got no "favorite" way of earning gold... the whole process of making gold is a grind to me.

When I do need gold though, I'll do zOMG smob runs.
I'm sure there are plenty of better ways, but that's what works for me.
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Shy Gaian

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But posting in forums is pretty much the only way I make my gold. emo
That, and selling inks in the marketplace. That's something I do during my past time though when I'm really bored. Sometimes, if money permits, I buy RIGS and sell them as well.

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Fuzzy Puppy

My favorite way to earn gold is to stop paying attention to my gold amount. Give it a few days, maybe even a week, then look at the number. Then start to feel happy no matter what the amount has increased by because I forgot how much I had to begin with. ^^
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Liberal Scrooge

Once, I would have said alchemy, just to be witty. Then that rascal of a feature got implemented and took the punch of my joke away. Turned the gold to base metal, as it were.

To be Ernest, I think my favourite way of doing it really is through wry forumism. But only because it beats refreshing pages.
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Dedicated Bunny

Fishing and selling the smalls off on the marketplace is my thing. This way i'm getting gold by taking it from others.
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Divine Spirit

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  • Divine Donator 100
Booty Grab is my favorite way to make more gold because it helps me earn more quickly--and it's a fun game to play! biggrin
Besides that, I also do some Saw Mill runs in zOMG, post away in the forums, and sell items in the Marketplace.
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Sacher Torte's Husband

Diamond Darling

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  • Cool Cat 500
Sponsor offers for GC, then I maximize conversion to gold by investing only in items I know will double (or more) in price after leaving the shop!

Want few items = I have gold to buy when I really want something!

Not the most efficient, but it's how I do it!
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Dedicated Conventioneer

It was making alchemy items but it's soooo tedious I just cah-n't bring myself to do it anymore.

So now I just sell the old items I rarely use. If I'm rah-lly desperate I go earn cash. smile

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