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I think I'm reaching a point of not being able to make avatars much like being unable to use an item

I have color combinations I like but when I try to design the actual outfit it just falls apart because there just isn't enough of some colors.

This also applies to having an item combo your really like but not being able to make an outfit around it.
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Futakuchi Onna
I bought it because I'm a sucker for Japanese yokai
It has a nice floofy kimono top, a fancy black/red obi, and black/red hair loops
and I can't find a use for ANY of those poses

I think I've only ever used it for the mouth making creepy avis
but the other poses are so gosh darn lovely and yet I can't make anything work gonk
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I used to have the problem of having a lot of stuff in my inventory I had no use for. So I've been going out of my way to make outfits that use those items - or sell them, if I find I actually don't like the item very much.
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I just sold my two elegant veils... I loved those things, but I had no use for them. They just sat there mocking me because I never used them. A lot of items are like that for me and I usually end up selling them, unless they are an item that even though they never are used they stay in my inventory. -Eyes her Mythrill Halo.-
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That's why I'm selling my Prince With A Wavered Heart on the MP right now... spent a week earning gold only to realize, WTF it doesn't really go with my avatar at all!
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Ashen Marionette... I love the shirt and the bangs as well, but the only thing I make with the item are black and white avis, which are really boring to me... But I love the item so much ; A ;
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mana seed.
have 2 of them & I have the hardest time making a nice looking avatar with it.
love most of the poses but matching & making it look nice is way harder than i thought it would be.
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Gin martini was here User Image
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User Image
I'll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I'll put that flea in a box, and then I'll put that box inside of another box, and then I'll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives..

I did that with Mage School and Sorcerer School. I wanted the whole set of "Harry Potter" items. I finally bought them and was ecstatic. I finally had them all!!! And then I realized that I never used Mage and Sorcerer. Ever. Course then I found out with those two I had the equivalent of 6mill just sitting there unused.

User Image
...I'll smash it with a hammer! It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I tell you! Genius, I say!
The first thing that comes to my mind on this one is Good Witch. I think it's a beautiful hat, but I so far haven't been successful at creating an avatar to go with it. Not to say that it consumes my every waking moment, but I have made more than one or two attempts at it. I'M NOT GETTING RID OF IT, though. Even if I never come up with anything, I'll hang on to it. With hats, I buy for keeps. Pure and simple.

Other item types I don't really have a problem with selling when I can't find a use. But I don't really ever buy anything that I can't use. That is to say.. I don't buy something until I already have a use for it. Or, if I do, I buy it with the foreknowledge that I won't be using it, and that I'm buying for the sake of hoarding only.

Let's see.. I won't name any specific items, but there are a few item types that I will find and like but ultimately won't be able to use, just for the sake of staying in character. Weapons being the main one. Most of them don't really fit with Nasyiri. Shoes being the secondary one. I never wear shoes, but there are a decent amount of shoes lying around this site that I think are lovely. Also some wigs and eyes. But yeah. I don't buy 'em.
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i usually only buy items i can use. items i don't like, i automatically sell because i can't find a use for them.
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J 4 C K
I don't know how to use almost any item in my inventory. I'll be damned if I sell anything though. I might need them some day.

So when hell freezes over, you'll be changing your avatar?
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So, GCD, do you ever encounter items that you love but simply cant use? Yes, paisley scoodie, plaid scoodie, and Luxurious Queen of Pentacles.

Do you keep them? Yes. I keep thinking I can make outfits with them.

Do you sell them? No, not yet. Maybe at a later date.

Have you coveted an item for such a long time, saving up for said item only to realize you cant use it? Yes, Padmavati's Lotus 6th Gen. I've used once since I've gotten it. I thought I would use it more. I've had it for a year.
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Any item I can't use much, I sell. I did that recently for Kiki Kitty. ;( I love it but had to let it go, I can always buy it back. Modus Operandi was pretty cool but I never used it and it was my item I always sold when I needed a quick mill. I have Kandi Kitten but never use it either, I'm thinking that item might be next to go.

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