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I personally could never do a charity thread. I's be too mortified to ask people for stuff.

Hell I get guilt ridden when I get anonymous gifts. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely super awesome thing- I just always feel guilty when I get free stuff for no effort on my part lol. Most of the time when I do put that I'm questing, it's more of a reminder than a "Gimmy gold pweeze". An I still end up spending my gold anyway sweatdrop

I will say, if people are willing to ask for the help then why not? As long s they are being respectful and not throwing virtual fits because no one is helping them.
I also love when you can see the hard work they put into their quest, aside from asking for help. It shows they really want this item and aren't just expecting to get hand outs.

But this is the internet and full of rude, selfish people. I get pushy Pm's asking for my items/gold for their quest and get offended when I explain I don't have a whole lot of gold to spare. People assume, because you have one or two good items, that your rolling in gold. Or when I'm selling something and they expect me to give it away for free, I politely tell them no and they loose their minds.
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I don't quest. At all.

Why work for your entertainment? I work IRL for my online entertainment. Or at least, I used to. Now I've got all I want in my little, tiny, online life. wink

Of course, I could go for expensive '03 MCs or something. But.. Ugh.. So much work. No, thank you!
Even if I'm not earning it myself, quest threads seem like so much work to me!

I just go for what I can afford and luckily, I can afford all I want on here. If I want something new, I'll just sell something new and TADAAAA. New shiny thing; acquired.

But, I must admit, I do tend to giftrape every once in a while just to see the happy squeals. emotion_awesome

TL;DR: I'm too LAZY.
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What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
Nothing. There is no item I want that I did when I was a newbie.

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
Work my eButt off. I post more and draw more when I'm on a quest.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?

Hell no. I am not going to reply on charity, donations are nice but I know I need to atleast try to work for the item. Don't expect or rely solely on handouts.

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?

I think they are a great way to keep track of your progress, and who donated to you.

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
No. There are certain things I would never do, like anything against the TOS. sweatdrop

Have you given up on questing before?

Yes, but only because a better newer item has came out. D-Tail is a great example. I wanted one but as soon as the Wed to Darkness came out I ditched the D-Tail idea.
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Minis. I've been questing them since 2008. So... 5 years questing. People see my avi and I guess they don'y feel like donating because I have a Cherubic but this item was a gift from a dear friend and it just means too much to me. If I sold my entire inventory without it I still wouldn't even be close to getting minis.

I actually had to hop to this account, which used to be a mule, because I was being harassed over asking for donations on my sig in the other account. I kept getting PMs and profile comments calling me a "greedy slut" because I have a Cherubic and am "begging for donations to be more elitist".

Needless to say I am not planning to start a quest thread anytime soon. neutral

That's really stupid, being harassed for your Cherubic. Sacrificing an item that you really like so that you can buy the item you're questing is silly, because then you'll have to request the item you sacrificed! Having a Cherubic doesn't make you rich, not if it's an "I-can-never-sell-this" item. Effectively, your Cherubic has a value of 0 gold because you will never sell it.

Yeah, exactly. But most people see it as an indication of wealth. And that's understandable, I can't expect everyone to know how I got the item. But harassing me about a quest because I have a rare item seems a bit out of line. Even if I had bought it, it's still none of their business what I sell or keep.
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I think the reality is that so many people have LIED about questing, that no one takes questers serious, and as a result don't want to donate.

I used to like making quest threads sheerly for tracking my own progress. It was really fun. I hate the thought of pushing it in people's faces though.

I've never depended on charities. I think the fun in Gaia is the work it takes to earn things. If I had everything I wanted, there'd be nothing for me to do that takes a lot of time and I'd probably lose interest. That's sad to think about. >:

On the flip side, if I ever do manage to finish all my goals I would like to open a charity, so that I will still have a reason to continue doing the work. I would prefer to be more ninja-ly about giving out donations. I want to find the donees, not the other way around, because to me it's the people who DON'T ask and try to EARN their way who are the most deserving. ninja
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I do quest, but I achieve them by myself. I do not depend on charity threads or others to get the items I want.

