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i like making a quest thread because it helps me keep track of what items i want.

i'm one of those people with a crazy growing wishlist so i'm constantly adding and taking away things from it. i don't ask for donations, however i think i did once submit a form into a charity thread (which was accepted and they helped me with my quest). ofc, i love donations and appreciate everything but yeah basically 90% of my items i've obtained with my own sweaty booty grabbin' fingers. oh and a quest thread is a good way to attract new people to chat with.

i can't stand people or threads that just flat out ask for people to give them stuff. i think it's so rude and lazy especially since gold is a lot easier to make now. i have given a few surprises to a few people and it's great to be able to give back sometimes, although i can't do that as much now... because i'm questing.

i have had a few rude encounters in my own threads. actually only last night i had someone post a scam link in my thread. it's been reported and removed now but it's frustrating that people would do that. i've also had people sublty and not-so-sublty ask me and tell me to give them stuff.

this is the second quest thread i've had now. my first one was a success and i finished my quests with a few donations. i tried to revamp that same thread and start over but it was rare for someone to post and it got a lonely and boring just constantly bumping my thread. i think that's a problem with having a quest thread. there are a lot of people questing and bumping their own threads, and not a lot of people helping them out.


What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
my growing wishlist!

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
used to be zomg, then booty grab, and now sometimes vending. oh and i've also done a few art commissions, etc. just random stuff.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
can be good, but can be bad. just depends on the person, their attitude towards it and what they're questing.

Do you what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
yes, of course! gotta fill that item hunger in me.

Have you given up on questing before?
errr. sometimes i go on a "questing hiatus" but i usually end up going back to it.