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While I'd love for the MP to go back to the way it was a year ago a rollback just doesn't seem a reasonable solution.

The previous rollback was to realign after folks abused a glitch for gold. It was not planned nor something Gaia wanted to occur.

But this, what's happening now, Gaia wants. They have to want it. How could they possibly not? Between the constant complaining from users, the obvious MP inflation, & their relentless release of GGs offering ever more gold despite the formers shows that Gaia, as a company, has no desire to stop what's happening.
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I'm just here for the gifs and the Phoenix Force Five reference, you cray cray Errodu dramallama . I will say that a rollback would have been feasible for the gaia cash exploit that occurred back in September, but that never happened. That was but one of the things that factored into the inflation that's going on with the site right now.
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I can already hear the raging. If there were a rollback ... some people wouldn't even have accounts, depending on how far back you go. I guess Gaia could try and compensate people but I doubt it would go down well with the majority of Gaians.
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"Man what have you been smoking?!"

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It'd be amusing.

A better way would probably be to stop releasing gold generators ever again, release a lot of deflation bundles with all sorts of different and good items, and have multiple amazingly good gold sinks in place.

Gaia still gets money, we get things cheaper...

But ehh. Doubt that'll happen.

PS I've wanted that dancey gif for so long... <3
As much as I dislike the inflation, I wouldn't be very happy if Gaia decided to do a rollback.
I spent a lot of time vending for gold to try to keep up with this inflation since I can't afford to spend money on GC.
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I remember that roll back. Good times!
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I keep most of my wealth in items. cat_ninja

I'm safe...

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