I keep track of my quests through my wish list and journal. I am extremely dedicated to the list. More than half of the items on their have been labeled with "bought", so I legitimately use that thing instead of spamming it with a whole bunch of stuff and never updating. It's more like trophy case of my achievements than anything else. yum_puddi

I earn my gold the boring way, therefore most of my quests are long term. I eventually finish them though. I don't think I've ever given up on my quests yet.
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I have only started one quest thread. And it ended up being more of a place to chat with my sister and friends than anything. I have never asked for anything in the charities. But I don't really quest for things anymore (although, one of these days I will have you, ninja band!) And If I really want something, I just sell stuff to get it. It's not uncommon for me to have several mil in G one day and less than 100k the next.
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well I think it best to save up money. I am trying to find ways without getting hacked.
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i think the one biggest quest (that felt big at the time) that i did was for an angelic pendant, which cost me like 3.5mil at the time. i also did it all by myself. i don't depend on charity to get stuff nor do i make a public wishlist (sans aquarium lights) because i'd rather my friends save their gold for themselves and get stuff they want than have them buy me items that i could eventually get by myself.

for me, i prefer to donate to people (i know/like) who are actively working towards realistic items and have shown dedication to their quest. like, putting their own gold into the quest and updating that amount every so often to show that they are actually going to fulfill their quest, eventually. i think it's lazy if someone just sets up a quest thread and relies only on charity to obtain their quest item. that is actually a sign to me that their quest will ultimately fail so there's no point donating to them if they'll never finish the quest. if someone really wants an item then they're going to have to show it by working for the item they want, and if that's the case then i'll help them out by speeding up the process with a gold donation. to me that's a litmus test that helps tell me if someone is simply fishing for donations vs someone is actually dedicating donated gold to their quest.
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Nana Shinu Ai
well I think it best to save up money. I am trying to find ways without getting hacked.

Don't give out your password and you'll be safe.
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What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?


If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
Exchange (lol), Vend(lol) Save all my monies, convert items to other items, play games, do gaia cash( lol rarely anymore)

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?


What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
Depending on the item you are questing for, money making to some people come easily. They are a waste of time. Charity threads. I haven't seen any good ones in recent times so a waste of time. Only worth it to make friends and what not. to join in on that we started from the bottom now we on the top mentality/

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
No, cause if I did, I would have had it already. That goes for using EVERY possible connect. Legit and not

Have you given up on questing before?

NEVER. I usually get what I want it may just take awhile. Every quest I do i've gotten it in a years time. This one is something else......lol
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Nana Shinu Ai
well I think it best to save up money. I am trying to find ways without getting hacked.

Don't give out your password and you'll be safe.

Thank you. I will not give out password.
Q: What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?

A: I always complete my quests, so I don't really have one of those 5yr plus quests for one item only.

Q: If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?

A: My largest quest was for NM Minis. I sold my entire inventory to get them. And that is what I do. I sell off the inventory for the larger item I want, then request the smaller items back. I eventually trade them back for another large item I want, and then request everything back. I now have many large items I want and plenty of small items. The best thing to remember is, it is easier to Quest back the smaller valued items than it is to get the larger item. I know many people who would not sell off their inventory for just one item.

Q: Do you do depend on Charity Threads?

A: No. They are for tracking progress more so than anything else.

Q: What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?

A: I think they are a smart thing to have if you keep up with it! Presentation is a key. It needs to look like you give a s**t about your Quest. Half a**-ing it will never get a donation.

Q: Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
Yes, absolutely. I am not an exchanger. I suck at it really. I have been questing since I started on Gaia in 2004. I will always be a quester. You learn tricks over the years to help make gold. For me, it's more so the time I have put into this website that has helped me to build my small fortune of items. It takes time and patience.

A: Have you given up on questing before?
Nope. I ALWAYS finish my Quests.

The bottom line is, a Quest thread helps. I've had mine open since 2009. Before that I had many small quest threads that always helped out here and there. But finally I decided to make a permanent home in 2009. Since then I have quested for many many many items. I have received many donations in that time. But keep this in mind, I also donated back to plenty of people. Just because your questing, does not mean you should be greedy. Others see that. They see how you react with others. They see how you assist others. And they see how hard you work for something. When you add all of that together, someone will see the big picture and give a donation. It will not be everyday. May only be a handful of times per year. Donations are helpful no matter how large or small. Most of my donations come from tips. Many users do not donate A TON. But they constantly tip you when they see your thread. I am greatful for anything I receive from anyone. And in return, I donate and tip all the time to other people.
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I try and avoid the Charity forum. I have a better chance at getting an item I'm questing by actually earning gold for it than trying to win a contest.

Although, if someone is offering free stuff in CB, I'ma hop on that wink

Usually, I just keep it in my sig and ignore it, never got a donation that way, but I don't go out seeking them 3nodding

One of the items i've been on and off questing was the Golden Laurels to complete my JK cosplay, but shinies keep getting in the way mad

That being said, since I avoid charity forum, when I do donate, I usually give it to a CB'er who catches my eye at the time or just any user who has helped me out, or when I just feel like being a nice person.
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Baja's quest thread has been running for the past 7 years. I've made amazing progress with it. Though, I generally use a combination of vending and playing booty grab to gain the items I desire. So far the item that has costed me the most is my angelic sash. The charity / quest forum is where the majority of my time on Gaia is spent.

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