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        I have a quest thread, but most of the time I do spend bumping it.
        I tend to not go into charities much at all to be honest, I have one or two charity threads that I actually pop into once and a while.
        This isn't because I believe they're too picky, but I feel more of the need to spend time earning gold elsewhere for my quest (especially if it's big).
        That and a lot of time I tend to be ignored if i'm not a regular, even though I just come into chat.

        A lot of my more expensive items have been given to me by my friends who either have quit, or used their own hard work to get it for me.
        I feel so bad, especially since most of them don't even come on anymore.
        But I also feel grateful because it was a donation, and if they didn't want me to have it they wouldn't have given it to me in the first place.

        To wrap it up though, I believe doing most of the quest yourself is the most satisfying.
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Sweet Glitch

What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?

Haven't past a long time, though still on quest for Mayoko Mariko SD PLUS

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?

When I do quest for self, I simply try to vend the best I can. Play some bootygrab and ZOMG.
But when I do require bit of more help use the charity/quest thread.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?

No at all.

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?

Well, they are helpful, but as you pointed, if you are a person that needs support to keep on the way, will be a lost of time.
Now, if you are a person that keep going by your own motivation, is always helpful in track matter and also get much more when someone wish he best on the way.

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?

Depends on how much I want it. But yes.

Have you given up on questing before?

emotion_8c Yes, but that doesn't mean that I have quit on it.
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What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?

at the moment it is Starlite promise...which is taking longer then I expected.

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
I save up and sell items in the market place.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
Sometimes yes

What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
they are AWESOME

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
save a lot....yes

Have you given up on questing before?
I dislike the Charity/Quest forum and try to avoid it. Especially the charities.
I'll sometimes check out quest thread when people have them linked in their signature though.

I don't quest. At all. Not in the long-term meaning.
My quests are more like
*sees item
*checks gold
*sell half my invo
*buy item or find something shinier while in the process of buying item
I have no patience so I don't really want to have to wait more than a couple days to get my item.
Instead, I've told myself that those really expensive items are not worth it emotion_awesome
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I loved my quest thread when I had it. It was lonely most of the time, but I think they really help out. Most of the time, it was to track my quest and if I got some help too, then it felt amazing. The amount was never the focus, just the fact that I even got something was good enough for me.

I did rely on charities when I first started, more than half of them never gave me anything. But the best thing I ever got from a charity was friends. Since the charity was pretty small, and there were about 6 regulars, we got to know each other pretty well on here. But unfortunately, they don't come on as much anymore. :[

After I closed my quest thread, I just started questing on my own. My logic for questing was that if I was going to start a quest I had to finish it. Even if it gets difficult.So no, I've never given up on a quest before.
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A majority of my quests are completed on my own. I do have a quest thread though, but I hardly ever post in it.
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I have only had one quest thread once and it was to get Cherubic Queen, but seeing as I could NEVER get over 500m in gold to even hope to buy one I pretty much gave up on my quest thread and let it get buried in the quests forum.

I try real hard not to really ask for donations, since well I have never been lucky enough to get a nice donation. Only time I ever got donations was when I was hacked and had to ask for donations to get all my stuff back, which was not much at the time. Other than that I have never received a donation since.

Kind of sucks to quest, since really unless you know a LOT of nice people, or are interesting to be around or have some sort of talent to draw people into your questing thread it is almost POINTLESS to do so.
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I make quest threads and then kind of abandon them. >3> I don't have the patience to keep up with them and I don't tend to quest very often either. There's a limited number of items that even catch my attention anymore.
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Haha! That person probably didn't read the rules, or was just trying to trick you. There's never been a rule about not posting your quest item. How silly.

