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I always find items I can't seem to use but I force myself to make avatars with them before I think about selling them. If I can't come up with anything at all then that's when they go bye bye.
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I only feel bad about it if it's something someone donated to me.

It's like being given a gift at christmas, loving them for the gesture, and feeling like a sack of crap because you have zero use for the thing.

I'm looking at you, mortar and pestle from my aunt!
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yeah i had been sweating over getting zodiacal for so long and i finally saved enough to get it.... only to use it maybe once. such a disappointment. sold the stupid thing after a few months of collecting dust. actually, this thread is spurring me to do a massive inventory clean out.
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I really like the Brilliant Dynasty item. I think the hair pose is super cool, but I can never make anything that goes well with it. -0- I can never bring myself to sell it because I feel like some day I'm gonna make an avatar and then BAM Brilliant Dynasty will FINALLY work. sweatdrop But I've thought that since the day I bought it so who knows. xD
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You're describing 50% of my inventory. xD

As an EI collector, it's pretty much inevitable to have an item that I can't properly use and refuse to sell. The latest was Reve Marin - I found I had little blue and silver items so it was really hard to use. @.@
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So many items I feel this way about. I think the one that made me the saddest was Princess Harmony. I loved that item but couldn't match it to anything. I turned around and sold it for a nice profit though. 4laugh
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I love the Gloriana's Chantilly lace to bits, but I sold it a while ago since if you want to wear it, you're pretty much stuck to a certain theme. You can't really wear a huge neck ruff when you're not going for regal/victorian/shizzle. sweatdrop

So the funds went to other things. emotion_dowant
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Yep and this is why now I only buy an expensive item if I have planned out the perfect outfit already on TekTek. surprised
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Lapin Lequesne
Jokes aside, those cuffs just look bad to me. IRL if someone's got sleeves that fall that far, I just think it's poor taste. most often, the people who I see that hide their hands are incredibly self conscious and fidgety. The item just has a bad connotation to me.

Oh man, I met a cute guy who had his hands hidden in long sleeves, and we ended up going on a date where I found out he hid his hands because he was missing one of them!

I recently sold that brown/blue chimney sweep item (can't remember the name) because even though I loved the hat I have no matching items to make an avi out of it.

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What is that mummy REI?

I love it, but it matches absolutely nothing.

I generally keep stuff.
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When I was an imp I loved all the shoes. Now, I can't find any I like....why? Where have all the good shoes gone?
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This is like 75% of every new item I buy, and like 60% of my total inventory. (100% of my inventory at this current point in time.) I buy an item because I think it'll be useful down the road, without necessarily checking to see if I have any other items to go with it at the moment.

Usually I figure out a way to make it work though. It may take a long time, but I can make it work. I will make it work. It's very rare that I end up selling it in the end.
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I had the same problem with my Persephone, it was the first most expensive item I had ever purchased and I really just loved it... yet hardly used it.

The color combo is beautiful and I was really into Pomegranates at the time. The sandals were so cute but just made the feet and legs look too short and stubby, I didn't much like the hair or eye/lip pose, and while I mostly bought it for the Toga, I just was never in the mood to use it.

If it had been a very cheap item, I would have never sold it, but eventually after a year or two of owning it and really desiring other items, I decided that all that gold was being held up in an item I never used.. and I had done a Gaia Commission to get that much gold in the first place, so it felt like such a waste for me.

So I sold it and bought the Hazmats Hana hair. Most people would think that was dumb because it was a doll, but I buy my items for keeps, so I have to really be desperate for something I want and not care at all for the item I own anymore, to sell it so I could purchase something else.


As for other items, I do buy a lot of items that are cheap because I just like them so much, even if i never use them. Usually the items nobody else wants like Space and Sci-Fi themed stuff. I do use most of them, but some of them like that Saturn om noming your head.. I find it so adorable and the colors so nice, but every time I attempt to actually wear it, I just think it looks so silly and take it off.
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I used to hoardkeep everything regardless of whether or not I could use it. These days I try to keep my invo. a bit more tidy so if I can't use an item I tend to sell it, I can always buy it back if I find a use for it later.
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I really like the style of the wig from Princess of the World but whenever I put it on it looks weird with my face. :I Just mine, I feel. It looks uber-cute on anyone else I've seen wearing it. I don't know whether to keep it or sell it because I do like most of the other poses, but it's a big chunk of change that I could use for other things (probably new CI items). Dilemmas...

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