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So, GCD.
I've been staring at my Pristine Cuff's for the past few days, slowly realizing that, despite their versatile colour choices, I cant really find a usage for them! I reached the same conclusion with my Persephone (which I've bought and sold multiple times).

So, GCD, do you ever encounter items that you love but simply cant use?
Do you keep them?
Do you sell them?
Have you coveted an item for such a long time, saving up for said item only to realize you cant use it?
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Fuzzy Bear

I quested alruna's rose back when it came out, then when I got it I had no use for it... So I sold it.
The Steel Plated Ninja Band. I coveted that thing like no other when I was a youngin' gaian. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I learned to make decent avatars in between wanting it and actually getting it. I think I sold it less than a month after buying it because I couldn't fit it with any avatars and actually have it fit.
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I've had a few issues with not being able to use items in my inventory because nothing else matches the color, like Princess Honore. It's hard to find stuff to match it, that I like, without feeling like I'm making avis too similar to someone elses'. I also have issues with finding teal items (like in Keiongaku Style) that match.
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I can make anything work.

Jokes aside, those cuffs just look bad to me. IRL if someone's got sleeves that fall that far, I just think it's poor taste. most often, the people who I see that hide their hands are incredibly self conscious and fidgety. The item just has a bad connotation to me.

I once wanted that union item. With the dress and red scarf.
Then I realized it's a pretty bulky item, said ******** that and bought Alzbeta's hair.

I love this hair. It's like a red, higher quality S-Pop hair once you agape it.
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Questionable Sweetheart

    someone donated me a SDPlus #244 King Kink because i looove kink. emotion_c8
    i really wanna use the guitar.. i've tried so many times.. and i just can't. i feel so bad because they donated it years ago and i still haven't used it. D:
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Kawaii Nerd

    someone donated me a SDPlus #244 King Kink because i looove kink. emotion_c8
    i really wanna use the guitar.. i've tried so many times.. and i just can't. i feel so bad because they donated it years ago and i still haven't used it. D:
You? A fan of Kink? Never would guessed 8D
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I usually think about these things before I buy them or try and force it. Sometimes If I want it bad enough I start to buy a bunch of items so I can use that one item.
Before Saint Ciel I didn't really have a lot of cream items but common guys... Scissors. I had to.
Now I have a bunch of cream stuff.
My Angelic Sash. After years of questing for it I have yet to make an outfit with the item, It has been 4 years since then and I still can't seem to be able to use it. So now it's just gathering dust.
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If I can't use it, it goes. Especially if it's an expensive item.

I bought that Virgil Rosenthal item when it came out thinking I would use it but it turned out to be too fancy and bulky for my avatar so it had to go. I ended up buying a Modus with the gold which I'm kind of happy with. I dunno. I like the jacket and blood poses. This one might be going too.
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I actually have a special outfit I made just for my Persephone, love those shoes man, though I hardly ever see anyone wearing the robe or corset in it, they're both so pretty, but they're that certain shade of blue that's like...almost neon?

I can't think of a certain item off the top of my head that I bought and couldn't use...oh wait! The White Russian item, I mostly bought it for the belts and the dagger, but I find it's kinda hard to work in the dagger, you either can't see it or it sits funny on top of whatever legs/shoes you're wearing. Though I think I've manged a few outfits with it.

Other than that if I get something I can't wear, I just end up buying items to go with it then. crying Much to the detriment of my gold count.

You know I think I'll go wear that Persephone outfit now, if it doesn't glitch on me. Ha.
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For me, it was usually because the item was gender-specific. I love that the unisex project is still going forward as I'm now getting access to those items.
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Heart x mind! I love it and the black recolor of it as well. Have only managed to use it once.. I don't have white items that go with it nicely. Or I just end up with a giant white blob, which is boring and I don't bother to save it xd

I find the persephone difficult to use also, but I have at least made good use of the belt pose in it.

Little accessory type poses are much easier for me to use than the bulky stuff that eat up an avi.
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I don't know how to use almost any item in my inventory. I'll be damned if I sell anything though. I might need them some day.
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I keep them, of course. You would be wanting that day when you do the random avi dressing~

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