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What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh my wishlist is huge and I vaguely quest things on and off because I'm super lazyyyy and have literally nil motivation XD

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
I think I quested the Urn when it was all hip and cool for something like a year ages ago? To get progress I don't buy ANYTHING which is super hard for me.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
Not at all XD

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
I posted in some ages ago but they all seem to have insane checklists and you have to hang around for ages with all these people sucking up and it's no fun. Only quest threads I visit are those of friends because spoiling people is fun!

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
No way, I'm lazy and usually get bored XD

Have you given up on questing before?
Like allllll the time. Right now I'm trying to get 1mil pure and I'm totally behind on my scheduled progress because I just get completely distracted by other things.

What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
AFK Hat. It's been nearly 7 years since i started on Gaia and i've wanted one all that time. I'm obviously not one of the rich Gaians though, and 10m is just toooo much for me to manage to get together stare I've come to accept that it's a never ending quest

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
I mostly just keep tabs on my gold and try and save up myself. I've had a quest thread before but it didnt help me stay motivated any more than usual

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
Nope - the only thread i've had didn't really DO anything anyway. Like no charity/inspiration to save more gold

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
i think some of the ones that have games/competitions etc are pretty cool, but threads that are just bumps and someone begging for gold are kind of lame/pointless

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
Not whatever it takes - i try to get the items i want but usually i get super motivated for an hour or so, booty grab like crazy then think "my god, it's just so much to save" and give up for a few days. and repeat.

Have you given up on questing before?
I've probably given up on my AFK quest on average three times a year since 2006. I always come crawwwwwling back sweatdrop
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I do quest, but it's usually the things that peak my interest at the time- items that I think would be really really useful. Or an item from my already huge wishlist. The items that I wanted back in the day when I started, I worked hard enough back then to get them.

I don't rely on quest/charity threads. Though honestly I have sorta been meaning to make one, JUST to keep track of my overarching fox item quest- not that I've been keeping up on it. For the most part, if I'm questing an item I'll put it in my signature saying so. Just that. However I'm not going to "beg" other than that, I won't even point it out- it's just there. If someone chooses to be generous after seeing it, that's awesome and I appreciate that. I'm perfectly fine with getting it on my own however- and most of my items have been obtained through gold I earned.

Lately I'll admit I haven't been doing my usual channels of gold obtaining methods, simply because I haven't had the time and what time I do have I'd rather not spend on hours of bootygrab. So progress has been rather slow. Doesn't help when gaia has a new item release with a few items I like either. sweatdrop

And there are some items that while I'll quest it for the time being, after a while I'll realize it wasn't really worth it and I'd usually find another item I'd like much more. Some just aren't worth what they're going for at all, but I still want them for what they are. But for what it'd cost, I could get several other items off my wishlist.
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I quest all the time. Mainly I use it as a way to keep track of my gold, so I'll actually get those really expensive things I want.

I'm always surprised when someone else shows up to bump or chat for a bit. Really surprised when people donate, but I've gotten some nice donations over the years. I'm always grateful to donators and write them thank-you notes, as well as turning around and donating to other questers when I'm between quests.

Mostly, I make quest progress via vending, zOMG, and Booty Grab.

I don't bother with charity threads. I think they're nice, and there's a few I'll donate to when I have the gold and inclination, but I'm not going to hang around chatting in order to earn gold. I can do that anywhere.

It depends on the presentation of your thread too, if it's organized and how much credit you give to everyone else that contributed. Also, it takes effort to keep the thread alive, such as connecting with others, bumping, contests.

Also, make it readable. Your thread can be incredibly beautiful, but if it's yellow text on a white background, I am going to run screaming before I even find out what you're questing for.
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I guess I'm too proud to accept charity from strangers. However I enjoy gifts from friends. whee

I don't actively quest, I just like buying things and one day realize I have enough for the item I thought was out of reach.
I didn't quest for these minis, it was more like upgrading from kitsune mask to angelic scarf to devil tail to ports until I reached minis. I don't think I'll upgrade it further though,I'm becoming less and lesser active with each year that pass. ^^

That's basically how it happened for me.

