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My favorite way is converting cash shop items into gold by selling them on the mp. It's requires the least amount of work and it's fastest. But, because things have been tight financially I've resorted to selling items that are collecting dust in my inventory. It takes so long to sort through all the crap that I have and then I find myself not wanting to part with stuff even though I know that I hardly ever use them.
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zomg, i just love killing cute monsters.
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          My favorite it drawing since it tends to be the most lucrative and makes for good practice, but I also enjoy semi-regular indulgences in GC. Unfortunately I haven't had time for BG or learning HoC otherwise I'd be all up in those.
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I don't do it often (because I don't have the best knack for it), but I love investing in items.
If I can make a profit on an item, especially an EI or RIG item, I'm over the moon. I feel accomplished.
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Booty grabbing.
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My favorite way used to be playing zOMG, but now I spend most of my time playing HoC..
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i recently tried selling new and popular gc items for a high price and repurchase what i sold when prices have gone down but the downside is fighting the desire to equip the item immediately. playing bg is another favorite way of mine to earn gold. I tried investing and i end up losing money than making i,t so yeah it is not for me sweatdrop
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Mule swarm does the video offers while I play BG. Stupidly effective actually - eleven of the mules have more than 1000 gc, and this is after I bought every single item that's come out of the cash shop.
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I sell old items that have gained a surprising amount of value in recent times! 8DDD
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Depending on my mood, I do everything. In the past two weeks while going after Rosamund's Redemption I've booty grabbed, played HoC, collected trash in Towns, vended, Exchanged, and sold off some old items that I don't use anymore. I used to Exchange more, but I haven't been able to find much in the Exchange lately, plus I don't have a few million gold to buy with like I used to a few months ago.
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My FAVORITE way of making gold is having people give it to me. lol

To be honest, I don't actually make much gold anymore. Most of the increase in my worth is due to items that I bought long ago inflating. Though I guess if I just had to make a lot of gold fast, I'd sell some stuff from my inventory or even try selling art. But only if I was really desperate.
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My favourite way was having my dolphin tanks, back when they were profitable. They're the only reason I got to where I am now. I also used to have really good luck with RIGs. Now, I'm resigned to selling off items I don't want - at least I have several thousand to sell - and occasionally buying an item to resell at a profit. I've got several hoards from a few years back when I was more into hoarding, too, so I've got those to sell off.
My favorite way of making gold is the fastest way to making gold.
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I stopped caring about activly making gold years ago.

I do hoard however which still makes gold well enough.
Drawing, but I'm so slow and lazy most of the time. Orz
I used to like to play zOMG for gold but that kind of died.

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