Guess they didn't because I went back and read those rules at least 3 or 4 times just to double check. Sadly, the owner of the thread never responded to me when I mentioned that the person was being rude to me.
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gaia_star What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
I quested for a Devil Tail for several years before getting one, and then had to sell it to continue on and get my mini wings. Overall I was questing for about eight years. I'd certainly like my devil tail back, but I won't be selling the minis to get it after having worked for so long. Right now I'm about a fifth of the way to getting my tail back, though my quest isn't insanely active right now.
gaia_star If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
I never really relied on donations, nor did I openly ask for them. It feels like begging and I kind of get a little weird about it. I'm even prone to feeling a bit bad when people give things to me freely. Getting the gold I needed to obtain my Devil Tail and then my Minis accumulated after years of buying and selling in the marketplace.
gaia_star Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
gaia_star What do you think of Charity Threads/Questing Threads?
I think they work fine for some people. I'm more prone to donate to those who put work and long hours into keeping their charity threads active.
gaia_star Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
Yes, within reason.
gaia_star Have you given up on questing before?
I've put quests off to the side for long periods of time when I've gotten frustrated with them, but you can pretty much obtain any item you want with enough work. It's all about making sure that the item you're questing for is something you really, really want before dedicating yourself to an actual quest for it.
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What is that item you still quest, even when you started from a long (long+) time?
Devil Tail. The first item I wanted, the item I still want and the one I don't have.

This is not so much an issue of price. It's more of me being an ADD quester. I have this horrific urge to spend gold and if I could be patient and stop spending on shiny goodies I would have that stupid Devil Tail. But I don't. sad

Maybe someday.

If you have ever quest something for such a long time, what do you do to get quest progress?
Last time I kept track of a quest was back in '08 when I quested Golden Laurels. I used a topic in a guild forum to keep track.

Do you do depend on Charity Threads?
Never. I don't beg and I don't expect anyone to do something for me.

Besides, I'm a rich enough Gaian that I should be giving rather that receiving, right?

Do you do what ever it takes to get that item/s you really desire?
No. If I were more into questing I would invest differently, buy more, sell more, play more booty grab, ect ect.

But that's not always fun. I like posting, playing word games and dressing my avatar more than playing the market. So I'm a low key vendor. I only play Booty Grab when the mood takes me. because I'd rather have fun on Gaia than wear a Devil Tail.

Have you given up on questing before?

Not really. I just don't actively do it at present.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Having made my other home in the charity/quest area, I can tell you that people donate proportionately to your own degree of effort.

If you make no progress towards it, people aren't inclined to help you.

If you make your quest thread one post and them bumps, nobody is going to help.

Charity threads -- ones that give away free gold -- very often ask you to jump though hoops in order to get free gold. Makes sense to me. I mean for example, Random Gaian was a guild that gave away 20-500k biweekly to quests based on filling out a form and showing quest progress. There are resources out there but your reliance on purely getting offered gold is most likely why you're not getting things.

You started off saying "nobody gave me anything I wanted."

Cold hard truth: Work for it. Sell your talents, learn the market, or put forth effort and you'll reap rewards and people will propel you forward. Do nothing and others will follow suit.
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An item I still quest? None. Like real old desire that I never got? The mini angel wings. But I am not tough enough to go for it, so I will enjoy seeing them on others and smile, pleased at their tenacity and good fortune.

I used to visit a particular quest/charity thread. I had so much fun but eventually my time was eaten with other things and I was on at odd times so I missed out on being with the people. I feel bad about leaving, but it was time. I felt so rude not keeping up with the new people and missing out on all the exciting things the regulars did.

I tend to keep quests to myself. I will post items periodically in my signature, but I am terrified to make my own thread. I 'what if' myself into a corner.

I have given up on items over and over, but eventually I go back and try again. Its a little cycle of mine.
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I did a quest thread once, in my really early Gaia days. I got about 200k worth of gold/items donated to me within 1 month, but I had pretty much earned the rest of the money I needed by then. It wasn't anything fancy, but I kept to good grammar and nice conversation, and over time it was definitely worth it.
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The only time I really made a quest thread in the Charity forums was just to help monitor my own progress as I collected every EI. I was lucky enough to get some donations but I'm the type that thanks you profusely on the outside but secretly hates you for donating to me because I have a super weird debt complex.

Nowadays I rarely see anything that I want badly enough that I need to quest for. Every new EI or REI is cheap enough for me to just buy with gold.

I know that most of my friends who made quest threads usually aren't too successful at getting donations from strangers. For the ones that I talk to often enough, I will pop by their threads and donate just to keep the spirit of their quest going.

I don't have much experience with charity threads but they seem like fun places to just meet people even if you don't get anything from the charity itself. The key to donations is just knowing the right people.

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