I just kept on moving up the increments almost autonomously instead of choosing to tackle a huge expense all at once.
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It never occurs to them that some people keep items for personal reasons that have nothing to do with "showing off"... the friend who gave me this item means SO much to me. She saved my life. I wear it to remind me of her. She actually told me to sell it twice and buy the minis but I just can't do it... she gave it to me before she quit Gaia and moved away. sad

that's because people is greedy... they can't understand an item can have other type of value, not only gold pixels
I own an angelic scarf, it was a gift too... I have it since years and I will never sell it either because for me it don't have gold value :3 so I understand you and blame the people who harassed you for a stupid reason... <3
Exactly! And if you're like me then you love having many different avatars. What would be the point in selling everything you have for one item to wear?
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Making a post doesn't automatically mean you deserve donations. You should never expect donations from people. Assume nobody will help you and work towards the goal yourself. That way, if anyone donates to you, it's a pleasant surprise. Rather than responding 'Oh, only one donation? Why don't I get more free stuff?"

I've never bothered to make a quest thread. I'm rich. I do not deserve anyone else's money. Even when I wasn't, why would I deserve it more than someone else?

Charities should be picky. There's a hundred people who want donations for every donation they have to give. Would you rather they go by RNG and see some troll get it? Just try to make friends with other people in there so you don't feel like you're wasting time.

I suppose I am questing, but I'm not sure if it counts if I could get the money by draining my mules. I have some fancy a** mules.
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It's pretty rude to expect people to give you gold jus' because you made a thread.

What's the word? Entitled?

Just my two cents
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What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
I've gotten most of the items I seriously quested for. My longest quest was for my angelic pendant, but that was during the time when Gaia didn't have booty grab or games to help make gold.

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
Vend? That usually provides me with the most gold, and then I just keep tabs on myself.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
Nah. I don't expect handouts when I'm pretty much 1 in 100,000 (?) of people who all want the same thing.

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
Charity Threads: I think are just composed of really nice people. A lot of charities I see end up donating over 100mils in gold and items - which I could never do. They are picky, but I think they have a right to be.

Quest Threads: I use a quest thread, so I like them. My thread has helped me keep track of my spending. And it's always nice to see what goals you end up completing.

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
Keeping track of my spending is super hard...I want to buy everything, so when I save, that some serious self control...and I consider that doing whatever it takes.

Have you given up on questing before?
So far, I've completed all my quests...I do have some random items I want, but that's more along the line of a wishlist. I should add that I typically quest for avatar outfits, and each item in that outfit is usually reasonably priced, so questing ends up being not too difficult.
What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
Well, the longest I've ever quested for something so far is about a week or so for Sainte Ciel: Agape, it's going well, I've just reached 1mil savings for it, a combination of my mini shop work, donations and booty grab. My shortest quest my last dream avatar, it only took 2 days and one of the items as you can see it worth 4mil+ so I was very luck (I didn't have the shop or booty grab to help me with that one).
If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
Like I said, I run my mini shop, and take every reasonable order I can get, as well as offering a range of premades that I try to add to when I don't get any custom orders. I also started doing booty grab which is great, but I have very little internet so I have to wait until I'm in a place that has something good enough to load flash before I can play it, so I can't really rely on it too much.
Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
Well, not that much, I didn't apply to any charitys on my first quest, and I've applied to a few and gotten some great donations this time around, but much more than half of the overal dream avatar will have to come from individual's donations and my hard work. I don't tend to apply unless it's a hit and run and most of those don't donate amounts large enough to really contribute to the big items on my list.
What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
I think they are great, I wish I had known more about them when I first started with gaia years ago, I never liked the site because I thought it was impossible to get nice items, and therefore rarely played, but since I started playing regularly only a month or so ago, I've already gotten one dream avatar and a good quarter of the way towards a second, so I've realised people are very generous and there's things you can do to earn your way as well.
Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
Well, I suppose I am razz But I wouldn't say I've gone crazy and done everything I physically could do, in theory I could spend hundreds of real dollars to get what I want, but I don't razz
Have you given up on questing before?
Well seeing as the first was only a couple of days without even applying to charities or running my shop etc, and this one is only a week old at the most, I haven't had any reason to give up, although I'm not really sure if I'll actually finish SDPlus Rosamund for those 6mil lips, I think that might be the only thing beyond me hahah
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Charity threads are a POS and waste of time. You have to do more work in the threads to qualify for a donation of 1k than to earn 100k in zOMG. No, I don't apply to charities. I don't depend on anyone but myself. I earned all of my items through a ton of my usual quality posting. Yeah, I kind of have been aiming for NKS, but on the other hand I've also not been dedicated in the endevour since it skyrocketed from 4M to 8M. I just cant earn enough gold to be able to beat inflation. Though I havent necessarily given up on it either, I've got my quest gold ready and on hand. I also spend a bit of my gold on monthly rigs, just a couple of fail items that I fancy usually doesn't end up more than 100k. So I've slowly been gaining in gold over the time. I havent made a quest thread either since I would have to put in a lot of time and effort into the thread to bump it and track my progress, which I should be spending on making gold. Besides, nobody really goes around and donates to those threads anyway, I only had a few donators over the years of my last quest (horns of the demon) and I figured that about 10% of all the gold I had accumulated was from donations. I'm not too sure what a good ratio of self earned gold to donated gold should be, but at least 25-30% is encouraging.

