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you know you're a gaia oldbie when you dont use the new shortcuts almost at all and prefer to do things the good o'l way.

btw Gaia A-Z is your freind. sweatdrop whee
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You know you're an oldbie if you remember when it wasn't uncommon to get random events.
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Well, I've been here for more than two years... So I'll post something

You might be a gaia oldbie if you remember that making 10k took FOREVER.

i took a screencap of my first 10k >.<
it was in 06 lol
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I know. I was saving up for something that was like 8k. By the time I had enough gold I didn't like it anymore. Lol
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I wish I could remember what the old layouts used to look like.
If anyone has a screen shot of them can you pm it to me please? Lol
You know that you're an oldbie when you subconsciously type your username and password in yahoo or other sites. It happened to me. XD
I remember in 2005 we only had fishing and we had to use the world map to go anywhere and in shops the clothes where shelved. Starter clothes where peasant. I either went naked or peasant rofl

I wouldn't mind a screenshot of old gaia ninja
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You know you'e a Gaia oldbie when you remember there used to be a list for special items that people "discovered" from special boxes.

I suppose if you remember when the marketplace was created...

Goodness that was a while ago...
you know your a gaia oldie when you started in 05 but really didnt get into it till 07 and then wished you did stay on during 05 so you would have had all kinds of items.... crying
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Yeah I remember the shelved shops, and actually having to use the world map.
However, even though I was a member since 05, 04 on my old account, I was a newbie for 2-3 years.
You know you're an oldbie when you see '05ers calling themselves oldbies, and think "WTF?"
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You know your a Gaia Oldbie when the word 'Roll-Back' makes you contemplate killing yourself.
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Gawd, i can relate too most of these things.
@elfbit: Ow, that hurts....-Is an '05er-
I know I'm an oldbie because I just said to myself,

HOLY s**t. I've been on this site for 5 YEARS!
You know you're a Gaia oldbie when:

You remember the personals...vividly.

You know what Gaia was like before Fleep

You remember Lanzer actually had time to post more than once a week in an organized thread

You remember every Gaia layout

There were no mini-games

There was no market

GCD didn't exist

Q&A/SF were one forum.

CB actually had decent discussions

Gino was a shy little, short-haired boy

Gaia crashing was a norm

You survived the roll back

DI's were selling for 4k a piece.

10k meant you were rich as all get out

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