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It'd be cute if we got a bunny this year (because bunnies um, 'leap' too?). But I'm not expecting an item.
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Bashful Fairy

I hope it something that I can use, you know if we get something, i doubt it though...
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I would really like one.
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I hope we do. I mean, if the team did one four years ago, why not this time too?

On an unrelated note, I love this Leap Year, if only because my cute five year old nephew does not understand it. At all.
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What does the leap year item look like? emotion_c8

I believe this is it.

User Image I hope Gaia does make something good out of this leap year then.
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I hope we get something. After all this only happens every four years.
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Because that is what you should eat on leap years Tacos. EVERY DAY. scream
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Here's my question, what if your Gaiaversary is today?

"You got an alchemy key today! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE/TWO NOW."
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free is free.. who knows... O-o
You know what else happens every 4 years? A proper update on Gaia.
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Heroic Bilge rat

Leap Frog recolor...Darker green.

: D
We'll probably get something but it will be frog related...
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Divine Muse

I like frogs but I have very low expectations regarding Gaia.

I don't expect items even though this is pretty much all they are "good" at.
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I do not know. I kind of hope they do give us an item though. It is just fun to help mark the years you are on Gaia. The item does not have to be great , it is just fun to look back be like " remember when...".
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Dapper Fatcat

I logged on today just so I could equip my frog hat and see if we get a '12 leap year item (don't think we will though :/ )

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