I think most people get impatient and just give up. I don't give up. A lot of people get irritated that their thread is being ignored. I don't care about that since I rely on myself.
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Looking back...I thought I should respond on the subject of charities.

Little known fact...I help run one. Angelic Nitemare Charity has been around in some form or another for 5 years now. And honestly, I see two thing most charities do wrong.

One, the "hoop jumping". I get the reasons given for it. But you are there to help people. Not make them dance. It's why we made two way to get donated to. One was random thread. We pick one at random. They get gold. That simple. The second was to hang out in the thread.

And two...many charities live past their means. And well past what should have been the life span of the thread. Lemme explain. Our thread does roughly 50k donations to folks about every 1-2 weeks. It's what we can make and still reasonably have gold for ourselves. But I see some dropping larger amounts and a much too small budget for those types of drops. And when the funds run out, the owners a lot of the time abandon the thread and say nothing. This leaves those that are left just kinda holding the ball.

I see folks saying a lot of the time they don't get donations in the charity forum. It does happen (I got one this morning. Go figure.) but it doesn't happen as often as maybe it should.

Also...never liked the idea of quests and charities in the same forum. Makes it hard to figure out which thread is which some days.
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I haven't dedicated time to quest anything BIG intentionally. I typically go after items that are at least 2m-4m, which only takes me a couple of days to complete. I'm kind of an impatient person but I know if I knock off all the most wanted items that are in the 2m-4m range quickly, I'll go after the more expensive items that will take more time to get -- currently in the process of doing this. emotion_dowant

When it comes to the Charity/Quest forum, I scour it for giveaway threads, anyone leaving Gaia usually posts there and gives all their shiny pixels to strangers. emotion_kirakira I've won some pretty good items like Winged Anklets and Golden Laurels, twice. I'm not a fan of quest threads, it's a lot of work for little reward; if you're making one, have friends to bump it and plan to make the layout as pretty or edgy as possible -- basically stand out and talk within the thread, hold contests too. Charity threads are the worst though, a lot of them give VERY small prizes and you have to stay long within the thread to get like 20k. neutral Uhm... every little bit helps but it's a little tedious to chat in a thread for a long time to get that amount of gold when your item is a couple mill. With vending everything is quick for the potential of good profit, so I prefer just vending and taking the item off my wishlist with the occasional help from a quick giveaway. I'm not saying I won't make a quest thread later on, but I won't expect it to generate tons of donations.

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gaia_star What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
Lol it has always been SDPlus Thea doll for me. I just keep falling off the wagon when i rationalize its just too much for just the hair alone so I buy something.

gaia_star If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
To progress, i buy gc and sell whichever is most in demand or play booty grab

gaia_star Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
I have thought about it, but pride stops me from creating one even if they are just pixels. Anyway, if and when I do finally acquire the item im questing for, I think i'd be happy if i have managed that feat on my own.

gaia_star What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
It's all fine I guess. Somebody has to be the recipient to those who enjoy doing good deeds once in a while. biggrin

gaia_star Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
lol uhm..yeah i guess I do whatever it takes to obtain gold, except successfully hold on to it when something shiny shows up.

gaia_star Have you given up on questing before?
it has only been SDPlus Thea for me. on and off questing and I'm still as stubborn with my approach to it
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I think quests and charities need their own forums to keep them separate. I've never received much in the way of donations but I do tend to like keeping track of progress in a thread somewhere jsut so I can know my own progress.

Though I would never expect donations as I perfer to earn the gold myself.

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